Republican Tantrum Backfires As Democrats Take Over GOP Presidential Debate Slot


As Republicans continue to tantrum and tie themselves in knots over their presidential debates, Democrats have stepped up and taken over the NBC timeslot that was vacated by the GOP.

Greg Sargent reported:

The Spanish-language network Telemundo is in talks with the Democratic National Committee about possibly scheduling a new candidate forum with the Dem presidential candidates, after the Republican National Committee canceled its debate on NBC News and the NBC-owned Telemundo to protest CNBC’s handling of last week’s gathering, sources familiar with ongoing discussions tell me.

If this comes to fruition, Democrats would effectively be moving into the breach created by the RNC’s decision. It would mean Democrats end up holding two debate-style events on Spanish-language networks, since they are already set to hold a Univision debate in March.

Because the Republican candidates threw a fit after the CNBC debate moderators asked some hard questions, the RNC canceled their agreement with NBC. This opened the door for the Democratic candidates to get an extra nationwide opportunity to address Spanish-language voters.

The potential deal is a massive win for Democrats on all angles. The candidates who have been clamoring for more debates get an extra forum. Democrats get two more hours of national television, and an extra evening to reach Spanish-speaking voters.

The Republican presidential candidates are isolating themselves from the voters that they need to persuade in order to have any chance of winning in November. The ongoing meltdown on the Republican side is also proof that there is no one running the Republican Party. The RNC is so weak that it is being steamrolled by its own candidates.

Like it or not, this type of behavior would never happen on the Democratic side. When some Democratic candidates complained that they wanted more debates, the DNC said no, and the party moved forward.

The reason Democrats are more likely to win in November is that their party is more organized and disciplined than the Republicans. If Republicans can’t agree on something as simple as debates, how are they going to come together to win a presidential election?

The Republican Party is falling apart while Democrats are seizing the advantage to reach new voters in 2016.

With little drama and no chaos, Democrats are marching in a unified way towards another White House victory next November.