Louisiana Democrat Accuses David Vitter of Choosing Prostitutes Over Patriots

David Vitter

It’s Democratic state Representative John Bel Edwards versus Republican Senator David Vitter in a runoff in Louisiana’s gubernatorial race, and Edwards just said everything to David Vitter that Democrats have wanted to say for years. Only maybe even worse. In an ad set to air Saturday, Edwards accused Vitter of choosing prostitutes over patriots.

For years Republicans have defended Vitter being busted with prostitutes and Vitter refused to answer any questions about it, taking refuge in the “sin” excuse and implied forgiveness from God.

God must have taken it back because boom goes the dynamite with this little gem detailing the events of the Feb. 27, 2001, during which Vitter missed a vote for fallen heroes but 40 minutes later took a phone call from “D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey:

“The choice for governor couldn’t be more clear. John Bel Edwards, who answered our country’s call and served as a ranger in the 82 Airborne Division. Or David Vitter, who answered a prostitute’s call minutes after he skipped a vote honoring 28 soldiers, who gave their lives in defense of our freedoms. David Vitter chose prostitutes over patriots. Now the choice is yours.”

The hot take on the ad is that while John Bel Edwards was serving as a ranger in the 82nd Airborne, David Vitter was blowing off votes for soldiers in order to run after prostitutes. Not a great look.

Is it true? Vitter won’t answer questions about his prostitution scandal and the media hasn’t been asking. Vitter was seen later in DC, in the House (he was then in the House of Representatives) for President George W. Bush’s State of the Union address, according to Robert Mann at Salon., who reviewed the C-SPAN footage from that evening. Mann also points out that only one reporter asked Vitter about the prostitution scandal, and said reporter was then fired.

Friendly press.

Even Republicans won’t defend Vitter anymore. Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne has endorsed the Democrat (John Bel Edwards), saying, “When are we as Louisianans going to stop tolerating the embarrassment that too many of our elected officials have heaped upon this state. Honor, integrity, truthfulness, openness and ethical behavior are the most important traits in public services. John Bel is the candidate who exemplifies these traits.”

“God bless the Koch brothers” indeed, as it seems at least one Democrat has taken lessons from the Kochs on how to do a dirty ad.

Vitter was already trailing in polls:

In the race to replace Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal, Democrat John Bel Edwards has opened up a 12-point lead over Republican David Vitter, according to an Anzalone Liszt Grove Research poll released on October 29th. Edwards led 52 to 40 percent in that survey. That runoff will be held on November 21st, but Edwards’ has to like his chances at this point.

So we’ll see how a Republican fares with Koch dirt tossed into the sweet spot.