America Was The Biggest Loser During Part 1 of CNBC’s Republican Presidential Debate

cnbc debate part 1

Four Republican candidates who are polling next to nothing got together for a debate that demonstrated that the biggest loser was the American people who will pay the price with their healthcare and jobs if any of these Republicans win the White House.

Bobby Jindal railed about government mandates, and falsely blamed Obama for everything. Jindal claimed that President Obama has placed the country on the path to socialism, and called for the complete repeal of ObamaCare.

Lindsey Graham lied about the corporate tax rate and claimed that lowering corporate taxes will grow the middle class. Graham dodged a question that if corporations are people too, do they owe the country anything.

George Pataki falsely claimed that ObamaCare has hurt businesses.

Rick Santorum showed how out of step he is with Republican voters by supporting the Ex-Im bank. Santorum later claimed that ObamaCare is conspiracy to put smaller insurance companies out of business.

Bobby Jindal rambled on about socialism some more, and claimed that Democrats are veering towards socialism.

George Pataki called out Republican ant-vaxxers and climate change deniers. Pataki called on Republicans to embrace technology, and millions of AOL dial-up Internet connections collapsed beneath the rage of Republican viewers.

Bobby Jindal lied and claimed that Louisiana does not have a budget deficit, and you guessed it, rattled on about socialism.

The debate featured opening and closing statements, and in between the set speaking times and commerical breaks, there was barely enough time for the four Republicans to squeeze in their lies.

Winners and Losers:


1). Lindsey Graham – Sen. Graham was a man on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Graham stated his belief that climate change is real, and the nation needs immigration reform. If wasn’t a complete warmonger who is dreaming of starting wars around the world, he might almost seem sane.

2). George Pataki – Pataki was the other person on the stage who sounded somewhat sane. The problem is that sanity is definitely out of style in the Republican Party. Pataki called on Republicans to embrace vaccinating their children and admit climate change is real. George Pataki has no chance.


1). Rick Santorum – Santorum seems to have no idea that this isn’t 2012. The former senator from Pennsylvania is running the exact same campaign as he did in 2012, and not surprisingly, he is experiencing the same poor results. Why is Rick Santorum running? What we he doing on the debate stage? Both of these questions are more interesting than anything Rick Santorum said during the debate.

2). Bobby Jindal – Gov. Jindal used this debate to reinvent himself as a Republican warrior against the creeping Democratic socialist menace. According to Jindal, Obama is a socialist. Obamacare, which is private sector health insurance, is also socialist, and the Democratic Party is veering towards socialism. Jindal lied about wrecking the economy of Louisiana, and reeked of desperation.

The bad news for Bobby is that his latest reinvention isn’t going to save his dead presidential campaign.

3). The American People – This debate was a total mess. Republicans demanded the strict time limit on the debates, and then the candidates immediately ran over the time limits for questions. As far as the candidates themselves are concerned, none of them are going anywhere. Republican lies and extremism were on parade. The biggest losers were the people who watched this train wreck.

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