Republican Nightmares Realized As Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders Show Americans Love Socialism


During an interview on HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders teamed up to show that the United States is already quasi-socialist and that Americans love their socialist programs.


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Maher said, “Socialism is the programs that they already like. They like Social Security.That’s socialism. They like Medicare. They like the VA. They like the military. It’s already a socialist country.”

Sanders said that the US is not a socialist country but is a quasi-socialist country, and discussed how healthcare and family leave should be rights and the need for criminal justice reform.

The Democratic presidential noted that movement has to go with the concepts, because on the majority issues the American people agree.

Sanders said, “Do the American people agree that public colleges and universities should be tuition free like they are in other countries? Do the American people believe that the largest corporations and wealthiest corporations who are doing phenomenally well while the middle-class shrinks do people believe that they should be asked to pay more in taxes? The American people say yes.”

Maher and Sanders talked about the reality that Republicans never want to face. Americans love their socialistic programs. The majority of Americans are not opposed to programs that fill a need and help them. When Republicans talk about getting rid of Social Security and Medicare or privatizing the VA, they are the ones who are taking a radical position that is outside of the mainstream of public opinion.

The right is trying to demonize Bernie Sanders as a socialist. Donald Trump has already taken the next step and falsely accused Bernie Sanders of being a communist, but the real extremists are the Republicans who are trying to eliminate socialistic programs that are beloved by the American people.

Americans do love their socialism, and what Republicans fear most is that the arguments made by Bernie Sanders will inspire more.

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