Obama Smacks Down Extremists By Refusing To Negotiate With Republican Hostage Takers


President Obama is gearing up for a huge showdown with Congressional Republicans promising to veto any bill that raises the debt limit, but contains spending cuts.

The Hill reported:

President Obama would veto any bill to raise the debt limit if spending cuts are attached, the White House said Friday.

“Yes,” spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters when asked whether the president would kill such a measure.

It’s the clearest sign yet from the White House that Obama will only accept a clean bill to extend the nation’s borrowing authority before a fast-approaching Nov. 3 deadline.

“We believe this should be done without negotiation, without drama, without delay,” Schultz said. “No negotiations, period.”

President Obama’s veto of the NDAA was a warning shot to Republicans. Obama wants the growth-killing sequester cuts gone, and this president is willing to go to the mat over the debt limit and the budget to get it done.

The myth that continues to consume the Republican Party is that they can play hardball and get the President to back down. Donald Trump recently advised Republicans, “If they were really unified and they took that 30 percent stance, assuming they wanted to really make changes and do it right, and cut the budget, cut the deficit, do things that they should be doing, if they took that group, and if everybody was unified, Obama would fold.”

Obama isn’t going to fold. In fact, he is gaining strength and making his move on the Republican Party. Obama isn’t going to negotiate with the GOP hostage takers. Republicans are going end up regretting what they wished for because President Obama is ready for a fight.

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