After Successful Dem Debate GOP Collapses Into Chaos As Trump And Carson Threaten Boycott


The Republican Party is responding to the successful Democratic debate by crumbling into a chaotic mess as both of the top two GOP candidates, Ben Carson and Donald Trump, are threatening to boycott the next Republican presidential debate.

What was supposed to a routine call to go over the format for the next Republican debate on CNBC turned into a case study in Republican dysfunction when the campaigns immediately started complaining because there was not going to be opening and closing statements. Forget for a moment that CNBC usually doesn’t use opening and closing statements, and consider that to give each of the ten candidates one minute to open and one more minute to close would add 20 minutes to the debate without a single question being asked.

The phone tantrums from many of the Republican campaigns turned into a real boycott threat after the Trump and Carson campaigns threatened to skip the debate unless candidates got opening and closing statements, and the debate was limited to two hours in length including commercials.

Here is the letter that the Trump and Carson camps sent to CNBC:

Trump and Carson threaten to opt out of CNBC debate by Alexandra Jaffe

The first Democratic primary debate has drawn nearly universal praise for its unity and speed. Republicans responded to the success of their opponents by melting down into a free for all about the debate length and format.

There is a practical reason the top two Republicans want the debate to be limited to two hours. With ten people on stage and a strict time limit, there will be less time for inexperienced candidates to be grilled about policy.

Republicans can’t agree on a new Speaker of the House. The Republican presidential candidates can’t agree to appear on the same debate stage. Compare this level of dysfunction with the Democratic Party.

Democrats are unified and look like they are ready to mobilize for 2016. Republicans are not capable of carrying out the most basic functions of a political party. If Republicans can’t keep their own house in order, how are they going to govern the country?

The answer is that they won’t be able to govern.

Trump and Carson will be on the debate stage, but the Republican habit of not being able to accomplish anything without crisis and drama is one of the main reasons why Republicans are not fit to govern.

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  1. Ok lets do the math. There are 15 clowns that want to have an opening statement. Lets say we give them 2 minutes each, that’s 30 minutes right there. Now for closing statements lets say they get 1 minute, that’s another 15 minutes.

    So the clowns want to eat up 45 minutes in a 2 hour debate. Remember there are 15 of them so for each question each clown will have what, 30 seconds to answer?

    I have nothing more to say

  2. Trump and Carson are bluffing. Free TV exposure? Neither one will give that up. Like all circuses, “The show must go on!”

  3. The more time they kill with opening and closing statements, the less time they have to go over their plans to govern..(which there aren’t any)!..Its a ploy!

  4. Haven’t we had enough enough of the republican PRE-K behavior???
    Is this who you want to be the leader of the free world???


    Trump talks like a third grader and Carson sounds as if he’s had a lobatomy.


  5. DJ, the only thing left to say is that with those two missing from the stage, there may be a measurable difference in the combined stupid up there.

  6. no matter what you think of the don, he knows his media game, and knows this new instant medium. [notice he and his agents have his daughter, who’s really good at the game too, running daddy love] since the next ‘debate’ is on freakin CNBC, in the past it would have been a low rated show. now, its going to be the best ratings number NBC/UNI has ever seen. trump and his agents, are making hollywood and their shill media, bookoo bucks. this is why you see him so much. ratings, and click thrus…

  7. The GOP is Crumbling!
    Trump & Sanders both think they’re GOD!

    The Once Grand Old Party has lost all control of it’s Presidential Candidates!

  8. Ben Carson and Donald Trump, are threatening to boycott the next Republican presidential debate.

    Me too. I’m boycotting ALL of their debates. If I want to watch crazy people and liars speak, I’ll visit my local psychiatric ward and a prison.

  9. it’s a ploy to get some control from cnn. they wanna dictate terms, in their favor. but hell, let them boycott. it’s political bull. when trump says be nice to me he means kiss my ass.

  10. Let’s see…two minutes per speech (opening & closing) with (let’s assume) 10 candidates on stage…that’s 40 minutes of what they want to be a max of 120 minutes. Take out commercials and that leaves (aprox) 50 minutes of debate. Nope, no time for issues now. THAT’S why they want these things to happen. So that there won’t be time for people to notice that they still don’t have any policies to talk about, just sound bytes.

  11. Who really gives a crap about whether the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Gingerbread man shows up for the debate. It would probably be a better debate. The people might get to hear something that makes sense, not just Trumps loud mouth boasting of him, myself and I or Carson blinking his eyes to say something really stupid.

  12. And yet there are many who still believe these dysfunctional fools (I.E. the GOP) are qualified to run our country…

  13. These clowns can’t handle a three hour debate with a moderator without whining about exhaustion. Now they can’t handle 2 hours without opening and closing statements to kill time. Clearly they can’t handle discussion, debate, negotiation of any ind.
    How on earth can they handle the job of president? No meetings, briefings, diplomatic negotiations or multi-lateral conferences of linger than 40 minutes duration.
    How many hours did Sec’y Kerry spend working on the Iran deal?

  14. Hasn’t Trump already “boycotted” Faux News twice? In the famous words of Inigo Montoya, I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

    Can you imagine this prick in the WH? I can see it now…him taking down all the portraits of past presidents and replacing them with selfies, firing all women over 110 lbs. and over the age of 25, banning people from eating Mexican food because it’s unpatriotic…hey, it’s no more ridiculous than anything else he’s done.

    Carson is just another Cruz, Trump has his hands up both their butts, pulling their strings (sorry for the visual).

  15. “Trump & Sanders both think they’re GOD!”

    There is nothing about Bernie Sanders that says that he thinks he is God.

    Me thinks you are a bit confused. Get help with that.

  16. The GOP hasn’t actually had a campaign debate for years. The contestants all think they can turn the circus into their own free infomercials for their fantasies. Nobody actually answers a question and the “panel” never requires any real answers to the talking points they throw out. Debate? More like barkers at a carnival sideshow.

  17. CNBC should answer the letter with a simple and straightforward concept.

    Dear sirs: re:debate.

    In light of you not liking our setup, we will henceforth deem you out of the debate.

    Therefore, we will be adding Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Pataki to take your places.

    Sincerely: _____________

  18. Just let them all have a stool, then all will be happy. Why they make them stand for 3 hrs is crazy, make the moderators stand also.

  19. I wonder if anybody would bother watching without Himself up there. CNBC should be worried about their ratings.

  20. I figured the eye closing was one of two things: either he can’t look people in the eye when he lies so he closes his eyes every time he speaks or he’s a nervous toddler that thinks we can’t see him when he closes his eyes.

  21. Basically that would give the moderator a chance to ask each one a question – One questions then right to closing statements. Besides, the moderators for the GOP Candidates never ask questions about issues or at least the issues that the majority of Americans care about. It is always about, tax cuts for the wealthy; keeping immigrants outs, at least the brown ones; controlling women’s reproductive rights, while calling for the repeal of the ACA and calling for a religious test to make legislation.

    That would be enough – because you know the Donald will eat up the next 10 minutes pontificating how wonderful he is.

  22. Hasn’t the plurality of us had enuf of these half baked brain dead losers. To use a Trump descriptive. I know I have, and I don’t own a TV to view them on. Just hearing about these moral midigited, shit for brain types gets me to roll my eyes up and say to myself, WTF did I, and the rest of the country really do to deserve them. I’d like to think there’s enough thorizine, and straight jackets for all of them that should be part of their daily regime. All we need is the will to find each one of them, take them away to a place that’ll put them thru their paces and hope that they might become more humane after their stay. Which given the way things are, is one hell of a long shot.

  23. I could merely guess that Ben Carson’s very own (personal) medications are most likely responsible for the very “odd” (almost, blissful-like) closing of his eyes, while he is speaking (down, it appears) to all of us while he is actually floating above us (all) on his very own (drug-induced???) “CLOUD-NINE” (state of mind) location….

  24. Both of these candidates realize they don’t have the ability or qualifications to partake in a meaningful debate that could come anywhere near the DemDebate that we recently viewed, so they are nitpicking trying to limit their own exposure. As pointed out above, if they get their way, they will at best have time to answer one question. If I was a conspiracy theorist, Id think 15 clowns in the GOP clown car was a specific plan to prevent the American public from actually seeing how stupid the GOP is – except for the fact that they’ve all let it out of the bag by public speaking. I encourage CNBC to hold to its original plan and if Trump and Carson want to boycott, so be it. Neither of them will be president anyway.

  25. …on the other hand; either o’ ’em would be a shoo-in for President of the Egocentric Society…

  26. ———————–UPDATE————————————–
    …negotiations over…argument seemed to be if the Donald was gonna spring for the lube for both him and Carson…

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