Donald Trump Is Already Whining That Republican Debate That Hasn’t Happened Yet Is Unfair


Donald Trump can’t stop whining. Trump has hit a low by complaining that the CNBC Republican presidential debate that hasn’t happened yet is unfair.

Trump preemptively tweeted that the CNBC debate is unfair:

How can a debate that has taken place yet be unfair?

For an answer, one must look at the tantrums and complaints by the Republican candidates about the CNBC debate that go back weeks.

On October 15, both Trump and Carson threatened to boycott the debate unless fewer questions were asked, “What was supposed to a routine call to go over the format for the next Republican debate on CNBC turned into a case study in Republican dysfunction when the campaigns immediately started complaining because there was not going to be opening and closing statements. Forget for a moment that CNBC usually doesn’t use opening and closing statements, and consider that to give each of the ten candidates one minute to open and one more minute to close would add 20 minutes to the debate without a single question being asked.”

Trump could just be playing the expectations game. Donald Trump has appeared on CNBC more than any other candidate. The network has been friendly ground for him for years, but it is more likely that the ever insecure Trump is having a bit of a meltdown over the rise of Ben Carson and is looking to create a built in excuse in case he has a bad debate.

The reality is that Donald Trump behaves more like a spoiled rich boy, who by his own description had it rough because his father only gave him a loan for a million dollars, than a strong leader who will “make America great again.”

Donald Trump is less like the fictional billionaire that he plays on television, and more like the out of touch rich guy that Republicans nominated in 2012.

Trump may not get his own way tonight `which is why the rich kid is already throwing a fit.

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