Bernie Sanders Brings Liberalism To The Mainstream And Drops A Truth Bomb On The View

Bernie Sanders on The View

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shook up network morning television by exposing the truth about the Republican Party on The View.


While on The View, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) exposed the real face of the Republican Party.

Sanders said, “I’m not happy to say this. We have a very right-wing extremist Republican Party. This is not the party of Dwight David Eisenhower.”

Joy Behar replied, “Well, they’re not all like that.”

Sanders continued, “Too many of them are. Too many of them really are now. You just heard Ben Carson’s statement.”

Behar weighed in, “He’s on the fringe I think.”

Sanders said, “I’m afraid not. Really. Joy, I wish I could tell you that….You haven’t been around Congress too long. These are guys who basically believe. This is their agenda more or less. Huge tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this country cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, huge cuts to education. Virtually all of them are against a woman’s right to choose. Very few of them support gay rights. The right of gay people to marry. That is their agenda.”

Joy Behar is a very liberal person, but her questions represented some commonly held misperceptions about the current state of the Republican Party that are likely to exist among many audience members of a show like The View.

People who don’t pay close attention to politics are likely to hold a view of the Republican Party that is outdated and inaccurate. This is not the Republican Party of Eisenhower. Today’s GOP is not even the party of Reagan.

One of the real upsides of the Bernie Sanders campaign is that the Senator from Vermont has taken the liberal message national. Whether or not Sen. Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, he has brought mainstream media attention to the liberal message.

Sen. Sanders is exposing the Republican Party for what it is, and he is opening the eyes of millions of Americans to what the GOP has become.

It is easy for people who closely follow politics to treat what Sanders said on The View as common sense, but to the vast majority of the country what Sen. Sanders is saying is a revelation.