White House Tears Apart Trump After Bogus Billionaire Bashes President Obama


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tore apart Donald Trump after the billionaire made a factless claim about President Obama and interest rates.

Politico reported:

CBS News correspondent Major Garrett asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest about Trump’s remark that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen “is highly political and she’s not raising rates for a very specific reason — because Obama told her not to because he wants to be out playing golf in a year from now and he wants to be doing other things and he doesn’t want to see another bubble burst during his administration,” in reference to a real-estate bubble.

“So that’s an economic observation made by someone who at least tells the country he has some experience in real estate,” Garrett remarked.

“And somebody who’s declared bankruptcy like four times, too,” Earnest responded, to chuckles in the briefing room. “So consider the source of that advice.”

In less than two days, the Obama White House has called out Paul Ryan for lying about why he won’t allow a vote on immigration reform. The White House ripped Chris Christie for his claim that President Obama doesn’t support the police, and now they destroyed Donald Trump for his empty speculation as to why the Fed hasn’t raised interest rates.

The media does need to consider the source. Unless the topic is making it in reality television, Trump is not an expert on anything. Donald Trump was born rich. He started out his business career with all the advantages. Trump has consistently demonstrated that he knows nothing about how the economy works.

Trump’s whole view of the world is that everything is a business deal. Governing is not like business, so Republicans are supporting a candidate who has no clue what he is doing.

The White House is firing back. President Obama is not going to be anyone’s punching bag. This president may not be on the ballot in 2016, but he is mounting an effective campaign for the Democratic Party while taking out top Republicans one at a time.

President Obama’s White House is making Republicans pay the price for their lies.