President Obama Crushes Republican Extremists By Signing Two Year Budget Deal

obama signs budget deal

President Obama officially put an end to the era of Republican extremist-fueled crisis governing by signing the two-year budget deal today.


The President said:

Well, last week, Democrats and Republicans came together to set up a responsible, long-term budget process, and what we now see is a budget that reflects our values, that grows our economy, creates jobs, keeps America safe.

It’s going to strengthen the middle class by investing in critical areas like education and job training and basic research. It keeps us safe by investing in our national security and making sure that our troops get what they need in order to keep us safe and perform all the outstanding duties that they do around the world. It protects our seniors by avoiding harmful cuts to Medicare and Social Security. And it’s paid for in a responsible, balanced way — in part, for example, by making sure that large hedge funds and private equity firms pay what they owe in taxes just like everybody else.

And by locking in two years of funding, it should finally free us from the cycle of shutdown threats and last-minute fixes. It allows us to, therefore, plan for the future.

So I very much appreciate the work that the Democratic and Republican leaders did to get this to my desk. I think it is a signal of how Washington should work. And my hope is now that they build on this agreement with spending bills that also invest in America’s priorities without getting sidetracked by a whole bunch of ideological issues that have nothing to do with our budget.

So this is just the first step between now and the middle of December, before the Christmas break. The appropriators are going to have to do their job; they’re going to have to come up with spending bills. But this provides them the guidepost and the baseline with which to do that. And I’m confident that they can get it done on time. And there’s no better Christmas present for the American people because this will allow the kind of stability and will allow the economy to grow. At a time when you’ve got great weakness in economies around the world, this puts us on a responsible path and it makes sure that the American people are the beneficiaries.

So I very much appreciate the work. Let’s keep it going. With that I’m going to sign it.

And I want to thank, in particular, the staffs of both Democratic and Republican leaders in both the House and the Senate because they worked overtime to get this done. I want to thank my own staff — in particular, Katie Fallon and Brian Deese, who are standing in the back. They gave up a bunch of lost weekends to make this happen, but they did an outstanding job. And we’re very proud of them. Thank you very much, everybody.

What this agreement means is that the era of Republican extremists creating crisis situations over government shutdowns and the debt ceiling is over. For the first time in his presidency, Obama can focus on ideas as his time in the White House is coming to an end. There will be no more inching from crisis to crisis.

The pressure is now on the Republican majority in Congress to prove to voters that they have even a passing interest in governing and deserve to keep control of the House and Senate. If Republicans continue to refuse to work with Democrats to pass legislation, it is very likely that their Senate majority will vanish next year.

President Obama never caved. The President never yielded. Obama stayed strong, and in the end delivered a total victory over the extremists who have sworn to destroy his presidency.

Barack Obama has triumphed over them all.

Thank you very much, everybody.