Republican Attacks Backfire As Bernie Sanders Leads Or Is Tied With Carson and Trump


A new CNN/ORC poll has found that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders leads Donald Trump by 9 points and is statistically tied with Ben Carson in potential general election matchups.

According to the CNN poll that was released today, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) runs very well against the top two Republican presidential candidates. Sanders leads Donald Trump 53%-44%, and he trails Ben Carson 48%-46%. The two point difference between Carson and Sanders falls within the poll’s three-point margin of error.

Here is Trump at a recent rally calling Sanders a communist:

Republicans have attached the word socialist to Bernie Sanders’ name every time they talk about him. It’s obvious that they are attempting to invalidate his popular positions by scaring people with the word socialist.

It also clear that this line of attack is failing. Sanders runs better against Trump than Hillary Clinton does. Clinton only leads Trump 50%-45% in the CNN poll. The Republican line of attack on Sen. Sanders is going to be exactly what Trump said.

Republicans are going to try to demonize Sanders as a reckless and dangerous socialist who is coming to take away the American way of life, but the attacks aren’t working. Voters are seeing through the name calling and embracing policy proposals that they like.

The Sanders argument against the big banks and income inequality is a powerful one. It’s clear that throwing around the word socialist is not going to scare voters away from listening to a candidate who is offering real solutions to their problems.

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