Witnesses Disprove Benghazi Allegations Against Clinton As Republican Conspiracy Collapses


Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said that Democrats will be releasing a report that contains witness testimony that disproves the Republican Benghazi allegations against Hillary Clinton.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: If you were having an investigation and a key person in it, it turns out, had a totally different way of communicating that people didn’t know about, which is to say Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, wouldn’t that make you kind of say, hey, I would like to know about this, even to find out if it’s totally benign?

Wouldn’t that take some time and some energy to go look into that, and it’s a total surprise?

CUMMINGS: It might very well. But the fact is, is that this is the Benghazi Committee. Perhaps another committee on oversight might want to look into all that.

But this is a Benghazi committee. And that’s — and we have actually strayed away from what we were supposed to be doing. And, again, I’m looking for transparency. And one of the things I’m going to be doing this week is releasing our report, the Democrats’ report of excerpts from the various unclassified transcriptions, where I can tell you that, of all the things that Mr. Gowdy and others have been accusing Hillary Clinton of over the last three years, not a witness verifies any of that.

DICKERSON: So, in your report that you will release this week is basically information that says Hillary Clinton was not involved in what exactly?

CUMMINGS: Was not involved in this decision with regard to security on the ground there, and the fact — and it also addresses the issue of whether she was responsible for this gun-running, elicit gun-running between Libya and Syria.

And it goes on to — and then the big allegation that they have made is that she ordered the stand-down of folks to help our four diplomats. That’s absolutely not true. And I’m asking for Mr. Gowdy to release all the transcripts, so the American people can see what they paid for.

DICKERSON: Do you think Mr. Gowdy has acted in bad faith?

CUMMINGS: I think that Mr. Gowdy is a good man. I think he’s been pressured a lot from the right.

Rep. Cummings was correct. The Republican behavior is sad. It is also disgusting, appalling and a criminal abuse of power. The wheels have completely fallen off for Republicans, but the House Select Committee never passed the smell test.

Rep. Gowdy and other House Republicans regularly claim that they have evidence that Hillary Clinton did something wrong. Yet, they never produce this evidence and show it to the public.

If Republicans had any real evidence of wrongdoing by Clinton, they would on every television station screaming it from the mountaintops. The reality is that they spend their time parsing testimony of witnesses and leaking it to the public to create a perception of guilt that they hope will sway voters next November.

The Republican Benghazi sham is about to be fully exposed this week.

4 Replies to “Witnesses Disprove Benghazi Allegations Against Clinton As Republican Conspiracy Collapses”

  1. The GOP are willing to continue wasting taxpayer $$$$ to carry out this farce knowing their info is fraudulent. They all need 100 lashes with a cat o nine tail!

  2. May I be the first to say (today) It’s About Time.

    Now, how do we recoup the $4.5 Million wasted on this farce (so far)?

  3. If anything, this committee has done the exact opposite of what their secret agenda was calling for. Hillary’s numbers may be down, but not because of this committee. They’re down because Bernie has split the Dem vote for now. If she gets the nom, her numbers will skyrocket again. If she doesn’t, then this panel will have been an extreme waste of money and time.( It has been already) If Bernie gets the nom, I wonder what kind of fits the Republicans will have? Bernie doesn’t make gaffes, is scandal free. Nothing to attack there. But I am sure, if Bernie gets it, they will manufacture something because they don’t have anything to stand on except their waste of money and time and holding the country back.

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