Fox News Flops By Inaccurately Reporting That Joe Biden Is Running For President


Fox News proclaimed that Joe Biden is running for president, only he isn’t, and the Republican propaganda machine got the story wrong.

Fox News White House Correspondent Ed Henry tweeted two days ago:

Fox News ran with the story:

Henry was correct about the decision within 48 hours, because earlier today Vice President Biden announced, “Unfortunately, I believe we’re out of time — the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination.”

According to Fox News, Biden was definitely running, but he wasn’t. In fact, all logic and common sense suggested that the Vice President was making no moves towards running. Biden has no fundraising, staff, or campaign.

Ed Henry’s three sources obviously had no idea what they were talking about which makes it highly probably that he got his information from fellow Fox News employees.

This is an example of typical Fox News reporting. Republicans desperately wanted Biden to run to weaken Clinton, so they dug around and found a few “sources” who were willing to say that Biden will run.

Now, to be fair and balanced about it, PoliticusUSA heard a lot of the same chatter from people on the left who also had unnamed sources who were certain that Biden was going to run. There was also a conspiracy theory that Biden was going to announce somehow early on that he was running with Elizabeth Warren as his choice for VP.

The stories all sounded like people were projecting their own wishful thoughts for a Biden candidacy into the media. These sorts of ideologically driven inaccurate reports are exactly why Fox News should never be treated like a trustworthy news source.

Fox News threw out the facts and reported something that they hoped would happen. Biden’s 2016 presidential candidacy is their own Dewey beats Truman moment, or to be more current, Romney beats Obama in a landslide prediction.

Fox exists in a conservative bubble where reality does not. Biden isn’t running for president, and Fox News got one of the biggest stories of the year wrong.