Mike Huckabee Attacks Bernie Sanders With A Racist Tweet During Democratic Debate

Mike Huckabee
Republican Mike Huckabee wasn’t even on the debate stage Tuesday night, as Democratic candidates sparred over who should be their party’s nominee for president in 2016. Yet, the former Arkansas Governor may have ended up the night’s big loser anyway, because he couldn’t refrain from blasting out a racist tweet to make a dig at Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

In attacking Sanders’ economic ideas, Huckabee tweeted:

I trust @BernieSanders with my tax dollars like I trust a North Korean chef with my labrador! #DemDebate

In contrast to the respectful dialogue that was occurring on the debate stage, Huckabee’s jab served as a jarring reminder of Mike Huckabee’s mean spirited racism, and by extension the racism that finds comfort and support in his political party.

Huckabee went for an easy mark by making his reference about a North Korean cook, since North Korea as a nation is essentially an international pariah. There isn’t a significant North Korean voting bloc in the United States for obvious reasons. However, the stereotyping of Koreans specifically, and Asians more generally, as people who will butcher your dog for an easy meal, is a level of bigotry that is so appalling, one wonders how Huckabee could think his joke was funny.

However, when one considers that the Republican Party has mostly decided that they can win by appealing to the prejudices of xenophobes, homophobes and racists, it is little wonder that Huckabee thought his joke would be a real knee slapper. Depicting Asians as dog murdering savages doesn’t bother Huckabee, because he is surrounded by right-wing bigots. He doesn’t even recognize how racist his remark sounds to people who unlike him, haven’t spent the last several years denying the existence of racism.

A party that accuses Mexican immigrants of being racists, Middle Eastern Muslims of being mostly terrorists, and a party that regards the president as a tyrannical usurper born in Africa, is a party that will tolerate Mike Huckabee’s demeaning stereotypes about Koreans. The rest of America however does not need to tolerate Huckabee’s racism.

Mike Huckabee’s ugly true colors resurfaced when he tweeted during the Democratic debate. While he was hoping to use his racist humor to slam Bernie Sanders’ economic policies, his barb missed the mark. Instead of striking a blow at democratic socialism, Huckabee’s comment boomeranged, reminding everyone in America that Mike Huckabee is a racist bully, and unfit to lead any organization, much less run an entire country.

Huckabee’s offensive tweet should put an end to his presidential ambitions. In the Republican Party, his cruel blunder may not prove politically fatal immediately. However, its hard to imagine he has much of a political future once he leaves the sanctuary of the Republican Party and has to face a diverse general electorate. Huckabee managed to lose Tuesday night’s debate without even stepping onto the stage.

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  1. Mike Huckabee is not a candidate — not in any political sense of a guy running for an office he intends to occupy — he’s a grifter, like Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter, people who make good livings due to their elevated visibility among the Christian bigot classes. He’s simply pumping up his day-rate for Fox News.

    To call Mike Huckabee a “candidate” misrepresents the obvious.

  2. Mike Huckabee used his only weapon racism for he knows he has no policies of his own that can compete with Sander’s.

  3. This man has no shame. I guess his family torturing dogs was just boys will be boys.

    There is a word for that
    cognitive dissonance

  4. Your article missed a weird but crucial factor, Mike Huckabee’s personal connection to a dog killer. If I were Huckabee, I would NOT bring up dog killers, no sirree.

    As Snopes says, “On 11 July 1998, two young men working as counselors at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, Arkansas, killed a dog at that Boy Scout camp. One of those young men was 19-year-old Clayton Frady of Texarkana and the other David Huckabee, the youngest son of Arkansas Governor Michael Dale “Mike” Huckabee. David Huckabee was 17 at the time of the slaying, although he would turn 18 less than two weeks later. Both young men were fired over the incident.

    And that is where the undisputed facts of the story leave off. All the rest of the details, including why the dog was killed, how the dog was killed, and whether Governor Huckabee attempted (successfully or otherwise) to forestall investigations into his son’s act, is up for grabs and may never be knowable.”


  5. Yes, Huckabee’s tweet was a real knee slapper given Huckabee’s own son once tortured a dog to death while at summer camp.

    Despite Huckabee’s failure to receive facts as information as he takes the twisted, warped lies & opinions expressed exclusively by the Conservative Media Machine to be facts & truth instead, it’s his impulsiveness to speak & tweet before thinking that shows Mike Huckabee is not fit to be president.

  6. Way to go dumbass, not only did you show your ignorance, you reminded the country of your perverted, hick son again. That is what I think is called a twofer.

  7. Mike Huckabee is NOT worthy of being President of these United States. He would be a total jerk and embarrassment.
    His time in the limelight is UP! He has to go away! And STFU.

  8. How stupid can you be to remind the world not only of your own bigotry, but of your own son’s evil past with dogs. That’s something even Fox “News” shouldn’t be able to tolerate (but they probably will ignore it).

  9. Can ya’ really see this Fat Fool hanging out near 1600 Pennsylvania avenue? Just exactly as Sarah Queen of the jungle Palin, the fat bastard just won’t go away. He’s like a tick on the ass of society. Old age just doesn’t set in for some & mellow them out, this Fat Fool is a prime example. A man of the cloth, he ain’t, Bible doesn’t state anything about Fat Fools nor Kim Jong Un’s people. That’s Fat Fools for you, it’s difficult to just stamp them out.

  10. You’re right. I probably should have pointed out the irony and hammered that point home.

    My original thought process was what Huckabee said was disgusting even if he didn’t have that family history, and I figured that once the article was posted, the readers would bring up that point even if I didn’t mention it.

    In retrospect, adding it might have given the article a little more *punch* to it and I probably should have included it.

  11. What the Snopes article leaves out is the fact that they tied the dog to a tree by its neck, and threw rocks at it until it died.

    It was a slow, painful, agonizing death. And something only a sociopath would do.

  12. I can be just as much of a jackass too…

    I trust Mike Huckabee with my child as much like I trust a sex offender with my child.

  13. I think the writer meant to say Mexicans are rapists, not racists. Trump’s words, not mine.

    Huckabee is just another fine example of how messed up the Republican party is. He’s pathetic.

  14. This is the guy who recently said Syrian refugees were not fleeing violence, persecution, and death. No. They just wanted free cable TV. Words cannot describe how despicable this rightwing degenerate truly is. Huckabee is no candidate. He would have to be human first.

  15. He is not just an example of how messed up the Republican party is, he is the shining example of how the evangelicals have messed up religion.

    This “man” was a baptist minister, supposedly a man of principle, honor and God. How mean, petty and just plain evil, do you have to be to tweet something like this? He violates everything the bible is suppose to stand for. And then wonders why others leave the churches and become either agnostics or atheists.

  16. Now Mike is saying:

    Poor liberals think it’s racist to deplore a brutal dictatorship

    When has Kim Jung Un become a chef? As an Asian American, this is racism and I don’t want to see a racist in the White House

  17. Knowing North Korea, Tim, I’m sure that Kim Jong Un said he was a chef and the people believe it. Power of propaganda, baby!

    In all actual truth here, it’s not that liberals are saying it’s racist to deplore a brutal dictatorship… it’s racist to paint the people who have to live under said brutal dictatorship with stereotypes that are not true.

  18. Well, not much to say here. Everyone has pretty much covered it all. I will say this though, I’m sick and tired of ALL of these “false prophets”.

  19. File this as yet another example of the ill-advised use of social media known as “Tweets by Republican Twits”.

  20. Having lived in Korea as a linguist for the Army my perspective is a bit different. Puppies are actually put in a hanging sack and beaten to death with a stick because this “tenderizes the meat”. And it’s puppies, not full grown dogs, because the belief is that eating puppies provides more of a boost to testosterone production. Yes, Koreans think puppy meat is Viagra. It’s part of the culture. To them a dog is just another meat animal and the emotional attachment of westerners to dogs is the result of having so much food that we can afford to keep meat animals as pets. But Koreans don’t feel bullied when we mock their eating dog meat. They just think we’re silly about our emotional attachment to dogs.

  21. I am Korean and I was not offended at Mike Huckabee’s comment. His comments were not racist or demeaning in any way shape or form. Koreans do eat dog soup and it is widely accepted in N.Korea and South Korea.

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