Mission Accomplished: Fox News Has Turned Republicans Into A Bunch Of Soft Whiners

donald trump fox news debate

Fox News has pampered and babied Republicans for years, and now the Republican presidential candidates have become a bunch of whiners who can’t handle questions from serious journalists.

Video of Priebus on Good Morning America:

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George Stephanopoulos asked RNC Chairman Reince Priebus if debate moderators should have to care about the Republican Party.

The answer that Priebus gave confirmed that Republicans are seeking bias, not fairness, “Well look, I mean at least care about the future of our party. I mean yeah. I think that’s an important factor, George, I mean this is a Republican primary I mean I do see that point. But the but there’s also a lot of candidates George, and so that would serve some of these arguments and some of these disputes. I think being brought directly from the candidates to the individual networks is something that’s a positive because it gets the candidates involved in the process.”

Fox News has finally done it. Fox has destroyed the Republican Party because Republicans can’t function outside of their Fox News bubble. When a Republican has to go outside of their Fox News/conservative media comfort zone, they get questions that they don’t want to answer, so they complain about liberal media bias.

The whole purpose of having neutral debate moderators is to push the candidates so that voters get to know them better. The Republican Party doesn’t want their candidates pushed. They want a series of infomercials that expose none of the weaknesses of their party. Republicans don’t want debates. They want a series of fawning Fox News style interviews disguised as a political debate.

President Obama mocked Republicans for their debate temper tantrum, and he was correct to do so. Republicans are showing their softness and weakness as a party.

Thanks to Fox News, the Republican Party has been turned into a group of whiners who can’t handle two hours of questions from a few journalists.

Fox created this media culture, and the Republican nominee’s inability to function outside of the conservative media bubble is one of the main reasons why Republicans are in a position to lose the 2016 presidential election.

Fox News was created to push the conservative cause. Fittingly, they are now helping to destroy it.