NBC Thumped As 18,000+ Americans Demand That The Network Dump Trump From SNL


NBC is facing an intense backlash as more than 18,000 Americans have signed a petition demanding that the network dump Donald Trump as the host of the November 7 episode of Saturday Night Live.

The petition states:

By inviting Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, NBC is demonstrating that it doesn’t care about its Latino and pro-immigrant viewers. It is providing a platform for Trump’s insulting attacks on immigrants and calling it entertainment — something we do not find funny.

It is shameful for NBC to allow Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, a comedy show, when one of the main policies he has promised would rip apart millions of immigrant and Latino families.

NBC cannot bill hateful rhetoric as comedy, much less entertainment.

Juan Escalante, Digital Campaigns Manager at America’s Voice said, “After early support for the immigrant community, NBC is showing their true colors here. Donald Trump is running one of the most hateful and offensive campaigns in recent history and the fact that the network has decided to give him a megaphone is shameful and disappointing. This is a stark departure from the ‘dignity and respect’ they demanded from Trump in June and a slap in the face for the Latino and immigrant community.”

Added Alejandro Chavez, MoveOn National Field Campaign Organizer, “It is appalling to see NBC and ‘Saturday Night Live’ give essentially free campaign ad time to a candidate intent on spewing anti-immigrant hate. We are proud to stand with our allies at America’s Voice and our Latino and immigrant, documented and undocumented, brother and sister, and demand that NBC does the right thing, again, and dumps Trump — this time for good.”

It is ridiculous that NBC thinks that they can “cut ties” with Trump, and then bring him back for a shameless ratings grab on Saturday Night Live. Allowing a presidential candidate to host the show comes close to the line of violating campaign finance laws. If SNL has given Hillary Clinton a hosting slot, instead of a skit, Republicans would be demanding equal time.

NBC and SNL are going to allow Trump to deliver what amounts to a campaign ad wrapped around some comedy. Trump is running an entire presidential campaign that is centered around racism and hate. Both NBC and SNL are putting a cash grab ahead of doing the right thing.

You can tell NBC to dump Trump by signing the petition here.

30 Replies to “NBC Thumped As 18,000+ Americans Demand That The Network Dump Trump From SNL”

  1. Where do I sign?…WHERE Do I Frakkin’ SIGN!?..Oh up above here in the article…nevermind…..

  2. Just signed and posted on Facebook. Trump is a racist cretin who should not be given free airtime. I just deleted SNL on my DVR time until NBC disinvites Trump.

  3. Look at NBC CHuckie Todd; Joe THe Shcmo; they are beating the repuglikan drum; FOXING their loyal viewers.

  4. …I would avoid taking a grain o’ salt for everything the Chunky Toady sez…you’ll have high blood pressure before you know it…

  5. Signed it…I really haven’t watched SNL since the 90’s, honestly. Still, what the hell are they thinking? I doubt they have many Rethug fans, as is. Making fun of Trump IS funny, but the man himself has the personality of a cardboard box. I’ve never even seen a sliver of a sense of humor, unless they think it’s funny to say “I’ll bet the Mexicans sent them”.

    At the end of the day, in America, money is God.

  6. I sometimes watch SNL, and from what I have seen of it, the program is more Liberal leaning, not Conservative leaning. NBC just showed their hand to people who did not know of their pro Republican agenda.
    Why NBC thought Liberal viewers would want a fake Presidential runner on SNL is showing how out of tune they are with the viewers of SNL.
    Yes, Palin was on the show, but they poked fun at her, and Palin went along with it. Trump is just using his stint on SNL to satisfy his narcissistic need for attention

  7. They’ll get 20 million viewers. Huge ad revenue. Giant ratings. 18,000 signatures is a grain of sand in Sahara. Sorry.

  8. Candidates that refuse to represent all of America equally, should be banned from running for POTUS.
    They certainly don’t deserve free airtime, promoting a racist and divisive agenda.
    2016 has become a legitimized race of bigotry.

  9. Well Julz, you gotta see this SNL!
    Re-Last time Repubs Shut Down The Government:

    The Guy playing Boner, is now doing a Tremendous-Trump!

    *We Did Stop – SNL Highlight*
    “Speaker John Boehner and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann celebrate the government shutdown by throwing a raucous house party”.

    (I sing this song now all the time)
    You will laugh…Promise!

  10. The writer’s assertion that a Trump appearance on SNL borders on a violation of campaign finance law is, IMHO, without foundation. Candidates appear on non-news broadcasts all the time these days without triggering campaign finance investigations. Remember, Hillary was on SNL just a week or so ago.

    That said, if Trump were to appear on SNL it *would* trigger section 315 of the Communications Act (the “equal time” provision). Basically, NBC would be obligated to grant any or all of Trump’s opponents the same airtime as he received, should they so request. If every opponent (D and R) did so, NBC would have a full season of SNL guest hosts, and the ratings would probably go into the toilet. From that standpoint alone, NBC should reconsider. It’s surprising that NBC hasn’t received any blowback from their affiliates–they are the ones whose broadcast licenses would be at risk from a section 315 violation, and who stand to lose from bad SNL ratings.

  11. It’s up to over 50,000 as we speak, and still going up and meeting their goals. Don’t knock petitions…it worked where Macy’s was concerned.

    I don’t think they’re going to cancel him either, but that’s hardly the point. The point is to at least TRY to make a difference, to show them our outrage. At least we’re doing SOMETHING as opposed to just rolling over and taking it. We may not win every battle, but not because we didn’t bring it!

  12. Trump has a lot of supporters who would like to keep him on. It isn’t all about one group. If you don’t want to watch him, don’t watch it.

  13. This is disgusting to have a racist as a host of a tv show. It really doesn’t surprise me, since they all live in a bubble. I really have no words other than words I can’t say. I am upset that many treat trump as something funny, when the reality is that all the trash he says hurts the minority communities and women who have been verbally attacked by this thing. It is not funny to devalue Mexican immigrants, Syrian refugees, and other groups. Que trump se vaya a la Chin$$$$$.

  14. We NEVER watch anything with him on it in our house. Why the hell would we? He looks like a sweaty cheese doodle, and if I wanted to be insulted, I’d call my mother.

  15. That’s easy for you to say, it wasn’t your family he called rapists and murderers.

    We could give a crap what his supporters want, they lost all respect the minute they took up the cause of a hate-mongering xenophobe. He’s had ENOUGH free air time!

  16. So far this is mostly a free country .But not for long at the rate it it going
    Maybe these people would like to learn about Sharia law and how to live and die in Fema camps
    What is wrong with the people in America? Do they not want to be free anymore ? All TV has and on off switch and you can always go watch another program.

  17. Not in my house. I have a TiVo OnePass for SNL, but it will be turned off for that night if Trump hosts.

    If the petition doesn’t work and the show goes on with Trump hosting, vote with your remote! If enough of us turn it off, NBC will get the message loud and clear in a language that they understand best.

    YouTube is sure to show the most train-wrecky moments the next day, you won’t miss a thing.

  18. Free speech cuts both ways.

    I have the freedom of speech to voice my outrage against this sub-human who has made it a national past time to demonize my family, and I have the freedom to boycott a company that only 3 months ago agreed that it was so, only to turn around and sell out to the almighty dollar.

    And your comment about “these people”…don’t you DARE pretend to know what their lives are like or what they have to go through on a day to day basis to survive. Many of “these people” die crossing over to find a better way of life for their families or in American detention centers where they have absolutely no rights.

  19. For the sake of Freedom of Speech, let Voldarmort host SNL.

    I have the freedom of speech to sit two of my grandsons, Miguel & Javier down to educate them on who Donald Trump is. The Donald can’t “trump” a grandmother’s love and voice to her grandchildren!!!

  20. well if they dump Trump NBC loses a lot on money…. if they don’t dump Trump NBC could possibly go under and out of business by losing almost their entire audience of 18,000 plus people…. “Not” they’re too stupid to stop watching SNL for their weekly news updates.

  21. NBC will say screw those 18k because of the 18million that will be viewing only because #Trump2016 will be hosting and the ratings will go through the roof

  22. signing the petition won’t quarantee snl will ‘dump the trump’ but it will let them know just what a farce we think it is. the best way is to not watch, even it would be like passing a blazing accident and you can’t help but slow down to stare. since i never watch it anymore (simply not that funny and hasn’t been in years), let him on and just don’t watch. hopefully he’ll make a bigger ass of himself than he naturally is on the campaign trail. hand snl really lousy ratings (i mean stinking bottom-of the-toilet lousy) and maybe the next time they want to put someone as controversial, hateful and racist in that position they’ll have to think twice. it tends to work best when it hits them in the wallet. personally, if i were one of their sponsors, i’d be the one questioning their choice, not to mention their sanity. maybe someone should approach them. hell, some dumped ‘the view’ for one unfunny joke! maybe they’ll do it for something, in this case, truly no…

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