5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The CNBC Republican Presidential Debate

cnbc republican debate

Republicans were asked hard questions and they whined about media bias, plus five reasons to be glad that you didn’t watch the CNBC Republican Debate.

1). Republicans Suck At Math – The moderators for the CNBC debate asked Trump and Carson about why the math on their tax plans doesn’t add up. Carson said that the numbers weren’t true that his tax plan creates a $1.1 trillion hole, and the CNBC panelist said it is true. I ran the numbers.

Gov. John Kasich went off on Trump and Carson for coming up with fantasy tax schemes and claiming that they’ll just clean it up. Kasich said, “This stuff is fantasy.” He specifically called out Carson and Trump and told voters to wake up because they can’t elect somebody who doesn’t know how to do the job. Trump played dirty and said that Kasich was a managing general partner at Lehman Brothers went it went down.

2). Marco Rubio Spins Himself in Circles Trying To Defend His Ripping Off Of Taxpayers – Sen. Marco Rubio’s new defense for ripping off the taxpayers by not showing up for work in the Senate, but still getting paid. The only thing that Rubio could say about the Sun Sentinel editorial that called for him to resign was that the newspaper is biased against conservatives. Jeb Bush pounced on Rubio and said, “But Marco when you signed up for this, you know that this is a six-year term. You should be showing up for work.” Rubio said that John McCain missed a lot of votes when he ran. The Republican crowd applauded Rubio’s answer because getting paid and not showing up for work is apparently a Republican value.

3). Ted Cruz Avoids A Question About The Budget Deal By Attacking The Media – Ted Cruz was asked about the budget deal and how it reflects on his negative leadership style and instead Cruz went on a rant about how all of the questions in this debate were anti-Republican and reflected media bias. Cruz is the second candidate to whine about questions that are focused on the issues and claim that discussing facts is media bias.

4).Instead Of Rising Up, Jeb Bush Falls Flat – The debate was considered a must win for Bush. It was thought that Bush must show up and behave like a man who could be president. Instead, Jeb seemed lost in a sea of crazy. The people around him called themselves Republicans, but they acted nothing like the Republican Party that his father and brother led.

5).Trump Gets Caught In a Lie By Being Fact Checked By His Own Website – Reality had no place at the Republican debate. Trump claimed that he never said that Marco Rubio was Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator, but the CNBC moderators fact checked Trump and found the statement on his own website. Facts took a beating at the CNBC debate. Trump was humiliated by his own website, but that was par for the course for this Republican debate.

Winners and Losers:


1). Marco Rubio – Jeb Bush tried to attack Rubio on his missed votes, and Rubio turned it into a dog whistle on media bias. Otherwise, Rubio was his same weak self, but if he keeps playing the Newt Gingrich blame the media card, he may get a bump in the polls.

2). John Kasich – Kasich sounded like the sane moderate Republican, which means that he had no chance in this debate. Calling Trump and Carson fantasy candidates probably won him the undying love of the Republican establishment, but he probably sealed his fate with voters by speaking out against the fantasy plans that Republican voters love.

3). Ben Carson – Do you remember anything that Ben Carson said during the debate? If not, it’s a win for Carson. The soft-spoken Republican continues to fly under the radar and build support by not attacking anyone, not saying anything, and remaining the anti-Trump.

4). Donald Trump – Trump wasn’t the center of attention in this debate. He also wasn’t the focus of any attacks. Trump didn’t do anything to hurt himself, and he was able to go toe to toe with establishment Republicans like Bush and Rubio. Trump looked more like a legitimate candidate, which is a big win for Trump.


1). Jeb Bush – Bush tried to attack Rubio for ripping off the taxpayers and not showing up for work, but Rubio reversed it on him and attacked Bush while promising not to attack him. Bush needed a big debate, and he resorted mostly to his usual blaming of Obama and being invisible.

2). Rand Paul – Another Republican, who needed a good debate, was Rand Paul. Sen. Paul’s big moment was to announce that he is going to use the Senate floor as his personal infomercial with another fake filibuster beginning tomorrow.

3). Ted Cruz – Cruz’s rant against the media will get a lot of airplay, but he was piggybacking off of Rubio, and he wasn’t able to answer the question about his opposition to the bipartisan budget deal reflects on his lack of leadership.

4). Carly Fiorina – The Carly bump is a thing of the past. It turns out that without Planned Parenthood to lie about, Carly had nothing much to say.

5). Chris Christie – Chris Christie needs to go back to New Jersey. His campaign is going nowhere, and he needs to shut it down.

6). Mike Huckabee – Another end of the stage Republican, who really served no purpose, and had nothing to say. It isn’t 2008 anymore, and Huckabee is sucking up space on a debate stage where he doesn’t belong.

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