Fox News Turns On Carly Fiorina And Busts Her For Lying About Obama’s Jobs Record

Carly fiorina fox news sunday

A fact found its way on to Fox News Sunday, as the network turned on Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and busted her for trying to double down on a lie about President Obama’s jobs record.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

ROBERTS: What women are talking about Ms. Fiorina, in relation to that statement is that the data that you used does not represent the totality of the Obama administration’s first term. There are people from your campaign said to me yesterday you misspoke during the debate.

Do you want to take a moment to clarify those remarks?

FIORINA: You know, this is what the liberal media do, they try to discredit the messenger when the message is true. Yes, it is true. The 92 percent refers to the first 3 1/2 years of Barack Obama’s term, not the first four years.

Here’s what’s undeniable. Women have been hurt under this administration’s policy. The extreme poverty rate among women is the highest ever recorded. The poverty rate among women, 16.1 percent, is the highest in 20 years.

Women have been harmed by this administration’s policies, just as African-Americans have, just as the poor have been. Progressive policies are bad for the people that they claim to help. That is true of women, as well as men.

ROBERTS: Let me just ask you again. If you’re using a data set that stops in March of 2012, because that’s the most advantageous point to make that point, are you doing voters a disservice by not telling them what really happened during the entire first term of the presidency, which is that by January to 2013, the jobs for women had actually increased by about 400,000?

FIORINA: Yes, as my campaign said, we misspoke, about that reality doesn’t change the reality that women have been harmed under this administration. Think about what I just said, John, and this is what the liberal media tries to do. Let us discredit the messenger so we ignore the truth of the message.

Roberts was right. As our own Sarah Jones reported, “PolitiFact pointed out how stale Fiorina’s already debunked claim is, “Her 92-percent claim dates back to the 2012 presidential race when it was used by the Republican National Committee and GOP nominee Mitt Romney. At the time, March 2012, the claim had some numerical validity but was also cherry-picked and flawed. We rated it Mostly False.”

Fiorina tried to repeat the same lie and blame the “liberal media,” and Fox News Sunday guest host John Roberts called her out on it. Fiorina went from trying to repeat the same lie to admitting that she was wrong when pressed by Roberts.

A clue to why Fox would turn on a Republican candidate is that Fox Business is hosting the next Republican debate. It is in the best interests of the network to put an end to the plague of whining by Republican presidential candidates about the media.

Fox News had to deal with a Trump tantrum over Megyn Kelly’s questions at the first debate, and with the desperation growing among the Republican field, it is a guarantee that one or more of the candidates will try to attack the moderators at the next debate.

Carly Fiorina enjoyed her 15 minutes with her lies about Planned Parenthood, but the media is catching on. Fiorina’s campaign is on life support, and Fox News just did their part to kick the plug out of the wall.