“General” Jerry Boykin Blames Right Wing Watch for UCC Shooting

Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin (retired), once deputy undersecretary of Defense under President George W. Bush, and now the Family Research Council’s executive vice president, appeared on false prophet Rick Wiles’ radio program Tuesday to do some heavy blame-shifting where gun violence is concerned.

The subject was the recent Umpqua Community College mass shooting, and the victims were, predictably, supposedly Christians, targeted by dangerous left-wingers fired up by People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch.

If this sounds like a reversal of fact to you, it is exactly that, and it’s endlessly amazing how pro-gun control leftists can possibly be responsible for gun nuts mowing people down in large numbers on an almost regular basis.

Yet according to Boykin, Obama’s “anti-Christian” policies (nowhere in evidence, of course, outside the fevered imaginings of people like Boykin and Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson), inspired the shooter:

“Right here in America, the church, the Christian church, has been so demonized and denigrated by the current administration and those that support this administration that I think that you have to expect this because there are enough crazies out there that when you constantly hammer the U.S. Christian church, you have to expect that there is going to be some reaction and that’s what we’re seeing.”

“I can tell you that this is the fight of the future,” added Boykin, who recently claimed Christians are the government, you know, despite the whole First Amendment and No Religious Test Clause thing in the Constitution:

“It’s not just about having to bake a cake or take photographs for a gay wedding, this is about literally about life and death for Christians in the future. It’s coming.”

Rick Wiles, who thinks our government is run by Nazis and is a “godless, pagan cesspool of Free Mason fascism,” was quick to point out that the shooter, despite self-identifying as both “conservative” and “Republican” might have been inspired by reading Right Wing Watch, and might even have been a “frequent visitor.”

Yes, this is the math you do as a conservative to feel better about yourself. If you don’t like reality, like Boykin and Wiles, just invent a bunch of sh*t to replace it.

This is all it took, of course, for Boykin, who once said we were not fighting Saddam Hussein but Satan, to claim that “ultraliberal, anti-Christian and anti-American” RWW uses the “exact same tactics” as the Islamic State and Al Qaeda to encourage “lone wolf” attacks against Christians, despite the complete lack of evidence that anything of the sort took place at UCC.

Brian Tashman writes at RWW in response that,

But they did have some good words for us: Boykin commended us for our accuracy, saying that we “actually in many cases print exactly what we said” and Wiles added, “They’ve never misquoted me, I’m not going to say that they misquote me but they definitely want to paint an image of people like you and I as dangerous wackos.”

Well…because you are. The idea of accurate quotes seems a novelty to these two men, and clearly they do not listen to themselves.

In fact, Boykin embarked on another talibangelical tirade just to prove RWW’s point:

This is the tactics of Al Qaeda and ISIS, where they will call for people to take action against Western targets, against Christians and infidels and then these so-called lone wolfs will go out and perpetrate an act of violence which normally results in somebody’s death. So what we’ve got is we’ve got Right Wing Watch and Southern Poverty Law Center and People For the American Way all using the exact same tactics as these Middle East terrorist groups, as these Islamic extremist groups. It’s sad that that kind of thing happens in America. There is no dialogue. There is no debate. They are going to try and shut us down by striking fear into our heart.

People For the American Way President Michael B. Keegan had this response:

It’s deeply troubling that General Jerry Boykin, who served under George W. Bush in the Department of Defense fighting terrorism, thinks that comparing People For the American Way’s work to ISIS and Al Qaeda and standing by as we were blamed for the UCC shootings is in any way appropriate.

We certainly don’t agree with Boykin and the Family Research Council, but even Boykin concedes that we represent his positions and what he says fairly.

Well, there is that at least. It’s just a wonder that, seeing their lunacy in print, they don’t realize their words are the products of demagogic lunatics who seem to hold a bottomless hatred for all humanity.

While conservatives refuse to accept responsibility for right wing gunmen acting on right wing rhetoric, they are certainly anxious to blame liberals, even when the killer is, by his own admission, a conservative.

It’s a lose-lose for the rest of us: either way, liberals are responsible for everything conservatives do. Just ask John Boehner.

If you want sensible talk about gun violence, the Democratic debate last night was the place to get it. You won’t get it from any right wing source.

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  1. Repugs really reach on every issue. They take no responsibility for anything but then turn around and blame the left for every thing that happens. This shtick is getting very old. Seems to me that most of the vile morons who have hate for anything that their little peabrains cannot process tend to lean conservative.

  2. I don’t even know how to respond to that. His comments are so devoid of facts, logic and reality that I have no idea how to process the drivel, let alone argue against it. Maybe he’s speaking ‘Merican and we need Sarah Palin to translate for us functioning human beings. It’s not like she’s busy.

  3. Looking at it philosophically, he is right that we share the blame – we have failed to come together as a people, as a party, to do everything in our power to stop this lunacy. The hardest part of anything is getting started, the next obstacle is maintaining momentum. The recent rash of school shootings has us fired up, we need to take this as a jumping-off point to continue to push back until we reach some degree of sanity.Somewhat frightening that this guy was ever in a command situation, I’m grateful that he is retired.

  4. Military intelligence.

    This guy is a fvcking lunatic. Instead of being given air time, he should be given a rubber room.

  5. The people who believe Obama is coming to the homes of each & every NRA member to take their guns away *any day now* will continue to believe that the opinions expressed by anyone interviewed on a trusted conservative source as being facts. While people in the US are free to express their opinions they are NOT free to make up the facts by lying & destorting the truth.

    This has become a huge problem for our country as the Conservative Media Machine has become a multi-million dollar enterprises with each trying to outdo the other in who is the *most conservative* as they incite more & more anger & fear into their audiences until the money flows like water bankrolling crazy, unqualified people into state & goverment offices across the US.

    Many people in the US refuse to recieve any news or information from any source that isn’t *Conservative or Christian* which means they will only talk to or hear from those who believe exactly as they do.

    This has got to be stopped.

  6. The only thing I got from reading about the Umpqua Community College mass shooter is that he was autistic, his mother bought him lots of guns—probably to somehow normalize him, and he was despondent because he didn’t have a girlfriend.

    That’s a dangerous combination in a young man with probably raging hormones. It’s too bad that others feel they need to co-opt his derangement to support some political opinion.

  7. Ah yes, Cry’stins…yep, of course, bless General Jerry’s little pee-pickin’ pecker!

    Boykins reminds me of the “General” in that insurance commercial staring a cartoon “General” only the cartoon makes much more sense…

    Boykin and that other crazy, former Admiral Klinginschmitt…

    I think they are both banned from any and all military bases, as it should be!

  8. FACT: The Teahadists have declared war on the rest of us LOOONG ago…thier delusions o’ righteousness {among many other delusions} just don’t stand up to Scriptural comparison…
    …it’s a pity we no longer have real news outlets…

  9. Boykin is nuts. He was basically asked to retire from the Army after he preached an extremely fundamentalist Christian sermon while wearing his uniform. There’s nothing wrong with active-duty members of the military giving sermons, but you are specifically prohibited from doing it, or any public speaking, while wearing your uniform because it indicates that the views you express are those of the Department of Defense. They were not, in this case. He knew that. A few weeks after that (lightning speed by military standards) he was told to retire. The problem wasn’t that he was/is a fundamentalist Christian, it was that he implied that he was doing it with the blessing of the US Army.

    He wasn’t very well liked before that, anyway. He’s crazy. And yes, he made general, but that’s not always an indication of competence.

  10. This is just the kind of thing that David Brooks, the columnist for the NY Times, talked about. These guys are comparing the (made up) “War on Christianity” to ISIS’s tactics, using the same kind of hyperbole as Ben Carson saying that Obamacare is slavery. Everything they dislike is compared to the Nazis, the Holocaust, ISIS, or the end of the world. Nobody can simply disagree with something and say, “I disagree.” It has to be compared with something catastrophic. I think Americans are getting tired of catastrophic metaphors, so these guys have to up the ante and make every issue seem worse and worse. Someday maybe the right wingnuts in our population will figure out that this is crazy talk (thought I’m not betting on it.)

  11. These are the people who vote Republican. You can’t reason with them because their brains can’t comprehend reason. Facts register as just someone’s opinion and they have a different one. Of course there’s is the right one and you’re not going to convince them otherwise. The Republican politicians feed off that in order to get elected. They say and do crazier and crazier things to maintain that following until they’re trapped in a crazy of their own making. Sooner or later it has to end and will with a big crash. Let’s hope it’s soon enough so they don’t take us all with them.

  12. Horrors!!! You’re right about Palin speaking his language. But translating and “explaining” something??? Surely, you jest! My ears are bleeding at the thought!!!

  13. This is what cognitive dissonance looks like. Twisting the shooter’s obvious affiliation with right wing conservatives, and painting your enemies with such a broad brush that any and all comparisons become meaningless.

    These guys are simply destroying what little credibility they have on the Right Wing. EVERYONE except the most ardent supporters are turning away from the Conservative brand. All this hyperbole and fear mongering is finally having an effect, and it’s not the one they want.

  14. Wow…

    Reading that story made my brain atrophy from the pure stupidity of it.

    Oh, and how dare you piss on the victims of the shooting by blaming a website that calls out you and your ilk on the lies, propaganda and pure utter bull crap. Those people don’t need you to blame something else for what one guy did.

  15. People like Boykin are the face and mouth of that sickening Republican Party.
    Why are they so many! ? Every other day another one creeps out from the gutter to talk nonsense. All you have to do to conclude that that Party is chock-Full of lunatics, is to listen to the crap coming out of the current line up of Republican Presidential wannabe candidates. Led by Trump and the Trumplike clones.

    Enough said.

  16. I wonder how much Jesus influenced the General’s official decisions and how many people died because of it.

  17. So much lunatic babble, so little space. Just to pick one idiocy: Boykin’s imaginary “U.S. Christian church.”

    Christians account for ~80% of the U.S. population. Put them all together and what do you get?

    It’s a trick question. You can’t put them all together. There’s no such thing as a/the “U.S. Christian church.”

    PS: General, don’t blame the other 20% of us for that.

    There’s too much diversity in doctrine, practices, and orthodoxy. Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Unitarians, Methodists, Amish, Mennonites, Pentecostals, Quakers, various other Protestants, and unaffiliated believers. Orthodox, Liturgical, Evangelical, etc.

    Some (eg Evangelicals) don’t even accept others as Christians. And look at all the fugly finger-pointing about who’s a “real Christian.”

    OTOH, put them together and you’d probably get major Christian-on-Christian warfare.

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