Evidence Shows John Boehner Committed A Crime By Pushing Clinton Email Probe



In a Benghazi scandal that rises to the very top of the House, Speaker John Boehner has been busted as the force behind the push to direct the Benghazi Committee to investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The New York Times dropped the smoking gun in Boehner’s lap:

Mr. Gowdy said in the interview last week that he had pressed Mr. Boehner to have another House committee examine the matter of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, but that Mr. Boehner had rejected the request.


“I would have liked nothing more than for the speaker to find another committee,” Mr. Gowdy said.

Senior Republican officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing confidential conversations, said that Mr. Boehner had long been suspicious of the administration’s handling of the attacks and that Mrs. Clinton’s emails gave him a way to keep the issue alive and to cause political problems for her campaign. But he thought that the task was too delicate to entrust to others and that it should remain with Mr. Gowdy, the former prosecutor.

What is unfolding before the eyes of the country is a plot by the Speaker of the House to illegally use taxpayer funds for partisan political purposes in an attack on the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

Select Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy is already being accused of breaking the law. As criticism of the behavior of the Republican majority on the Benghazi committee continues to grow, Rep. Gowdy is claiming that he was just following the orders of Speaker Boehner.

The resolution that created the Benghazi Committee did not give the panel the power to investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails. The fact that Republicans have admitted that the investigation is being used for partisan political purposes makes the Benghazi Select Committee an illegal use of taxpayer funds.

It is time for an outside investigation into the House leadership’s role in the direction of the Select Committee on Benghazi.

John Boehner might want to get out as soon as possible because it appears that the Speaker of the House has broken the law.

21 Replies to “Evidence Shows John Boehner Committed A Crime By Pushing Clinton Email Probe”

  1. …we already KNEW {and discussed here} that the Boner had ignored the Law to further the Reich Wing Agenda…but I’m not gonna get excited until they’re under indictment…

  2. We need to investigate all of em and prosecute fully. They are guilty of conspiracy against a government official, Harassment as well, slander too.

  3. I’m not holding my breath.
    Media will never give it enough attention to gain the attention of the general public.
    Honestly, even on MSNBC, the rule of thumb is

  4. Another GOP who broke the law.

    Let me know when any of them get sent to prison (sarcasm of course).

    All these lawbreakers and nobody in prison..apparently laws are only for the peons.

    I am totally disgusted. We all know what would happen if President Obama broke the law; hell, he didn’t break the law and they wanted to sue him, impeach him, etc.

    I’d like to know..what is everyone afraid of by going after these criminals??? What is the big fear, can someone tell me??

  5. I think this GOP-Fiasco has awoken Voters!
    People change, Political Parties Change.
    Republican Party was once honorable.

    You watch…Voter’s are now inspired to not allow this CRAZY GOP to regain control of our White House.

  6. One of the main reasons it is so hard to prosecute the GOP, is that for years numerous judicial positions were filled by the GOP.
    Take a look at Wisconsin Supreme Court and Scott Walker plugging it with his cronies. It will take numerous years to clear out the numerous corrupt GOP judicial appointees out of the USA justice departments in states and the Federal Government as well.This was planned for years in advance by the GOP.

  7. Pelosi wants an investigation on this and she’ll go thru with it.

    I know my CA-28 congressman Adam Schiff, who was the lead democrat on the Benghazi committee, also wants an investigation.

    Cummings wants one.

    The democratic party is not going to let this one get away.

  8. I believe you. Stands to reason why they all get away with everything. They are executing their well thought out plan for the country to benefit only them. Walker should have been with the rest of his crooked pals. A lot of good it did him, he had to drop out of the presidential race, at least we have that satisfaction.

  9. Turnabout is fair play. The GOP have investigated the Dems OBSESSIVELY about Benghazi. Turned up nothing again and again and again. No crime, no wrongdoing on the part of the POTUS or the SoS. So what does the GOP do? Opens another investigation!

    I’m glad the Benghazi is finally going to become the petard upon which Boehner and his gang of blithering idiots will be hoist.

    It’s about farking time.

  10. i’m confused. after all the laws he breaks every day all the way up to treason this the one they want to prosecute. its time to have all laws prosecuted like they are for the rest of us. maybe then we would get our country back.

  11. Pelosi did disappoint me when she didn’t want to go after Bush and Chaney because it would’ve looked to partisian.


  12. “John Boehner might want to get out as soon as possible because it appears that the Speaker of the House has broken the law.”—————-See? Told Ya’ he didn’t Jes’ Resign. Loretta, Loretta, where for art thou? “Lynch” em’. Go after Gowdy for starters, he’s first assistant to Orange. RICO would be appropriate. Jes’ one man’s opinion. Damn lights sure are glaring aren’t they John?

  13. Boehner has disrespected the president on many occasions. No sense in sugar coating it. His eventual replacement may turn out to be a disaster but he deserves little credit for a lousy job done.

  14. Joy killing Republicans, can’t see any Republicans ruling this country. We have 3 branches of government not one. Wish some one would explain to Republicans of that fact. Dumb bastards. They don’t really care about us. (Michael Jackson)

  15. That is one question I’d like to see too.
    Bush& Cheney are walking around still free, unanswerable to know one. Except, the country’s in Europe who will (if they leave our country)pick them up for war crimes…NOW why didn’t Pelosi and the Dem’s go after them????? Dem’s play nice(always) rethugs never do!! Thinking they will ever,is a lose,lose position. They smile, shake your hand and seem agreeable, then with knife in hand, get you while your back is turned.

  16. “This was planned years in advance by the GOP” truer words have not been spoken Ray.. taking over the Courts, school boards, PTA meetings, city councils, library boards have been and are the beginning of the take over. Then county positions, State and federal They now think.. the job is near done.
    This election will be the turning point.one way or another..

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