Pressure Grows On NBC As 115,000+ Sign Petition Demanding SNL Dump Trump

Donald Trump tantrum

The petition to have NBC dump Donald Trump as the host of the November 7 episode of SNL is spreading like wildfire, and 115,000+ Americans are demanding that Trump be dumped.

The petition states:

By inviting Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, NBC is demonstrating that it doesn’t care about its Latino and pro-immigrant viewers. It is providing a platform for Trump’s insulting attacks on immigrants and calling it entertainment — something we do not find funny.

It is shameful for NBC to allow Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, a comedy show when one of the main policies he has promised would rip apart millions of immigrant and Latino families.

NBC cannot bill hateful rhetoric as comedy, much less entertainment.

Beyond NBC’s implicit approval of racism by giving Trump a platform on SNL, there is the issue of the network turning over 90 minutes of live network television time to billionaire presidential candidate.

This should strike the American people as both unfair and wrong. NBC is risking a major backlash by insisting on letting Donald Trump host the show. Historically, presidential have appeared on SNL. It is what they do to reach voters who might not follow politics. It makes for a nice humanizing moment, and might even be good for a few chuckles.

A candidate being in a sketch is not the same as the publicity that comes from hosting the show. If NBC refuses to dump Trump from SNL, they will be burning a lot of bridges. NBC has no problem with being in the Donald Trump business, but they will regret their cheap ratings grab after they lose viewers on November 7 and beyond.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are determined not to let NBC back into the Donald Trump business.

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