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Rand Paul Fears Sanders’ European-Style Socialism Leads to Genocide

We have seen Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher show how much Americans love socialism, but Rand Paul is terrified that Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda will lead to genocide.

Paul revealed his fears on a South Carolina radio show, which demonstrates that South Carolina can be as bad for Republicans a Iowa. It sure hasn’t done Lindsey Graham any favors. And Paul has sunk into this non-intellectual, thinking-optional quagmire as well.

Paul compared Sanders’ European-style socialism to the communist regimes of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. You know, because socialism is the same thing as Soviet-style communism, which isn’t anything like Karl Marx communism. And making these faulty comparisons should scare Paul.

You know, because they reveal to America that he’s not too bright.

“It amazes me and it actually kind of scares me. I’ve been spending more time going after Bernie and socialism because I don’t want America to succumb to the notion that there’s anything good about socialism. I think it’s not an accident of history that most of the times when socialism has been tried that attendant with that has been mass genocide of people or any of those who object to it. Stalin killed tens of millions of people. Mao killed tens of millions of people. Pol Pot killed tens of millions of people. When you have a command economy, when everything is dictated from one authority, that’s socialism, but it doesn’t come easily to those who resist it.”

Because, we’ve seen European socialism kill millions of people. Oh wait…

Look, I am amazed too – that anyone could compare European-style socialism, as found in Scandinavia, to the regime of Pol Pot. Apparently, there is a new stupid in town and it’s making old fashioned stupid look smart.

But they, this is Rand Paul. And if Donald Trump is right about anything on this planet, it is Rand Paul. Well, and the fact that George W. Bush didn’t keep us safe.

According to Paul, the Democratic candidates are “all trying to outdo each other in their disdain for the economic system of capitalism that made us great,” which isn’t true of course. Not only did Hillary Clinton defended capitalism at the first Democratic debate, but Paul ignores the great evils wrought by rampant capitalism, including the vices of the Gilded Age, the Great Depression, and the crash of 2008, to name but a few.

The truth is, rather, that Republicans refuse to acknowledge the inability of unregulated capitalism to address our nation’s – and the world’s – problems. Slinging mud at Bernie Sanders might work with the Republican base, but a cogent objection to anything Sanders has said, it is not.

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