Sparks Fly As Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Clash On Capitalism At Democratic Debate


Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton clashed early in the Democratic debate with a contrast in how they view capitalism.

Anderson Cooper asked Bernie Sanders if he considered himself a capitalist. Sanders answered, “Do I consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little by which Wall Street greed and recklessness wrecked this economy? No, I do not.”

Former Sec. State Clinton jumped in, “When I think about capitalism I think about all the small business that were started because we have the opportunity and freedom in our country for people to do that and to make a good living for themselves and their families, and I don’t we should confuse what we have to every so often in America which is save capitalism from itself, and I think what Sen. Sanders is saying certainly makes sense in terms of the inequality that we have, but we are not Denmark. I love Denmark, but we are the United States of America, and it’s our job to reign in the excesses of capitalism and doesn’t cause the kind of inequities in our system.”

Sanders said that you can have all of the growth that you want, but it doesn’t mean anything if all of the wealth is going to the top one percent.

It was an exciting exchange that highlighted the degree of difference between the two candidates on the economy. Bernie Sanders gave a very populist answer while Hillary Clinton offered an answer that sounded like it was crafted for the general election.

This is a very exciting debate, as the Democratic candidates are pointing out their differences early and often.

20 Replies to “Sparks Fly As Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Clash On Capitalism At Democratic Debate”

  1. Hillary’s got this! Reform it because we need it to pull us the rest of the way out of our recession, it’s our next step. It’s way out of proportion in THEIR favor. Equality will be the result of that process. That’ a woman’s way of thinking! So excited!!!
    Hindsight’s 20/20!
    She’s going to clean up that Whitehouse!

  2. First Impressions. Sen. Webb is going after the old klan block of the Democratic party and he can barely contain his hatred of the President. Sanders very strong on the issues and he didn’t back down on his weakness of gun control. Clinton well, she is the focus and she is getting hammered on her Iraq vote but have so far the comeback. President Obama and I debated this in 2008 and he ask me to be his SOS. Plus she is the strongest defender of the President. O’Malley sounds like a technocrat and since the wire was based on his tenure in Baltimore he has some explaining to do. I don’t feel the Chaffe. He seems like your local hardware store owner. Likable but MEH

  3. I liked how Hillary defended the President and took off her earrings , got down and told the American people that its the republicans who are the biggest assholes

  4. politicususa lets talk about the 5 times Bernie voted against the brady bill and not allowing gun manuf,to be held accountable ! any other time your all over guns and nra !!!

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  6. Really? “Revolution”? The idea was laughed off the stage last night when Bernie Sanders called for that goofball “revolution” of his. Couple “revolution” and ” Socialism” and you’ve lost 99.9% of American voters. It’s a totally stupid hippie freak Eugene Debs Socialist Party rerun.

  7. Hillary Clinton made the point about small businesses, which have for over 85 years employed the middle class. And also the point that in a country our size pure capitalism leaves no room for the middle class and therefore we have to keep reeling it in and add balance, which history has shown. Any ideology doesn’t work in its pure form, so we need to have programs that help the middle class and poor. She’s not saying this for the national stage, but has always seen the cracks in the system and has ideas and solid ways of balancing the inequality. To say it’s just for the stage is b.s. She spent her whole career working for the middle class. You want to slant it towards Bernie, fine, but let’s not diminish all Hillary has worked and stood for.

  8. Agreed, Michael, Debs was smeared for his thoughts. Wallace was another great progressive, thrown under the bus by his own party.

  9. DJ. Sanders just needs to stop with NRA gun nut arguments about hammers and baseball bats crap.

    We already know that if you are from a small rural state (like Vermont) and you need an AR15 with 100 round clip to hunt… you ain’t huntin’ rabbit, you’re huntin’ Humans.

    If he is now for Background checks and Semi Automatic Weapons bans, Great. But his VOTES for Lawsuit Protection for the NRA Weapons Manufacturers is a lead weight IMO.

    Immigration… is another can of worms for Bernie.

  10. What about Bernie and loaded guns in National Parks? I for one do not want to see Meth Head Reich Wing GOPers in National Parks with loaded guns.

    And wasn’t there another Bernie vote about guns being allowed on AMTRAK?

  11. Barbara. “Revolution?” Really? We do not need a “revolution” to fix our problems.

    We need to expose the MethHead Reich Wingers as the complete incompetent morons that they are and push some reasonable legislation through to address the issues.

    The Kock Brothers are just 2 votes.

  12. No, sorry, I should have linked, Henry Wallace to my original post. After reading your link, I am curious of any relation. Wallace was our VP alongside FDR. He was overwhelmingly popular over Truman, yet, the DNC stripped him of the nomination during FDR’s reelection. To think he would have been President. Many historians and scholars believe had Wallace been President we would have avoided the cold war. Important hindsight regarding a socially progressive politician!

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