Conservatives Sound The Alarm Bells As Right Wing Radicals Burn The GOP To The Ground

ted cruz

Conservative columnist David Brooks has finally called out what has been clear as day to the rest of us for a long time. The Republican Party is no longer traditionally conservative; rather it has become full of radical anarchists. This is why the House is ungovernable, Brooks explains in his New York Times column.

This fever has been a long time coming on, Brooks says. It’s not just Ted Cruz or the Freedom Caucus. “The Republican Party’s capacity for effective self-governance degraded slowly, over the course of a long chain of rhetorical excesses, mental corruptions and philosophical betrayals. Basically, the party abandoned traditional conservatism for right-wing radicalism. Republicans came to see themselves as insurgents and revolutionaries, and every revolution tends toward anarchy and ends up devouring its own.”

It’s not often that I agree with David Brooks, but this had me cheering. And it’s not because we are on opposite sides, but rather because I’ve been writing this for a long time because it’s the truth. However, it’s easy to dismiss when it comes from the other side. It should be harder to dismiss coming from their own camp, and this matters. We should want the Republicans to get it together, because it takes balance to run a democracy well. Right now, the only measured thought, even temperament and incremental change pusher we have in government comes from people like President Obama. Oddly enough. And yet, not oddly at all.

Brooks wrote this has been coming on for over 30 years, “or at least since Rush Limbaugh came on the scene, the Republican rhetorical tone has grown ever more bombastic, hyperbolic and imbalanced.”

Yes, they sound like carnival barkers. I often run a little experiment of leaving the sound on C-SPAN but turning away and guessing whether the speaker is a Republican or Democrat. I am usually right, because the Republicans squeal, scream and generally conduct themselves in a constant state of heightened hysteria — in other words, they sound like con artists, hawking bull, often under the guise of religion. It’s incredibly painful and embarrassing to listen to.

Brooks continued, “Civilization was always on the brink of collapse. Every setback, like the passage of Obamacare, became the ruination of the republic. Comparisons to Nazi Germany became a staple.” Yes, that’s the big tell. When the little boys won’t stop screaming NAZIS about every single thing they don’t like, mom and dad stop listening.

Bemoaning the mentality that “inconvenient facts are ignored”, Brooks quoted from Max Weber’s “Politics as a Vocation.” He wrote, “If a politician lacks the quality of detachment — the ability to let the difficult facts of reality work their way into the mind — then, Weber argues, the politician ends up striving for the ‘boastful but entirely empty gesture.'”

I ask you to think of the politician who had demonstrated the most emotional restraint and detachment, even when relentlessly personally attacked with falsehoods so insulting most of us can’t relate to his calm. Yes, that’s right. President Obama. Nancy Pelosi also ranks high among the pragmatic and detached enough to allow facts to run her decisions rather than emotion and desire.

Who is boastful but empty? Senator Cruz comes first to mind. Donald Trump exemplifies this – he is nothing but ego and thuggery with a good legal team. But the list is entirely too long, and while there are a few liberals that could be added to that list, they are inconsequential and certainly not running the party. These were Brooks’ choice examples as well.

“These figures are masters at destruction but incompetent at construction,” Brooks condemns. He ended his column with the thought that this malignancy grew through “a thousand small betrayals” of conservatism. The full column is a must-read.

David Brooks is being brutally honest, speaking the truth even when no one wants to hear it. So of course, conservatives are already condemning him as “not a real conservative”.

Our media still pretends conservatives are the go-to rational actors. The media is still pretending there is nothing to see here. The crazies aren’t crazy. The media had no idea the Benghazi probes were political until Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) actually told them this. Our democracy suffers due to the media’s failure to call out the facts and repeated willing complicity in selling unverified Republican lies to the public as fact.

Heading into the Democratic debate tonight, it’s vital to note that there is not a single Democratic candidate who would not be a better choice than any Republican in the running right now. By a long shot.

There’s something wrong with this picture, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

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  1. …NEWS FLASH: Anarchists and Nihilists are incapable of governing…they just wanna destroy everything…
    Message to Teatard trolls: “Fk you very much, and have a nice life…ELSEWHERE!!!”

  2. Bite me, David Brooks.

    “The Republican Party’s capacity for effective self-governance degraded slowly, over the course of a long chain of rhetorical excesses, mental corruptions and philosophical betrayals, each and every one of which I championed for the cause. My bad.”

    There. Fixed it for you. It’s too late to apologize at this point, even if you weren’t apologizing. Which you weren’t. You helped to create the monster. Own it. Because they sure as hell aren’t going to own you.

  3. If this has been going on “for over 30 years,” and is “a long time coming,”+what has Brooks been doing all this time? Especially with the country’s first black President in the WH. The GOP became more rebellious, moved more towards anarchy and tyranny; and all David Brooks did was add more gasoline to the fire!
    I have read some of his commentary, and he’s just as responsible as the rest of them. Now that he sees the party is destroying itself, he wants to be the voice of reason, whereas, more often than not, he aided in the party’s downfall

  4. Please read NYT article and comments!

    “Socrates Verona, N.J. 6 hours ago

    “It’s nice to get that confession off your chest, but what took you so long, Rip Van Winkle ?

    The Grand Old Pyromaniacs have been burning down the country for decades in plain daylight, with you and a large section of the media preaching an air of legitimacy about the right-wing political insane asylum that has been waving a Confederate banner of not just incompetence, but incoherence, cultured stupidity, cognitive dissonance, disinformation, domestic gun violence, international war violence, and the greatest economic war on the poor and middle class since the Robber Baron Era.

    The modern-day Republican is a full-blown political arsonist, gleeful to burn the Republic for the sole satisfaction of ‘free-dumb’ and 0.1% insatiable, psychopathic greed.

    Nothing Republicans say or propose makes intellectual sense.

    It’s hard to come up with a modern example since the GOP abandoned reason when Nixon w…

  5. This is very ominous, especially coming from David Brooks.

    It is time the MSM pick up this article and make the article known to all who are listening. This is nothing we haven’t seen or knew would happen.

  6. Blame the gullible voters! These idiots promised to shut down the government and that is what they are doing. Don’t blame anyone but the voters because that is the only hope we have to turn this circus around.

  7. Brooks can take a short walk off an even shorter cliff because he assisted in empowering the GOP/TPers by failing to use his huge media platform to inform citizens of the danger they represent to our government. I think what is happening is that the GOP/TP’s lies are catching up to them. I’ve watched Brooks on TV, and even when he knew GOP/TPers were wrong, he refused to address the matter, he lied, lied some more, and decided he’d take a “both sides do it” stance. Sounding the alarm bell when the GOP/TP has stepped off the cliff and is headed into a crevasse doesn’t do any good at this point because the party members and politicians have been trained by RW media to ignore any and all calls for sanity and rationality. Brooks, like others in the GOP/TP, is a coward because they saw this coming but were too afraid to say anything. The monster they built is on the rampage because they enabled it. If Brooks wants to know why this happened, he should look in the next mirror he sees.

  8. Media is not going to give this much coverage.
    Unless and until the clowns currently running MSNBC into the ground no one is going to poke very herd at the steaming pile called the GOP.

  9. All I can say about the GOP is burn baby burn, burn that party to the ground.

    Good people have become insane with rhetoric fanned by the right wing media. They need to be marginalized and laughed off the political stage. We have serious problems in this country that needs people to solve them not just spout media tested talking points.

  10. We all should recognize the truth . The Republicans are getting less intelligent overall , when people can’t even consider other opinions or fact , they are truly of lower intelligence by their thought process or lack thereof .

  11. YES!!! Brooks played right along with them and spouted his disingenuous BS until it finally became just too disrespectable to propagandize for these miscreants any longer.

  12. YES!!! As I also posted above: Brooks played right along with them and spouted his disingenuous BS until it finally became just too disrespectable to propagandize for these miscreants any longer.

    He deserves NO credit for stating what’s been obvious to any sane and honest person for YEARS.

  13. One of the biggest right wing hack rats trying to jump a sinking ship. That stain won’t wash, cheerleader Brooks. Sucks to be you.

  14. The MSM is just as complicit in this as the Republicans. You expect them to admit to it in front of their corporate bosses?

  15. Just look at David Brooks Wikipedia page to see all you need to know about the kind of man he is. I started looking at people that seemed to be against the good of America and what I considered should be our interests. I started this back in Cheney/Bush administration amid the constant calls for wars. And watching the lengths a few were going to with just plain LIES.
    I thought I was beginning to see a pattern. Pattern doesn’t even begin to describe it.
    I have really had an education in the years since about the “main stream media”, Wall Street, and so many people that have the power to control all our information, our lives and well being. I didn’t expect it to be quite like this. I really hate it, but it is what it is.

  16. They should have asked in the Democratic debate “If Boehner can’t get anything accomplished in the face of Republican obstructionists – what makes you think you can?”.

  17. Truth be told…the Republican Party went CRAZY when Obama got elected, then they went over the deep end when he got
    RE-ELECTED! The Birther nonsense was an indication they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw (see) Obama in the White House, for obvious reasons. Then, adding to their woes, the Tea-party infiltrated and began it’s destructive activities from within. (Termites). Then, how about those kooks? Bachman, Sarah, Chenney, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, et al, and now Trump! Then those aiding and abetting: HANNITY, O’REILLY, LIMBAUGH, SAVAGE, FOX & FRIENDS, Laura Ingram (FOX), Ms. Malkin (FOX’s bat-shit crazy lady)….So there you have most of the players who contribute to the harshness and divisiveness within that party that poisons the air. And honorable mention goes to the two Capitol Hill “Leaders” Boehner and Mitch. Architects who guides The Party of NO! Not a pretty picture over there guys and gals. Agree?

  18. The republican party went crazy when Clinton was elected, they just went bat shit crazy when Obama was elected and if Hillary wins the nomination and win in the general we will have to come up with another adjective to describe the craziness that will come next

  19. You need people on both sides willing to talk and negotiate, not put their fingers in their ears and whine, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

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