Bernie Sanders Blows Up The Koch Publicity Tour With A Ten Megaton Truth Bomb

bernie sanders truth about the koch brothers

Bernie Sanders stopped the Koch propaganda tour dead in its tracks by delivering the facts about the Koch brothers agenda on MSNBC.


Transcript via MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes:

HAYES: That’s Charles Koch expressing his commitment to ending corporate welfare. Do you buy that, Senator?

SANDERS: Making life for people better – no doubt. Look, in 1980, Chris – and we don’t talk about this enough – David Koch ran for vice president of the United States on the libertarian party’s ticket. What his agenda was was not to cut Social Security or Medicare, but to end Social Security, end Medicare, end Medicaid, end the EPA, end the concept of the Environmental Protection Agency. Basically, he wanted to eliminate virtually every program developed since FDR designed to help working people end the middle class. That is their agenda. And to tell you the truth, you know, 30 years have come and gone. I don’t think that agenda has changed at all. What these guys are doing is spending unbelievable sums of money, from $900 million on this campaign cycle, to support right-wing candidates for going to war. Big-time against working families and the middle class. No, I do not think the Koch brothers want to make life better for ordinary people.

The idea that the Koch brothers are out to help ordinary people is laughable to anyone who follows politics, but the mainstream press is very willing to kiss the Koch ring and give the brothers a platform to redefine themselves as altruistic patriots who are looking out for the little guy.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was one of the first leaders on the left to speak out against the Koch agenda, and he absolutely destroyed the myth of the benevolent brothers Koch with a little bit of recent history. The Koch brothers want the government to have no role in anything domestic that does not involve aiding the wealthy and corporations. The Kochs’ idea of helping people involves taking away Social Security, Medicare, government regulations that protect people from environmental hazards, eliminating rules that help to keep our and water clean and safe, tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, and rolling back every bit of progress that has been made for working Americans since the New Deal.

The Koch brothers have money, but Bernie Sanders has a movement of millions of Americans behind him.

The Koch brothers launched their publicity tour because they are losing. Sen. Sanders is beating the billionaires with the facts, and the senator from Vermont used the truth to stop the Koch publicity machine dead in its tracks.