Millions Of Dollars In Ads Backfire As Jeb Bush Sinks In New Hampshire Polls

Since early September, New Hampshire has been bombarded with ads supporting Jeb Bush for President. With the combined spending of the Bush campaign and the Right to Rise super PAC, 4.8 million dollars have been spent on pro-Bush ads in New Hampshire since the beginning of September. Ads supporting Bush have gobbled up 60 percent of the available air time in the past three weeks, putting Bush’s ad presence ahead of all the other presidential candidates combined.

The ad blitz doesn’t seem to be helping Jeb, however. The ads may even be backfiring, as Jeb’s numbers have dropped slightly since his campaign began dominating the airwaves in the Granite State. Prior to the ad blitz, Jeb Bush was polling around 9 percent in New Hampshire’s Republican field. Since flooding the state with pro-Bush ads, Jeb’s polling average has dipped to 8.7 percent.

Adding insult to injury, Both Donald Trump and Ben Carson are ahead of Bush, and neither of them has spent any money on television or radio ads in the state. Carly Fiorina, who is in 4th place in New Hampshire, nipping at Jeb’s heels, has also not invested in advertising in the state yet.

The problem for Jeb Bush, and one that should concern GOP mega-donors, is that there are limits to what money can accomplish. No amount of advertising can sell a pitiful product, and at this point very few Americans, including very few Republicans, are interested in buying what Jeb Bush is selling. His ads constantly remind New Hampshire voters that he is running for president. However, voters apparently view those ads more as a persistent nuisance than as giving them the inspiration to vote for the man.

While the mainstream media has spent the better part of the summer and early fall trying to pitch a narrative about Democrat Hillary Clinton’s political difficulties, the reality is that her campaign is not the one in deep trouble. On the Republican side, however, Jeb Bush’s political survival is hanging by a thread. After a month of bombarding New Hampshire with ads to resuscitate his political chances, Jeb is still sliding backwards. If that doesn’t change soon, Bush may be out of the race before March.

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  1. …if JEB??? can’t get support face to face…what makes him thing bombarding the airwaves with his negatory BS willy rally support???
    …JEB??? is delusional; and should be moved into a cornerless rubber room ASAP…

  2. This just proves the following

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
    Mark Twain

  3. I put my full bet on Bush Rubio back in April and I am going to double down on it.

    Watch and see. The whole thing is obvious to me. It is coming.

    Bush Rubio will be there in the end.

    I am POSITIVE that all the rest is noise.

    New Hampshire has NEVER mattered before – why should it now?

  4. No amount of money in ads will ever make a person buy something they don’t want. The GOP better keep trying to steal elections since people don’t want what their selling.

  5. Yep. Bush has $119 million for the first 2 months reported – the rest will soon be known for this past qtr. He has the endorsements.

    From Ladd at Vox last month:

    “But we know that candidates like Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson will not get nominated. Despite their meager standing in current polls, the Republican nominee is highly likely to be Jeb Bush or Mark Rubio, the only two remaining candidates who are broadly acceptable to party insiders.”

  6. None of them will be there. RMoney is going to jump in and save the country from the villainess Hillary! The Tea Party can’t agree on anyone since at some point, even a Tea nut has to get real and admit they need to compromise on SOMETHING, and the Tea Causcus can’t even agree on who should replace Boehner, because they want some megalomaniac who will do their bidding, and no one fits the bill. So amidst the chaos to come, Mittens will swoop in, one tax document in hand, and save the day…at least until election night!

  7. Even republcans can’t forget the damage of the two previous Bush administrations. Time to move on, they’ll never be able to shine this one up to be acceptable.

  8. Well looky there. A bush not being handed everything on a silver platter. Who would’ve thought that possible? I’m enjoying this 100%. Jeb! Should be more like jeb:-(
    LOL get lost you turd. Nobody cares about you. Perhaps that’s because you’re a republican and they don’t care about anyone.

  9. Former Senator John Danforth was on the Diane Rhem show today. He thinks that Jeb! or Kasich will win the nomination and can beat any Democratic candidate. “The people are ready for Republican solutions.” Of course, at the same time he’s telling her that the “Republicans are no longer functioning in the House or Senate.” I’m not sure how he can have it both ways.

    I wonder if Danforth is still relevant enough for the Donald to rip him a new one for all of the nasty things Danforth said about him. And if so, who will stand up for Danforth and will it matter?

  10. …he’s certainly proven he has the Bush trait o’ ignoring the rules in…saaay fundraising…
    …this signatory o’ PNAC needs to be told “Your brother fked up royally…you not only deny everything and blame President Obama, you are telling America you wanna take the same bucket o’ shit even farther…and ya can’t understand why nobody is buying.
    What happened???
    Your brother happened!!! Now go fk off.”

  11. Gross miscalculation from Rin?

    I’m shocked. Shocked.


    You should go be a CNN pundit with your tone deaf assessment of anything political.

    You’re actually Karl Rove, aren’t you?

    You’ve got this whole enchilada wrong, from top to bottom, Red to Blue, and I wish I could see your face when the chips land. Typical of your generation, your precious thoughts are of more import than any one else’s. You don’t understand the generations younger than you and so you try to belittle and legitimize other’s point of view because they just don’t fit with your narrow world view.

    But keep posting your tone deaf predictions and mean spirited comments. They are always good for a laugh.

  12. Sorry, but you guys sure can pick ’em.

    NH picks New England locals as if the region is more important than the creds.

    They pick the strange one, almost every time too.

    And it is not diverse or representative of the cities of the country either. It has almost no delegates. It gets a fortune in campaign money other states would die for.

    WHY does NH go early? A tradition.

    It should rotate.

    Tsongas, Dukakis, Hart – REALLY? lol.

  13. I never saw your name here before. New?

    Besides knocking me (and very personally and with a nasty tone) for what has been said by Vox expert panel: “savvy pundits pick Bush and Rubio” and of course Hillary is undisputed by all to be prohibitive.

    Tell me who you pick?

  14. We aren’t dealing with rational or intellient people. We are dealing with insects. When Jeb! said his brother kept us safe at the debate, what did that crowd of morons do? They went wild with applause.

    We all said WTF???

  15. I just did a news search and there is nothing on Mittens. He said many times he absolutely will not run and has been saying “no” for over a year.

  16. Jeb Bush is stuck at 9% in New Hampshire and I will BET that no other “News” outlet will even touch it.

  17. You’re right on all counts…

    We do have too much influence.
    The money is THE important factor.
    And either the ranking should rotate around, or perhaps we should do the primaries all at once.

    As far as picking whack-jobs,up here independents such as myself are allowed to pick a party, cast our vote, and then switch back to independent. In ’96 I (and probably a bunch of others) looked at Dole and thought “Okay, who’s the most unelectable a-hole on the Repub ballot? Pat Buchanan, hands down!” And the a-hole won, and Dole lost the general.

  18. I don’t know what you are drinking,but,there isn’t a Republican candidate in the 2016 clown car that could be elected dog catcher,with all due respect to dog catchers.

  19. I have always found that to be dispicable and unAmerican to the nth degree.

    I wouldn’t ever do that even when the system is designed for it in some states.

    It should be party registration only and the cutoff to switch to the other party again should come after the general.

    You switch – you lose your vote.

  20. Which just goes to prove that the old TV blitzs no longer really work. It turns people OFF.

    Senator Sanders had a good chance of winning simply because he doesn’t bore you with TV ads.

  21. The marketeers are relying on 1990s advertising strategy of ‘branding.’

    Which is silly in a Web world. The millions of dollars spent to advertise a candidate to voters can be negated by a strong online presence opposed to the candidate. Trump, Bush, Kasich and company are all being nut rolled by ordinary citizens who post, like and blog.

    TV as the great mediator of politics is toast.

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