Paul Ryan To Spew More of the Same Old on Five Sunday News Shows

The GOP stands to gain a lot of media time over what amounts to no change at all in the House of Representative. In a new video posted to Facebook, “It’s a new day,” we are told why: Everything is going to change.


Nothing will change of course. And the video should be called “New day, same sh*t.” It would have the virtue of accuracy.

You might as well watch the video. It’s Halloween, after all. How much scarier can it get?

It's a new day

It's a new day.

Posted by Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday, October 30, 2015

“We are wiping the slate clean,” we are told in the video but it’s just a new face offering the same “screw America” agenda promoted by the old.

Sure, John Boehner is gone, and Paul Ryan is in, but that just means nothing is going to be any different under his leadership. After all, as conservatives have already observed with a sort of weary dismay, Ryan has already sold out the GOP by agreeing to the budget instead of shutting down the government again.

It’s not easy being a nihilist these days.

Even so, the mainstream media, ever eager to lap submissively at the feet of the Republican Party, has Paul Ryan lined up to appear no less than FIVE TIMES on Sunday:

  • ABC This Week airs at 9:30 am CT in Janesville, WI and 10:00 am ET in Washington, DC. Check here for local listings.
  • CBS Face the Nation airs at 9:30 am CT in Janesville, WI and 10:30 am ET in Washington, DC. Check here for local listings.
  • CNN State of the Union airs at 8:00 am CT in Janesville, WI and 9:00 am ET in Washington, DC.
  • FOX News Sunday airs on local FOX stations at 7:00 am CT in Janesville, WI and 8:00 am ET in Washington, DC.
  • NBC Meet the Press airs at 9:00 am CT in Janesville, WI and 10:30 am ET in Washington, DC. Check here for local listings.

No doubt Ryan will go on with the usual Republican talking points and be coddled with the same inattention to fact and detail as regularly displayed on Sunday news programming.

The cause of Republican nihilism will be advanced and nothing new will be learned because nothing new will be offered. Paul Ryan’s “new day” will be revealed Sunday as an undisguised “yesterday” because yesterday is all Republicans have.

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