Hillary Clinton Treats The Bogus Republican Benghazi Investigation Like The Joke That It Is


Hillary Clinton spent her latest interview on CNN treating the partisan Benghazi investigation like the joke that it is. When Jake Tapper tried to ask a question about her emails, Clinton laughed in his face.


Transcript via CNN:

TAPPER: I know Bernie Sanders said that, quote, “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails.”


But there are a lot of people who are not.



Jake Tapper tried to ask about Clinton’s emails, and he was met with laughter. His claim that a lot of people are interested in her emails was a bit of Fox News like verbal sleight of hand. By a lot of people, Tapper meant Republicans, because polling has consistently revealed that Democrats and Independents don’t care about her emails.

Earlier in the interview, Clinton took down the Benghazi committee by questioning their objectives, ” I’ve already testified about Benghazi. I testified to the best of my ability before the Senate and the House. I don’t know that I have very much to add. This is after all the eighth investigation. Other committees of the Congress, standing committees with other experienced members of staff have all looked into this and basically just rejected the conspiracy theories that are still floating out there in some circles. So, I really don’t know. I will do my best to answer their questions. But I don’t really know what their objective is right now.”

Hillary Clinton’s laughter was a sign that she is no longer going to indulge the media on the email questions. Two Republican members of Congress and a former Republican investigator on the Select Committee have all admitted that the investigation is a pretext that is being used to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The game is over for the media. Clinton is treating the partisan Benghazi investigation like the bad joke that it is.

30 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Treats The Bogus Republican Benghazi Investigation Like The Joke That It Is”

  1. This is why the media is worth less than worm shit. You get a sit down with a nominee for the President and instead of asking her on what sane Americans know what is important in their lives you bring up some Benghazi bullshit that 7 other committees said there is no there and their own members said this is nothing more than to throw dirt on her. We are truly living in the age of idiocracy.

    Next up they will ask Sen. Sanders did he have a secret love affair with PolPot

  2. the scumbags don’t care if Hilary thinks it a joke,what the joke is that pussy democrats are still letting the scumbags lie and manipulate,hilary,these assholes want you in jail or worse,and all you can do is laugh,now wonder the dems are the republicans bitch,will this ever end,dems don’t fight they bend over

  3. Yep, that’s why when the DNC called me on the phone the other day, I told them to shove. I said to call me back once they have nominated Hillary and start defending her.

  4. Hillary….You Are TOO NICE..!!!!….Just TELL him and ilk…..NEXT…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..WITHOUT FLINCHING…..!!!!! and MOVE the F#^K ON…YOU SOB….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m glad Hillary laughed. That is what happens when the media wants to ask stupid questions.

    Enough already. Good for Hillary.

    I love the look on Tapper’s face at the 2nd laugh, especially!

  6. Tapper is clearly biased in his interviews of Dems. He might as well work for Fux. He’s an idiot, & never asks anything relevant.

  7. Media has done a crappy job following all of the candidates. Childish tattletale sound bites and racist lunacy from the far right isn’t newsworthy. The race has been dumbed down to Trump level Kardashian squabbling, for ratings. Covering that moron for free and feeding his ego, isn’t rational. Dems barely get any attention, by comparison, and is all Hillary negative.

    Republicans should be explaining their actual platforms by now. The debates have been more like Trump’s beauty pageants, than informative. Republicans are a bad freak show. They can’t manage themselves today, and they won’t begin to get their sh-t ready, for the general election. It would be slightly entertaining, if some of the losers didn’t already hold office. People actually voted for them. How disabled is that?

  8. Tapper being confused? That isn’t hard for him to be. He’s got labels on his jocks – Left leg, Right leg, Ball cup. If one of the labels balls off — he’s screwed — he doesn’t know what to do then. As for the Ball cup – he doesn’t worry about that one — he doesn’t have any.

  9. You are absolutely right. The media – Fox, CNN, MSNBC, everybody – are all looking for 10-second soundbites and sniffing for scandal that’s not there, like Entertainment Tonight. Get a move on, TV. Ask questions about what’s important. Ask Trump specifically how he plans to pay for any of the things he says he’ll do, beyond getting Mexico to pay for his wall, or “I’ll hire the best people.” Ask Bernie to justify why mill/billionaires should pay higher taxes, and what we should learn from Denmark. (Full disclosure: I’m a Bernie fan, and I think his answer would be illuminating for the rest of the country.) Ask Jeb! exactly how he plans to deal with ISIS – borrow the money from China, invade the area, get a bunch of troops killed, and keep the spending off the books? Inquiring minds want to know. We’re all tired of Hillary’s damn e-mails.

  10. Thanks for the hearty laugh. You are clearly uninformed and ignorant. Any sane and rational person knows the Benghazi investigation and committee were nothing more than a partisan witch hunt. Time to shut it down. No more taxpayer dollars should be spent for fraudulent and partisan GOP ‘investigations’.

  11. She cannot be ‘indicted’ since using private email – as Colin Powell did – is not and was not illegal. Since she left, the administration installed a rule, but it did not exist at any point in her tenure. Trey Gowdy has a private email. MANY GOP have private email. GW Bush and Dick Cheney DESTROYED millions of emails, but hers are entirely recovered or accessible. So you’re totally, entirely, 100% wrong.

  12. Are you seriously going on about your “bending over” crap again?

    You need professional help for your anal fixation.

  13. Larry, Larry, Larry. Please …. take this into your brain. The ONLY people who “care about the emails and server” are people like you — FOX News watchers who have been led by the nose to think this is some huge scandal. It’s not.

    Hillary is not going to be indicted; she’s not going to be prosecuted, and the email “scandal” is just the latest of the dozens of imaginary “scandals” that she’s been putting up with since the early 1990’s.

    Right-wingers just cannot stand smart women, and Hillary scares you guys to death, doesn’t she? Hilarious.

  14. …and Republican’ts will hear…
    “Yes I had a great affair after smoking pot, but since she could tell on me instead of raiding the fridge, I ate her instead.”

  15. I’m just curious. If NBC gives Donald Rump a 90-minute platform on SNL, aren’t they required to level that playing field by providing equal time to the other GOP candidates?

  16. In Tappers defense it was a 20 minute interview. Very little was on emails.

    Benghazi and the ARB – because he was a WH correspondent at the time and was part of the long slog of questions that year Obama had to go through too. Not that the other subjects were that much better – Bill, Biden, a little on the NRA, etc.

    I do wish they would discuss details of plans – the issues and how a candidate is on the depth of them are what is important.

    She has so many events it makes me tired just looking at her calendar sometimes. She has about the same amount of luck of covering issues and subtance with Colbert at the end of the month as she does with anchors these days.

    They truly are awful. I have seen Matthews say opposite sides of a story a commercial break apart. They once polled other pundits and they rated Tweety last our of 50 or so names!

  17. You’ve been so vocal on this issue that when I saw Hillary’s new gun video I thought of you!


    Obama intro, Julian Castro, Latino kickoff in Texas – gun central. AND she pushes back at the “stop shouting” notion.

    Nobody was shouting till more died and one of these days we all should be shouting.

  18. Bah! Too comfortable by far. I recommend whole pineapples, green end first.

    And from Hawaii. Otherwise known as Kenya by the birthers.

  19. The insane American Taliban wants to blame SOS Clinton on 4 deaths but they are saying Bush kept us safe after 3k died on 9/11 because he said you CYA watch this golf shot. I will not add anything else less I violate our commenting guidelines

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