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Right Wing Loses it Over DOJ’s Announced Domestic Terrorism Counsel

Now that the Department of Justice has created a new position to combat domestic terrorism, conservatives, as predicted, are hopping mad. Their response is to do some Republican math to transform themselves from the threat to the victims.

Breitbart was quick to pick up the story of course, and warn that Obama sees veterans as terrorists, and Alex Jones’ Infowars warns that “Given past history, DOJ’s “domestic terrorism counsel” will politically persecute libertarians and conservatives.”

Muslim-baiter Pamela Geller (who was actually criticized by Donald Trump for her “draw Mohammed” contest) had a predictable response, proclaiming on her site, “TREASON: Obama’s DOJ Colludes with Extremist Hate Group SPLC to Create “Domestic Terrorism” Division.

Geller writes,

Under the guise of “tracking domestic terrorism,” Obama’s battering ram, the Department of Justice, is colluding with the radical hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, to target Americans who oppose Obama’s anti-American domestic and foreign policies. Will Obama employ his “global police force” to go after patriots, vets, tea parties, and counter jihadists?

Not to be outdone, Jihad Watch warns conservatives,

The Justice Department’s teaming with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) means that all Americans who oppose the Obama Administration’s hard-Left agenda will be under suspicion (or worse) of being “domestic extremists” — including those who criticize the Administration for refusing to tell the truth about the nature and magnitude of the global jihad threat.

Sweet six-and-a-half-pound baby Jesus’ high capacity magazine…This stuff writes itself, folks.

In fact, as The Atlantic reported in 2012, you are more likely to be killed by your own furniture than by any sort of terrorist.


World Net Daily, in their “New Obama Czar Will Hunt ‘Right-Wing’ Extremists,” also claims that the new domestic terrorism counsel will “become the vehicle through which the Justice Department can target those who oppose the Obama agenda,” adding, “If a totalitarian leftist had to write a description for a government operation to suppress his enemies, this would be it.”

“I’m sure it’s gun laws,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, another watchdog agency. Fitton says the Justice Department is teaming up with the Southern Poverty Law Center to “go after” the Obama administration’s political enemies while downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil.

Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil is hardly a threat which needs to be downplayed, because it’s not much of a threat at all.

Domestic terrorists, on the other hand, are killing Americans. Heck, toddlers shooting guns have killed more Americans than Islamic terrorists.

As Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin explained, “We recognize that, over the past few years, more people have died in this country in attacks by domestic extremists than in attacks associated with international terrorist groups.”

Fitton complains a black man can kill a white cop and not be identified as a terrorist, but the motivation for every white shooter, he claims, is “mental illness” and is wrongly identified by the authorities as a domestic terrorist.

Inevitably, after arguing away all the people killed by homegrown terrorists, conservatives turn around the charges we have been leveling at Republican governance since Obama took office, that of creating solutions looking for problems:

As the Obama administration comes down to its final months in office, look for more brazen, racially charged steps that target law-abiding American citizens who express political views that don’t line up with those of the administration, Fitton said.

“This is going to become the vehicle through which the Justice Department can target those who oppose the Obama agenda,” he said. “This is a solution in search of a problem.”

Apparently, we imagined this:

According to Fitton, it’s all a “liberal fantasy.” That’s right. We’re all imagining there is anything to these people who in response to right wing propaganda, like Dylann Roof, go off and kill people.


“The fantasy of right-wing extremists trying to overthrow the government has always been a liberal fantasy,” Fitton said. “They write books off it. They make movies off it and raise money off it. Now they’re endorsing it as reality, and it’s truly frightening.”

If you want fantasies, try John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, who complains to WND:

“Anybody with a gun now, in my opinion, is an extremist, at least as viewed by this government,” Whitehead said. “You’re going to be watched. Be careful what you say on Facebook. The wrong kind of joke will put you on the extremist list, because the government agents – I will tell you this – they do not have a sense of humor.”

If you want to see the future of law enforcement, watch the film “Minority Report,” a drama about “pre-crime” fighting police engaged 24/7 with a population addicted to social media and the Internet, Whitehead said.

“They’re already saying ‘we’re going against violent extremists,’ but who are they?” Whitehead said. “Well automatically under the Obama administration you are an extremist if you own a gun.”

Mind-boggling, but yes, he is claiming Obama thinks you are an extremist if you own a gun. No evidence of that, but why bother with pesky facts when you can just invent something more congenial to your extremist views?

It’s truly bizarre to here people who live in a fantasy land created and sustained by Fox News accuse others of living in a fantasy land. We have watched them collectively sail right off the edge of the world and then wonder why we aren’t following.

All they can do at this point is continue doing Republican math to sustain that reality bubble, and the efforts of WND and people like Fitton fall flat when compared to the real world facts cited by Carlin and the DOJ.

There is a reason Dylann Roof posed with a Confederate flag and then went off to kill some black people. And it’s the same reason lone Islamic terrorists go off and kill people they see as their enemies: he was radicalized.


It is not a fantasy, liberal or otherwise, but reality, and all the false dismay by Fitton and others won’t change one single, unwelcome fact.


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    • I agree. Comments are vanishing a few hours or so after posting. Could it be this site's attempt to save on bandwidth?

      • No. Without getting into too many details we were trying to increase the bandwidth so people would not be getting the captain I cant take too much of this.

        • When I logged on this morning, your comments were all tied to facebook, all of our comments yesterday were gone, and I saw RWNJ's commenting everywhere...I literally wanted to cry. This place has become a liberal haven for me and SO many others, I'm glad to see the old format back.

          I'll do my best to watch my porky mouth.

      • ICH, I saw a little arrow -----> for older comments vs newer comments on some of the columns with lots of comments. They are still there, they are hidden until you click on the arrow.

        I thought all the remarks were deleted too.

    • My assumption is there are bugs to shake from the implantation of a new comments system.

      Testing our virtue of patience.

  • The I know you are, but what am I crowd are claiming:

    I'm rubber and you're glue, everything bounces off us and sticks on you!

    In an interview with future president Donald Trump's secretary of state, Boris Badernov, he iterates that mooselims and squirrels can't stop the supreme leaders goals of deporting everyone except for the true patriots.

    Natasha (aka Ann Coulter) nods appreciatively.

  • The far right is mad because they know that almost all of the Domestic Terrorism are from right wing groups. The Government needs to start cracking down on these groups once and for all no matter how much Fox news and the Far Right Cries about it. These groups are a threat and a danger to America and the American people.

    • Come on, you know in your heart that they are right on this topic .... just as they have been right about Obama on *everything* else. And you know that the only real domestic terrorists are animal rights groups, anti-war groups and the like. And lets not forget the evil pro-abortionists who are the worst.

      Complete snark for those who failed to realize it.

  • ...the Republican'ts heard:
    "The Right Wing cannot be terrorists because we only kill poor and middle-class Americans."

  • I imagine they're indignant because it's their terrorism. You know, the one they're planning to use to assume power whether anyone likes it or votes for it or not.

    • Lets hope now that all of these truly treasonous (in my opinion) U.S. Govt. officials and their rabid fans and avid supporters have been "officially" put on notice by the U.S. DOJ that their "actions" are now being recorded and monitored 24/7. "WE" WILL ALL KNOW NOW (IF AND WHEN) "THEY" REALLY ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS OR NOT. LOL. What have these truly patriotic (they believe) citizens actually done too warrant the DOJ resorting too and utilizing such drastic measures like this "against" them??? As if we could not name a few....

      • why don't you list them? This is a political enemies list, pure and simple! Exactly as FBI informant Larry Grathwohl testified to in interviews, when he described his infiltration into Bill Ayers' Weather Underground.
        Bill's fellow travelers run the country now, and right on cue, guess who is being called 'domestic terrorists'?

  • PUSA erased my rather lengthy reply, and I am not happy about it! If the GOP do not support terrorists of the domestic persuasion, they have nothing to be mad about. Fact is, they do support domestic terrorists. The Kkk is the best known of our terrorists and have been around for over 150 years!
    If you don't think they're terrorists, ask the families of Emmit Till, Edgar Evans, MLK, Jr, Henry Moore, the four little girls murdered in church by a bomb, Cheney, Goodman, and Schwerner....the list goes on!
    A terrorist in the eyes of the GOP is anybody that does harm to WHITES ONLY!! A terrorists is a terrorists. Period! The 2nd Amendment folks are terrorists. Bombers of PP and abortion clinics are terrorists. The NRA are terroristz!
    Instead of getting mad, stop associating, supporting, and giving power to white terrorist organizations! They can't have it both ways; wanting to eradicate foreign terrorists while supporting domestic terrorist! If one is bad, all are bad!

    • KKK is democrat run and has been since the beginning! Senator Byrd (democrat) was a former Grand Wizard and no one gave a crap! Obama arms ISIS, and pretends to fight them by bombing empty trucks! Who are you calling a terrorists, law abiding American citizens who value the constitution?

      • Are you kidding? Do you live back in the sixties? I hate to tell you, but the KKK is entirely Republican in 2015. That is the year it is now, in case you needed to know.
        And Obama didn't arm ISIS, the Iraqis that fled left their weapons for ISIS to take ... And who was it that sent all those arms over there to Iraq in the first place? George W Bush.
        Quit playing the deflection game. It is sad.

      • Since you obviously have access to the internet there is no excuse for you to be so ignorant of our nations history. Google is your friend. You don't have to search hard to find simple paragraphs like this that sum it up:

        "The party lines of the 1860s/1870s are not the party lines of today," she wrote to us. "Although the names stayed the same, the platforms of the two parties reversed each other in the mid-20th century, due in large part to white ‘Dixiecrats’ flight out of the Democratic Party and into the Republican Party after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. By then, the Democratic Party had become the party of ‘reform,’ supporting a variety of ‘liberal’ causes, including civil rights, women’s rights, etc. whereas this had been the banner of the Republican Party in the nineteenth century."

        And I find it interesting that your screaming about President Obama supposedly arming ISIS and yet make no comment about ISIS being created as a result of Bush...

      • Joe if you step into the present you will see that the MODERN DAY kkk is now populated predominately by republicans, libertarians and tea partiers. If you don't believe me just take a look around you at your next kkk meeting.

      • "KKK is democrat run"

        Do you have *any* evidence to back that claim up? Can you prove that KKK members don't vote overwhelmingly Republican? David Duke was also a former Grand Wizard who was elected to the Louisiana house and ran for president as a Republican.

  • once upon a time, if anyone were to be expressing such paranoid feelings and tendencies, they would have been institutionalized and heavily medicated, maybe even lobotomized. today they join the republican party and run for office, or at the least, become a rwnj 'commentator' working for faux, bratbart or jones (no clever way to put that, just jones) or some other delusional group on-line spreading any number of vague conspiracy theories concerning alien takeovers, cloud formations or secret military bases disguised as walmarts, of course not forgetting the ever-popular 'coming-to-take-your-guns-caloo-callay-polly-wolly-doodle-all-away'dip-shittery.

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