While Democrats Roll Towards Victory, Trump Goes On Fox News To Call Ben Carson Mentally Ill


While Democrats were holding the best candidate gathering of the year, Donald Trump was calling Ben Carson mentally ill on Fox News.



Trump said, “You know if you think about what Carson is saying. He hit his mother over the head with a hammer. He hit a friend in the face with a lock. He tried to kill somebody with a knife and said he suffers from pathological disease. When you suffer from pathological disease, all right, you’re not really getting better unless you start taking lots of pills and things. He went into a bathroom and all of the sudden he found religion.”

As O’Reilly tried to defend Carson, Trump called the host gullible.

Trump went on, “You know what’s amazing, Bill? He trying to prove he did it, so he’ll have credibility. Who would want to prove this?”

O’Reilly pulled out a version of the standard Republican youthful indiscretions excuse, and Trump said, “I never hit my mother over the head.”

This is what the Republican presidential primary has come down to. One of the top contenders is arguing that he was a violent kid who tried to stab and assault people while the other candidate is saying vote for me because I never tried to hit my mother over the head with a hammer.

All of this glorious insanity is taking place on the cable news network that promotes crazy as a daily course of business.

The whole spectacle illustrates why the Republican Party is screwed in 2016. While Democrats were in South Carolina having the best candidate forum of the year, the top cable news host and the Republican front-runner were bickering over the mental state of Ben Carson.

The Republican Party is a mess. Anyone who believes that the Republican Party will be able to pull it together and win in 2016 hasn’t been paying attention over the past eight years. What Trump and O’Reilly were doing on Fox News is the Republican Party. Republicans aren’t talking about policies or issues. While Democrats are appealing to voters, Republicans are trapped in an endless cycle of crazy.

While Republicans dislodge the mentally unstable from the top of their polls, Democrats are laying the groundwork for victory in 2016.