Republican Nightmares Realized As Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders Show Americans Love Socialism


During an interview on HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders teamed up to show that the United States is already quasi-socialist and that Americans love their socialist programs.


Maher said, “Socialism is the programs that they already like. They like Social Security.That’s socialism. They like Medicare. They like the VA. They like the military. It’s already a socialist country.”

Sanders said that the US is not a socialist country but is a quasi-socialist country, and discussed how healthcare and family leave should be rights and the need for criminal justice reform.

The Democratic presidential noted that movement has to go with the concepts, because on the majority issues the American people agree.

Sanders said, “Do the American people agree that public colleges and universities should be tuition free like they are in other countries? Do the American people believe that the largest corporations and wealthiest corporations who are doing phenomenally well while the middle-class shrinks do people believe that they should be asked to pay more in taxes? The American people say yes.”

Maher and Sanders talked about the reality that Republicans never want to face. Americans love their socialistic programs. The majority of Americans are not opposed to programs that fill a need and help them. When Republicans talk about getting rid of Social Security and Medicare or privatizing the VA, they are the ones who are taking a radical position that is outside of the mainstream of public opinion.

The right is trying to demonize Bernie Sanders as a socialist. Donald Trump has already taken the next step and falsely accused Bernie Sanders of being a communist, but the real extremists are the Republicans who are trying to eliminate socialistic programs that are beloved by the American people.

Americans do love their socialism, and what Republicans fear most is that the arguments made by Bernie Sanders will inspire more.

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  1. …all too often “Socialism” is mistaken for “COMMUNISM”…actually Oligarchy is much closer to communism…which is why the Reich Wing pushes that narrative…

  2. Republicans are in for a rude awakening as they find out that their constant hyperbolic demonization of Democrats is going to bite them in the ass. People are sick and tired of all the comparisons to mass murdering dictators of the past. “He’s just like Hitler! He’s just like Stalin! He’s just like Pol Pot!”

    The implication here is that Bernie Sanders would round up tens of millions of Americans and ship them off to prison labor camps or death camps BECAUSE SOCIALISM!

    Of course these fools do not realize that Americans are generally smarter than that. We know that most of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and pretty much every other Western nation operates under a principle of Democratic Socialism.

    This does NOT mean that the government runs everything. This means that government realizes its role in society, that of ensuring that citizens do not suffer needlessly when sick or unemployed.

    What we have in America is downright predatory. It has to end.

  3. As long as Bernie is on the ballot, I will vote for Bernie, but as Mahar said, “If you can’t eat the fish, try the chicken.”

    So true.

  4. edit: take Medicare-for-all for instance, yes my taxes will go up under that system. But I won’t be paying the $350 a month I do currently for healthcare.

    And I won’t have to pay for CEO bonuses, Horizon’s profit margins, or administrative fees (private jets for the CEO?). So in the end I’ll *save* money even though my taxes went up.

  5. Von. DJ the “fear monger?!” Really?

    Ok. IMO, Bernie has the Angry Fear Monger thing down… feel better?

  6. Shadow. Disagree on the definitions. Oligarchy
    1.a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.
    2.a state or organization so ruled.
    3.the persons or class so ruling.

    1.any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.
    2.a system of society or group living in which there is no private property.
    3.a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.

    Remember the Kock Brothers are only 2 votes and the 1% area bout 3.5 Million votes.

  7. Cyber. Depends on how you define Socialism or Democratic Socialism. Obviously the GOPers are going to go for “dead red.”

    My observation is that if Democratic Socialism, however defined, was a plus Politically in America, Bernie would have run with the Liberty Union Party instead of Democratic Party.

  8. Von. Just curious how Bernie would get GOPers to go along with his/your proposed changes to ACA/Medicare for all? And an estimate of votes in House and Senate for such change?

  9. What does a country that has less people than the state of Illinois have to do with you calling me an republican when if you read the article it was Sanders explaining on how he will get the money to pay for his programs?

  10. We had more than 6 million people in my small neighborhood in Queens NY – that is their whole country. You don’t understand the diffrence between a TINY country with old world neighbors and an entirely different political system on the continent. Socialists are common in many euro countries.

    We. are. not. Denmark.

    Also, IF we tried to be and we raised taxes on our millionAIRES and BilionAIRES then you know what – they would leave.


    Just like those TPP jobs – GONE.

    They would all be in tax shelter haven.

    But, but, but … everyone is laughing at him but his supporters are buying that old one note song from very long ago.

    I went to DSA meetings decades ago (as I have said here many times) and ran out like my hair was on fire.

  11. And by TPP jobs gone I was being sarcastic – they wouldn’t be gone necessarily. That is what he claims would happen.

  12. …it’s not so much how many votes you HAVE…it’s how many votes you CONTROL…the Kocks have but one vote each, true…
    …the Tea Potty belongs to them; how many is that???

  13. Most likely Democrats will take back the Senate next year. And we have a really good chance at substantial gains in the house if Bernie is elected and millions of millennials turn out to vote (

    Then the tough part comes, no I don’t have a “guarantee” on how it’s done. But it’ll be easier with millions of millennials voting (or don’t you remember when we stayed home, disenfranchised in 2014?).

  14. No, one is saying we’re Denmark. But it’s not the “anti-business-government-owns-everything-socialist-dystopia” Hillary supporters and the Republicans all make it out to be.

    Businesses thrive there, because many social programs are good for business. Case in point medicare for all.

    There are things we can learn from Denmark and adapt to our particular culture and political climate.

  15. You sound like a Republican with the fear mongering.
    That is all

  16. What a dumb question. Don’t ask me how we were disenfranchised. Just look at the statistics from 2014, we didn’t vote. Millennials by and large don’t believe our individual vote counts, so we just skip elections.

  17. To DJ and Von – I’ve been to Europe. I go to Hungary a couple times a year. On one of my trips I got a painful eye infection and needed to see an optometrist. The entire visit was $30, and the prescription was $5. I don’t live or pay taxes there, and that was the total cost. The optometrist was extremely kind, his office was as state-of-the art as my doc’s here in the US, and we bungled through it nicely with my crummy Hungarian and his limited English. The care was entirely appropriate for my situation. All in all it was a wonderful experience.

    There are people here in the US paying their own way to Belgium and other countries for hip replacements because they can get the full package, including airfare, for about 1/3 of what they’d pay here. There are even insurance companies paying people to do that, tho not many. I’ll take European socialized medicine any day.

  18. Von. In 2012 President Obama took the White House but the Congress remained GOper. Democrats gained 8 seats in the House and 2 in the Senate, and that was a good year.

    In 2014 it was the Hispanic Leaders that promoted a boycott because the GOPers stopped Immigration Reform in the House (hard to figure) and President Obama held executive action.

  19. Von. Did you read your link to Forbes by Badenhousen? He says, “The U.S. ranks 18th in Forbes’ ninth annual ranking of the Best Countries for Business, down four spots from last year. It marks the fifth straight year of declines since 2009, when the U.S. ranked second. Blame an expanded government, as well as expensive new regulations in finance and health care.”

    Forbes ratings for Business:
    Denmark 1st – 34th in GDP
    Hong Kong 2nd – 37th in GDP
    New Zealand 3rd – 54th in GDP

    Top Ratings by largest GDP were:
    USA 18th – 1st in GDP
    China 97th – 2nd in GDP
    Japan 26th – 3rd in GDP
    Germany 20th – 4th in GDP

    Perhaps it is difficult to be top in GDP and the Top Business rating at the same time at Forbes.

  20. Betsy. A lifelong friend of mine migrated and married a Swedish Woman about 15 years.

    He now has a young Daughter and is still living in a 1 bedroom apartment near Stockholm because he has not been able to find steady work during that 15 year period. They just keep shifting jobs and re-training him to start over at a low wage.

    Yes, the medical treatment is very good but he is trying to convince his family to move to California.

  21. At its most basic:
    If you got MONEY, you vote R
    If you ain’t got MONEY, you vote D
    Makes me wonder why people who ain’t got money continue to vote R

  22. “On one of my trips I got a painful eye infection and needed to see an optometrist. The entire visit was $30, and the prescription was $5.”

    But HERE in ‘Merika…I had the same eye problem Thanksgiving ’06 and had to go to the ER. Went to an Ophthalmologist the next day/more pain to find I was misdiagnosed and had an infection that was about to destroy my eye/vision.
    Fast forward to last week–here’s what happened (short version).

    I recently sold a property in another state and learned of a judgement on that property placed by the hospital for the ER bill. (Of course, I paid the bill!!)

    Of course, the hospital was bought-out to a “private” hospital 3 years later, the insurance company at that time was gone run out the state by the big guys, the Doc retired, and, my records only go back 7 years (the pharmacy still searching) No one has any records EXCEPT the predators; the “finance” company and lawyer, “Mrs. Adams (no first name/no firm/800#)who never called me back…

  23. Another party?? Hold on, that would be way, way to much for us to get our narrow minds around. We just first heard of a democratic socialist! In this country, there are Democrats and there are Republicans and all others are just the “pretending others”.

    But seriously, third parties never seem to be a viable option, more of protest vote than anything, as I see it. Glad they are there, but the media main stream never gives them two cents worth of attention except to minimize their efforts. Similar to what, I think, MSNBCs Chris Matthews and numb nut Chuck are trying to do with Bernie Sanders. Curious as to what other viewers see?

    The US is not a socialist country, as said in the video, and that’s true, but Democratic Socialism fits nicely within (our version) of Democracy and may be the last thread to keep us from unquestioned oligarchic rule.

  24. …how very odd…
    …DJ doesn’t rub ME the wrong way, how is he abrasive??? As for ABUSIVE; he just wants everyone to look really good at all sides o’ the discussion…THEN shoot your mouth off with confidence…lol

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