Here Are The Winners And Losers From The CNN Democratic Debate


cnn democratic debate

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton did well, while the other Democrats were left behind. Here are tonight’s winners and losers from the CNN Democratic debate.



1 a). Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) – O’Malley came after Sanders hard on his record on guns, but the Senator from Vermont delivered the line of the night when he raged at the media and spoke for the American people by telling Anderson Cooper that people are sick of hearing about Clinton’s emails and want to discuss real issues. Sanders made no mistakes while clearly delivering his message. If this were America’s first national introduction to Bernie Sanders, many people should come away impressed.

1 b). Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton – Hillary Clinton defended her record, looked presidential, made no gaffes, and was very smooth on the stage. Hillary Clinton comes out of this debate unscathed, and for a frontrunner that is the most important goal. Clinton was good in this debate. She has been on the national debate stage before, and it showed.


1). Jim Webb – Former Sen. Webb was one of the candidates who complained about the lack of equal airtime, but when a candidate is at 1% they should be thankful that they are even on the stage. Webb was too far to the right for Democrats on guns, and many of his answers were not in step with today’s Democratic Party.

2). Lincoln Chafee – Chafee dropped the ball when he was asked about his first vote in the Senate, and he said that he was new to the Senate and had just gotten there because he was appointed to the seat after his father died. Anderson Cooper made it sound like the man voted yes when he didn’t know what he was voting for. Chafee is barely registering in the polls, and he showed why tonight. He is the token fringe oddball candidate that the Democratic field always seems to have at least one of, but he also should not have been on the debate stage.

3). Martin O’Malley – Martin O’Malley tried to go after Bernie Sanders, but his attack failed. The debate was symptomatic of O’Malley’s entire campaign. There wasn’t room on the stage for both Sanders and O’Malley, and when push came to shove, Sanders dominated O’Malley. When O’Malley tried to criticize Clinton, she reminded him that he endorsed her in 2008. O’Malley is being squeezed out of the Democratic race.

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  1. IMO the winners were the American people who finally heard a debate about the issues and not hatred and the clownish behavior that was what the republicans gave you.

    Now for he candidates the winner hands down was Clinton. She was strong in her answers,defended the President and pulled no punches in blaming republicans for their idiocy.

    Sanders had a good debate. He put his issues out there while he waffled on immigration he was strong in his votes on gun control.

    O’Malley he did all right. No serious mistakes and he defended both Sanders and Clinton while pointing out how he is different.

    Webb, crybaby and his hatred for the President showed.

    Chaffee, I started feeling sorry for him. Only he could go into a debate and lower whatever expectations he had.

    Next debate Webb and Chaffee should not be invited since the way this debate was presented it was a contest between Sanders and Clinton with some O’Malley

  2. You have got to be kidding. I’m a big fan of USA but you really got this one wrong.
    Hillary won this one hands down
    Bernie was a close second. His smartest move was defending Hillary on the emails.
    O’Malley was not far behind, definitely a solid third
    The last two don’t matter.

    I need to find another quick source of reference if you are going to be this far off.

  3. it’s odd to think of Chaffee as the fringe oddball.

    He’s a moderate. Former republican who switched parties because his own went off the crazy train.

  4. The one who could have turned in into a real contest, however, was the one who wasn’t there: I truly wish Vice President Joe Biden would place himself in candidacy and join the fray.

  5. Disagree. I think O’Malley won, by turning in a solid performance and raising his profile. Sanders broke even — came across as a little old and cranky, but right on most issues, and in front of a wider audience. Clinton lost by not winning, and by getting tagged firmly as a Wall Street pawn.

  6. Considering everyone has been cramming Hillary Clinton down our throats since the first day Pres. Obama was elected (never mind when he took office), I think Bernie Sanders did a great job. Did anyone else notice that Hillary always seemed to be the lucky person to get the last word. Perhaps next time someone else could be in the middle? Anyone who didn’t see right through that little charade obviously wasn’t paying attention. Congratulations to Debbie W-S — your bias is showing. Wouldn’t be so bad if you were actually rooting for the best candidate for the job rather than the only female candidate in the field. Our first female President should be someone we all can be proud of, not just the rich and famous.

  7. Because at one point Sanders seemed to get confused, fumble for words and lost his train of thought, I give the debate to Clinton, who was on point every minute.

  8. Bernie gave us his true mantra of trying to turn this country back into a place where the American dream works for more than the 1%, or .001% wealthiest in this country. It may be an impossible dream after the post Supreme Court Citizen’s United/ McPherson era, but at least he is not lying to us. Hillary will be Bill’s 3rd term, just as big a corporatist as he was. Bill allowed Glass Stegall to be shredded and for the nighmare of the too big to fail banks to come to life. Hillary will do the bidding of the wealthiest (including her and Bubba) to continue to strangle the American dream to death. At least I feel that Bernie will try.

  9. I thought Hillary won the debate, too, although it was a close call. It was definitely a pleasure to hear adults speaking tonight. The voters are the REAL winners of the debate because they heard actual candidates speaking on policy with solutions. What a change from the GOP Klown Kar!

  10. Although Bernie gave a strong showing, Hillary Clinton won the debate. Hands down. Poised. Strong. Knowledgeable on the issues.

    She’s ready to be president.

  11. You are out of your TeaBerning fucking MINDS. Bernie Sanders didn’t have a solid answer for ANYTHING. He does NOT understand economics, couldn’t discuss the situation in the Middle East AT ALL, and utterly lost his shit on gun control! Your bias is fucking PATHETIC.

  12. Hillary and Bernie were both very good. I would like to see Biden in, but give him less chance of winning. For the first time I feel we might have a chance for some success in Congress with Hillary. My mind is not completely made up.
    Debbie Schultz kinda made a mess with the childish and public actions. That was my disappointment for our party.

  13. Hillary made no gaffes? That comment that she “went to Wall Street and told them to cut it out!” in 2007 RIGHT BEFORE THE CRASH seems like a *major* gaffe to me. She also basically said that the reason everyone should vote for her is because she’s a woman. Does she really think the American people are that shallow?

  14. Hillary looks marvelous! She’s very wealthy and can afford refreshing and rejuvenating treatments. She’s probably had a face lift and stem cell therapy. I don’t begrudge it to her, she looks great and we should all be so lucky. Bernie looks old and bent and tired, because, he’s not so rich and hasn’t had the stem cell therapy. He could at least use a chiropractor, to help him stand up straighter. It seems to me that Hillary looked the most presidential, except when she wags her finger at the audience. She needs to stop wagging her finger. But she has the proper aplomb. If only the words that came out of Bernie’s mouth would have come out of Hillary’s mouth, we would have had the perfect candidate.

  15. What Josh said. Bernie sounded like Trump.

    Russia, um. Syria, um.

    Immigration, my actual votes, um.

    Free stuff for billionaires – I will give my trust fund kids free college and free health care and double the min wage. Scandinavia USA revolution. Send me money I am not a billionaire. I work in the establishment but am not establishment. Endorse me and put me in charge of diplomacy – I will yell and keep on shouting about people who are shouting about guns but I will vote against all actual gun laws. And climate change is the biggest national security threat be facing my, new Norwayish socialist country. You capitalists must put me in charge of the free world.

    Oh. My. God.

    Which of the 5 will be the candidate to face the Gop in the General and keep the DEMS in the WH?

    6 debates are too many. 1 debate is enough.

  16. Oh and my favorite line of the night.

    Bernie when confronted with his socialist electability factor arrogantly said – we will win.

    Then talked about “separate babies” and rambled on about a rational for voting turnout in non-presidential election years and by having less support he will fix that.

    Webb line of the night, his whole purpose for being there – there will be no revolution Bern, sorry.

    Bern: congress can’t fix the banks we need revolution.

    Hillary: Dodd-Frank!

    Bernie has no plan to deal with Wall Street problems despite his constant whine.

    Hillary’s plan is tougher. He said “not true” but he is wrong. Not only banks, hers is a real world plan, not a bandaid.

  17. Question (to all candidates): What enemy are you proud of having?

    Hillary: Let’s see…Iran, the NRA [a few others]…oh and Republicans. [cheshire cat grin].

    That’s how you nail the arsonist republican party.

  18. No. Wrong. She had nothing done. Nothing.

    She says her secret is she eats spicy hot chili peppers and she does yoga and plays with her dogs.

  19. I agree that Martin O’Malley had a good night. He did better than I expected. However, I don’t think he got the breakthrough moments that his campaign requires.

    IMO, it was clearly Hillary’s night. She’ll remain the Democratic front runner.

  20. The whole world laughed out loud when Bern was naive enough to tell us Russia is gonna regret it.

    No they won’t.

    WTF???? POTUS Trump of the left. Oh joy.

  21. I have to agree with Sanders on this. Russia will regret going into Syria because there is no such thing as a limited war. Once you commit and you want to win you will put more resources in to accomplish your goals

  22. “well, I think, um, Mr. Putin, uh, is going to regret, uh, what he is doing.” Cue nervous laughter from the audience. After Anderson Cooper remarked that Putin doesn’t seem to regret much, Sanders went on, “I think he is already regretting what he did in Crimea, and what he is doing in the Ukraine, I think he is really regretting the decline of his economy, and I think what he is trying to do now is save some face.”

    Putin is trying to save face!

    Seriously, this is dumb crap. DUMB. Carson dumb. Trump dumb. Chaffee dumb.

    Not POTUS material – a sham.

    Send Bern money. Crash and Bern 2016.

  23. Nothing? I don’t believe her. She’s rich, she’s eating organic, not the GMO crap at Walmart. Even I get a chemical peel once a year, don’t tell me Hillary doesn’t get them once a month, along with some dermabrasion and thermage. Have you not noticed that the wealthy are not aging at the same rate as the general population? Because they can afford such. Take a look at Mitt and Ann Romney. She had MS, but she had the best possible care in the world, and she got well. Ann Romney and Hillary Clinton were born in 1950, do they look like other people you know, in your personal life, who were born in 1950?

  24. Russia regrets nothing. They have “big d!ck” diplomacy. Putin is not able to feel regret. Medvedev was different, as Hillary often says. Not Vlad. He is a “take no prisioners” kind of guy.

    Blood and guts and damn the torpedoes full speed ahead for mother russia.

  25. Hillary was ready to be POTUS 10 years ago.

    She has it all. She is better now but only a tiny bit better.

    She KILLED it in 2008 but she was railroaded and ran over on her way to her destiny.

    This time – there is NOTHING in her way.

    Game over. She is running unopposed till the General – then it will be a vast difference and the blue team will at least have someone who will not put their feet both in their big mouth at the same time.

    She is the only one on the stage with a clue.

    They said her team was ecstatic. I agree.

    November 2016 here we come, right after we throw a party for Hillary in Philly in the summer.

  26. Well my mother was born in 1944 and this is how she looks
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And she never had a chemical peel or that other stuff you mentioned

  27. btw – I am a boomer and like DJs mother – I am a natural beauty!

    I love the way Hillary looks. I love her intelligence more though.

    And her smile and “chipmunk cheeks” are the sweetest thing ever. I wonder if she had them pinched all the time by her elders?

  28. Joe might but he also might be waiting to see how she does on the 22nd with the trumped up bull committee meeting.

    Like she says – she is just getting warmed up. I have seen her make grown men cry.

  29. Hillary Clinton ruled the stage. It was her night and she owned it. Bernie Sanders hectors and berates and lectures in sound bite sloganeering. He has no plan beyond “punishing the billionaires” and “destroying big banks”. It’s goofball silliness. He’s a tool of the NRA and that was made perfectly clear. He is so rigid he reminds me of the stodgy old Clint Eastwood get-off-my-lawn-punk character. Next thing we’ll see is old Bernie in his underwear chasing people down the street with his gun.

  30. Courtesy of Rin:

    Hillary Clinton Wins Big in Vegas – the New Yorker

    Hillary thrilled the crowd. – Vox

    Hillary Clinton Silenced Her Critics – vox

    Clinton Crushes it – Politico

    Clinton’s Boxing Biden Out – Politico

    Insiders: A Runaway Victory for Clinton – Politico

    Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Debate Magic – NY Times

    The Moment When Hillary Clinton Won the First Democratic Debate – WaPo

    On Track for History: After Winning Both GOP Debates, Hillary Shines at Dem Debate –— Hillary men!! Okay biased – but I love the title.

    Grading the Democratic Debate: Hillary Clinton Schools Her Rivals – Bloomberg

    Simply Put, Hillary Clinton Put Her Competition to Shame – Bloomberg

    Hillary Clinton’s Dominating Debate Performance Makes a Biden Run Unnecessary – Slate

    But Bernie Sanders did an incredible job.

  31. CNN focus groups are useless. Headlines today (10-14-2015) all announce that Hillary Clinton won the debate with facts and wit. She was astoundingly strong yet remained a Lady. That’s a tough feat to accomplish, and it’s why the GOP so fear her.

  32. Yes, he was. And President Obama will be the standard by which all other Democratic presidential candidates in the future will be held by.

    As I’ve said hundreds of times all across the interwebs…President Obama is the best president of my lifetime. Hands down. He’s our gold standard.

    It was nice to see our Democratic presidential candidates giving him the credit he’s worked and continues to work so hard for.

    High time to consider chiseling his handsome face on Mount Rushmore! Americans should be and will be proud that he’s sacrificed so much to lead this country into a brighter future even though he could’ve been a billionaire had he not followed his mother’s passions to care for the weakest amongst us.

    And through his presidency, he will secure a Democratic president for many more elections to come and transform this country back into that shining city on the hill for all the world to see and admire.

  33. Welcome to politics 101 and your very first debate.

    The center podium is for the frontrunner. That is why Trump was center in the GOP debates.

    But go ahead please with your sexist imaginary consipiracies. They are just charming even if they are ignorant.

  34. Indeed they did axt113!
    Time Magazine’s internet polling:
    Not the most scientific of polling (meaning not conducted by the “official establishment polling organizations). This poll, as of the moment is still open. Hillary fans best run over there and save her bum, she’s only at 11% behind Webb (yes, Jim Webb) at 33%, and Bernie Sanders at 54%.
    Again not scientific (see citation above). Bernie Sanders leads Hillary 80% to 15%. Ouch!!
    CNN Focus Group: The majority of CNN’s Focus Group felt Bernie Sanders won, yet the corporate owned media felt otherwise!

  35. Fusion handing out dibs to candidates, although, mostly Bernie Sanders: a nice mention for O’Malley who was eloquent and received applause for his thoughts on Guns. Short video of Fusion’s vote on YouTube: Ouch again!
    And then there is the Fox News Focus Group: I know, I know it’s The Kelly File. Shouldn’t we keep our enemies close? The focus group had a lot to say about the good Senator from Vermont, some good, some disappointing. Gotta take the chips where they fall and make the best of them!

  36. Courtesy of me:
    The New York Times’ Jonathan Weisman On Clinton’s TPP Flip: “Strikes Many As Not A Tarnished Gold Standard, But A Politically Expedient Decision…” “Hillary Rodham Clinton, confronted with her 2012 speech in Australia where she called the Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘the gold standard in trade agreements,’ said she had hoped ‘it would be the gold standard,’ but she claimed that when it was concluded recently, it fell short. … And Mrs. Clinton turned against it. That strikes many as not a tarnished gold standard, but a politically expedient decision.” (The New York Times, 10/13/15)
    The Associated Press’ Ken Thomas: “Clinton, Echoes Of Kerry In ’04: ‘I Never Took A Position On Keystone Until I Took A Position On Keystone.’” (, 10/13/15)

  37. Wait! There’s more:
    Ralston Report’s Jon Ralston: “Anderson Goes Right After Hillary On Consistency. Ruh Roh.” Ralston Tweet: “Anderson goes right after Hillary on consistency. Ruh roh. ‘Will you say anything to get elected?’” (, 10/13/15)
    Yahoo! News’ Michael Isikoff: “Correcting The Record [Dem Debate] Hillary Didn’t Say She ‘Hoped’ TPP Would Be Gold Standard; She Said In 2012 ‘This TPP Sets The Gold Standard.’” (, 10/13/15)
    The Associated Press’ Christopher S. Rugaber And Calvin Woodward: “Clinton Offered Some Revisionist History… When Insisting She’s Not A Flip-Flopper [On TPP].” “Hillary Rodham Clinton offered some revisionist history Tuesday night when insisting she’s not a flip-flopper on a trade deal that she heartily promoted as secretary of state but turned against last week as a Democratic presidential candidate.” (The Associated Press, 10/13/15)

  38. Yes, it’s me with even more:
    The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin: “[Clinton] Shows Some Weakness On [Flip-Flops].” Martin Tweet: “After a sterling night, Hillary finally shows some weakness on we all flip-flop.” (, 10/13/15)
    National Journal’s Emily Schultheis: “That Quote Is Going To Come Back Again. Clinton: ‘I Never Took A Position On Keystone Until I Took A Position On Keystone.’” (, 10/13/15)
    The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman: “Real Bad Moment… Talking About The Keystone Pipeline And Saying, ‘I Never Took A Position On Keystone Until I Took A Position On Keystone.’” “Clinton also had her first real bad moment in the debate, talking about the Keystone pipeline and saying, ‘I never took a position on Keystone until I took a position on Keystone.’” (The New York Times, 10/13/15)

  39. FIN:
    Haberman: “That Is, Unfortunately For Her, The Exact Argument Her Critics Use Against Her — That She Has Delayed Until It Was Expedient.” (The New York Times, 10/13/15)
    The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf: “Hillary Clinton Talks Tough About Wall Street. She And Her Husband Also Take An Awful Lot Of Money From Huge Financial Institutions.” (The Atlantic, 10/13/15)
    The New York Times’ Carol Davenport On Clinton And The Keystone Pipeline: “Call It An Evolution Or A Flip-Flop.” (The New York Times, 10/13/15)
    NBC News’ Chuck Todd: “Clinton Clearly Is Sensitive To The Flip-Flop Issue.”(, 10/13/15)

  40. Great to have you with us, neat0blue! It can get a little tense around here in comments from all sides of the opposition. I’m sure you understand, and will let it roll like water down the river.

    Finally, the debates are here! Round 2 in Iowa, November 14th. I’m mostly excited for the Univision debate in February/March. I’ve always been impressed with Jorge Ramos style of Journalism.

    Again, great to have you here!

  41. In defense of the newbie: “Imaginary”, go for it. “Conspiracies”, perhaps. However,” sexist”? Really? I’ve read the comment over and over. In what way is it prejudice against females? The comments were highly opinionated, yes. Yet, sexist? Hardly. A side note, name calling never bodes well in a debate and is often ineffectual, leaving one’s points less than commanding. Often, only pathetic in nature.

  42. I saw political strategist Angel Rye on Real Time with Bill Maher recently. When ask directly if she has heard anything on Biden. She replied there were people from inside his circle saying he was in and planned to announce before the end of the month. Biden best get on board soon, if that’s still his plan. Half dozen states have filing deadlines to be on the ballot coming up!

  43. Yeah, bet those focus groups don’t mean squat to Secretary Clinton. Even though the Washington Post detailed a few months back about the millions, upon millions, and then some (seriously, you could feed a small impoverished community/village on this kind of money)her campaign spent on strategist, stage handlers and focus groups. Yeah, polished with performance as expected. Me I’ll stick with Bernie, often called grumpy, old and cranky. I’d much rather a President that DOES NOT go through such extraordinarily large sums of my support money. I’ll take tell-it-like-it-is, sometimes fumbling, honest Bernie over that kind of performance any day!

    “The problem isn’t that Bernie Sanders is a crazy-pants cuckoo bird. It’s that we’ve all become accustomed to stage-managed, focus-group-driven candidates that his authenticity comes across as lunacy.”–Jon Stewart

  44. IMO Sanders didn’t do as well as everyone says. Felt I was listening to much of his stump speech — tossing out 1-2 liners from his list instead of answering question asked as ‘liners’ didn’t line up with the question.

    As to O’Malley — he took NO responsibility for poverty & unrest in Baltimore. He basically raved about job he did & glossed over poverty & unrest as it appeared he forgot – State of Maryland includes Baltimore.

    O’Malley was Mayor of Baltimore – 1999-2007
    and Governor of Maryland 2007- Jan 2015.

    That’s 16 years governing the full state and/or the City.

    He’s forgotten or wishes he could – but reality, he’s spinning.

    The poverty has been in the City for years, the issue of policing & the unrest didn’t happen overnight — what happened was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    O’Malley left Governor’s office Jan 20, 2015
    Freddie Gray arrested April 12, 2015.
    O’Malley hadn’t been out of office 3 months.

  45. Wouldn’t be so bad if you were actually rooting for the best candidate for the job rather than the only female candidate in the field.

    Yeah. Pretty sexist. Why am I not surprised that you didn’t pick this up in neat0blue’s comment despite having read his post “over and over”. Perhaps you should calm down and not be so edgy before reading? It would definitely help.

  46. Constance, focus groups can be ginned up by supporters and infiltrated by Republican supporters who’d rather see their Republican candidate face Sanders than Clitnon.

    Also, a message was sent out to Bernie supporters the night of the debate asking Sanders supporters to flood CNN’s three facebook pages and copy and paste “Senator Sanders has #wondemocraticdebate”.

    Smacks of desperation.

    Ask each and every Republican strategist who they’d like to see win the Democratic primaries. Here’s a hint: it ain’t Hillary Clinton.

    I will NOT be voting for Sanders in the primaries, and I don’t believe I have to worry about voting for him in the G.E. since I don’t believe he will make it that far.

  47. Constance…and those opinion pieces have what to do with who won the Democratic Debate?

    Try to keep things in perspective, will ya?

  48. Well, that was a waste of time since you didn’t answer my question. It’s all good. I will just suppose you tried. ;)

  49. No comment then on how you feel about the money Clinton spends to groom herself into the perfect candidate? I’d suggest you lost perspective, but, frankly, that’s not how I roll. PLUS, you’ve DELIGHTED me with the link you sent. I had 15 years of broadcast marketing behind me before I took the dive into freelance/self-employment. And I must say –shrewd use of internet marketing on the part of “Berners” (which is what tipped me off). LET’S BE HONEST REGARDING YOUR LINK. SANDERS CAMPAIGN IS IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH THE ACTIONS YOU FIND SO DESPERATE. I phone bank in my city for Bernie, well as house the youth volunteers that come in to pound the pavement 10hrs a day. One phone call and I’m told the Sanders campaign did in no way request or condone such tactic. Not unlike Hillary Clintons stance with David Brock’s attempt to red-bait Senator Sanders a few months back.

  50. Karen wrote: ‘I’m a big fan of USA’

    Where are you located, Karen?
    Perhaps we are too close. Example: We’re Blindfolded…Describing the Elephant Differently.

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