Total Freak Out at Fox & Friends Over Democratic Debate and “Free Stuff”

A lot of people took away many different things from the first Democratic debate. A lot of people. Unfortunately, only some of them were paying attention, not including our Republican friends. What Democrats saw was their presidential hopefuls tell us what they were for, and what they were against.

For example, let’s save the environment for our children. Let’s close private prisons. Let’s de-militarize the police. Let’s regulate Wall Street so we can avoid a repeat of the GOP’s 2008 “good old days.” Let’s address gun violence. Let’s save Social Security. You know, real issues. Issues Americans care about.

Republicans? You’d think the Democratic debate was advertising for some sort of fire sale.

They freaked out at Fox News’ Fox & Friends yesterday, where Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her friends typically failed to understand a single thing said (not that they wouldn’t have just invented a whole bunch of stuff even if they had).


According to Hasselbeck, Doocey, Kilmeade and their guest Stuart Varney, the Democratic candidates just promised a whole bunch of free stuff to people who will vote for them (Who knew educating our children was a “freebie”?) They even made some flashy graphics to show what tax payers can be expected to pay for (you know, as opposed to wars, or giving billions to oil companies, or National Parks to the Koch Brothers, or sacred Native American land to foreign mining companies, or a wall to keep Mexicans out…):

Watch courtesy of Media Matters for America:


STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Ok, so with all that free stuff they’re giving away, what’s it going to cost you, the American taxpayer?


DOOCY: Stuart Varney joins us live. You’re right, a lot. How lot? Big lot.

VARNEY: Look, if you go with the Wall Street Journal, they say that Bernie Sanders’ program costs $18 trillion over 10 years. Having listened to Hillary last night, I mean she’s somewhere up there with all the freebies that she’s going to give away. So this is going to cost an arm and a leg. They want to tax the rich, tax Wall Street, tax the big corporations, topple the 1 percent.

BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): And give us what?

VARNEY: And give us freebies.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK (HOST): A long list. Public college, paid family leave, health care, health care for all children, prescription drugs, expanded Social Security, childhood education, higher minimum wage. It goes on and on. You can’t even fill the screen with it here. I think everyone who’s a good person, has an ounce of mercy in them would say “we’d love to be able to do this.” The problem is, it ends up coming back to bite us if we can’t afford it. Is that right?

VARNEY: Absolutely. If you do all of that, all of the above, all of those freebies that you just mentioned, they’re going to pay for it by taxing the rich. If do you that, if you take all that money off the rich, you end up with a recession, if not a depression.

HASSELBECK: And who does that hurt?

VARNEY: That hurts everybody. There’s far fewer jobs and less tax revenue coming in. So you’ve got an even bigger deficit and even more money to borrow.

KILMEADE: The one person who was targeted or the one group of people that were targeted all night was Wall Street. They talked about the collapse of 2008. Something is telling them that people aren’t over that and they’re probably right. And they also were saying that the middle class are getting screwed by the millionaires and billionaires. In fact, Bernie Sanders is running against billionaires, the 500 in our country, the ones that are really burning Bernie.

VARNEY: Yeah, look, they are giving stuff away. They’re giving stuff away. In fact, I keep going back to this. They’re buying votes. “Vote for me and look what I will give you.”

As opposed to the Republican system of saying “Vote for me and look what I will take away from other people.”

There is no pretense at Fox & Friends of actual journalism; You have to especially love how “tax the 1 percent” turns, for these clowns, into “topple” the 1 percent. Sorry Varney, nobody at the debate was selling the French Revolution.

The difference between the Democratic debate, where actual policy was discussed, and the Republican, where fake facts and insults were thrown about with the sole purpose of making white people hate everybody else, was that between night and day, and the concept of actually addressing the facts of our daily existence really seems to throw conservatives.

Living in the Fox News reality bubble 24/7, doing the sort of math Republicans do to make themselves feel better, leaves them with no context.

Republicans love spending money. They will throw your tax dollars at their rich friends like there is no tomorrow. Gods forbid a single penny of it gets spent on making life better for the average American. Then suddenly its freebies. The average American, I am sorry to say, doesn’t know what freebies are, because we’re not oil companies or billionaires or defense contractors.

All we want is roads, and bridges that do not fall down, safe air to breath, food to eat, and water to drink. We want education and opportunities and we want them equally for all. I don’t think that’s too much to ask when you put it against the desire to spend trillions murdering people in other countries, and here, on our own streets.

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  1. Typical talk from brain dead talking heads polluting the minds of their zombie followers to work them into a hate frenzy over the “other”.

  2. ” If do you that, if you take all that money off the rich, you end up with a recession, if not a depression.”

    Yeah because trickle down has worked so well over the last thirty years and don’t forget to throw in “You can’t tax the “job creators” BS.

  3. I feel like I have to keep repeating – this country was built on free stuff – on the backs of African Americans free labor, I wonder if there is a reference to how many of our nations famous landmarks were built with free slave labor, the Capitol? The White House?, there must be some way to find out.
    Of course to satisfy the rethugs hate of free stuff, they could pay the descendents
    of the slaves a little in back wages!

  4. Hasselbeck, Doocey, Kilmeade —The FOX & Friends hosts are nothing but the mouthpieces for that station’s Editorial board, Right-Wing Producers, Right Wing Political writers and Right-Wing political advisors. I don’t think that they write or bring their own thoughts to the show–BUT, they go along with those ideas, and are sooo glad to enthusiastically talk about them in as convincing a way they can. Actors? Puppets?

  5. If you watched all the debates so far, and cannot discern any substantive difference between the Republican WWE Smackdown O’Rama and the Democratic Intellectual Discussion and Debate, then there is no hope for you. Pack it up, you are firmly within the population that we can now honestly call The Idiocracy.

    And these fools are the Kings and Queens of The Idiocracy. They sit there day in and day out, bashing the Democrats and holding up the Republicans as the shining beacons of moral authority and All That Is Good in America.

    Do not expect any discussion of substance from these people. Do not expect anything rational to come out of their pieholes. All they can do is lie, spin, and dispense propaganda that ensures their viewers are THE MOST mis-informed people in America.

    But the jig is up. They managed to burn down the GOP thanks to their extremism. THEY created the Tea Party, and they are most responsible for what’s going on in the House. They’re done after 2016.

  6. The largest single point of angst of the entire right wing but mostly Conservatives is that the reality of the REAL world refuses to cooperate with what THEY deem to be “real” and “true”. They have no idea how to assimilate themselves to a world that is so intricate and complicated but that revolves around one thing, honesty! They simply have not evolved past the point of a infantile mind set that THEY should ALWAYS get what THEY want no matter how wrong it is or who it hurts.

  7. We get a right good old laugh out of these fools in England. We do also know they do NOT represent, hopefully, most Americans. Please do not think this British guy represents us! Most of the things they want to make free we already do in England paid by taxpayers as big corporations and rich people still get off! Facebook paid £4000 in tax last year but has millions of subscribers in the U.K and i’ll let you look up how much they pay in the U.S. This debate was exactly what debates should be like. I love Bernie sanders but Hilary Clinton all the way.

  8. Do not Count the Meth Head GOPers and old White Voters out just yet. Never forget that Mitt got 47% of the vote and he practically pissed on half the country in the process claiming how lazy they were.

  9. The first thing the GOP teatsuckers are doing is lumping every proposal from the debate into the “done” column and then totaling the cost of all those possible programs, to the max, and arriving at $18T over 10 years. The simple fact remains that each and every program that might gain traction will NOT be funded to the max.

    The second thing the GOP (and Fox “News”) complains about is that we’re proposing “tax the rich”. Gut corporate America by increasing the taxes on business.

    You know what? All those corporations that paid ZERO taxes over several (or all) of the last few years? We could increase their tax rate to 90% and it would still be zero.

    The first thing that MUST be done is to fix the tax structure to ensure that EVERYONE pays a fair rate.

    MY modest proposals are two:
    1) Eliminate the favorable rate on capital gains. Consider ALL income as income and tax it as such.
    2) Establish an Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) for corporations. You live here, you pay taxes.

  10. “And yet Faux has the most viewers, evidently older viewers but still. Ugh!”

    Slight correction: Fox has the most cable viewers, approx 3-4 million. That viewership is dwarfed by the each of the other 3 networks nightly ratings–not that they are that much better.

    I am an old white guy who has only watched Fox on a certain election night where a certain mendacious fat tub of lard had a little attack of the vapors when Ohio went for Obama.

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