John Boehner Gives Obama One Last Win Before He Leaves By Pushing Clean Debt Ceiling Bill


Barack Obama,  John Boehner

Speaker of the House John Boehner has lost to President Obama on every major crisis, so it isn’t surprising that Boehner is planning one final cave on the raising the debt ceiling before he leaves office.

Politico reported:


House Speaker John Boehner is looking to move a bill to lift the debt ceiling before he leaves Congress, a tactic aimed at helping his successor, according to multiple sources with knowledge of internal party planning.

Boehner is in discussions with Senate leadership and the White House over a budget package that would include raising the debt ceiling, but House GOP aides do not expect the talks to produce an agreement. GOP leadership aides have discussed passing a standalone debt limit bill should the talks break down. Many senior Republican aides and lawmakers see a “clean” debt limit bill as the only real option.

The logic behind the move is that Boehner doesn’t want the next Speaker to walk in the door and inherit an immediate crisis. To people who are rational and sane, Boehner’s move makes perfect sense. In the Republican mind, Boehner will be caving to Obama and taking away one of the primary weapons that conservatives wanted to use to bend Obama to their will.

President Obama is likely to get another big win over the far right Republicans who are out to destroy the government. However, the next Speaker will be under intense pressure from House Republicans to shut the government down in December. By passing a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling now, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell might make things worse for Republicans later.

No matter how one looks at it, one of John Boehner final acts as speaker could result in another political victory for President Obama.

13 Replies to “John Boehner Gives Obama One Last Win Before He Leaves By Pushing Clean Debt Ceiling Bill”

  1. Whoever the next “lucky leader” of the rethugs might be, they can bet on chaos as usual. This is their thing, what their known for. Nothing will change, their bitching is terminal! (If only) What Boner does may give the new guy a little room to breath, but only for a short time. Then it’s back to crisis and pandemonium! Next one fighting to stay on the island and for their political life, Mitch McConnell!!

  2. Rancid Penis has sure been quiet thru all of this, is he still alive? He’s been a very silent weasel lately. It’s a domino effect, Republicans are fessing up throughout the gang of not me.

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    It’s been under John Boehner’s watch that business like raising the debt ceiling which used to be done quickly & quietly by whoever held the majority in the house & senate regardless of whether the president was a Dem or GOP, became about making everything about all things Obama. This not a win for Obama or a consession from the GOP.

    The GOP Party of Stupid most of whom have no business being in congress, will understand that funding the US Government is not like running a personal checking account.

    It makes me sick to my stomach when the media falls all over themselves the first time the GOP does the right thing. They did it with Christie when he showed emotional vulnerability after Hurricane Sandy.

    Just because Boehner may finally do one right thing before he retires does not right the years of unnecessary wrongs & hardship the GOP has caused the American people so the GOP could obstruct Obama & score political points.

  4. Time for the extremist to pull their hair out, scratch at their skin, gnash their teeth, pound their heads against a wall….

  5. I particularly like the “pounding their heads against the wall” part. May they do it very, very hard…for the good of the country.

  6. Spot on Tatiana. Boehner is not doing this for the American people or for the President, he is doing it for his replacement.

  7. He’s actually doing it because he knows he can’t beat this President. Boehner has been down this path before,he didn’t win then and he can’t win now.

  8. How dysfunctional is this GOP when passing normal legislation to keep the country operating is seen as ‘giving in’ or ‘losing.’ This teabag faction of the GOP needs to be banished. How can they govern when they hate America?

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