SCOTUS Be D*mned – Bobby Jindal Says No Earthly Court Can Redefine Marriage

Appearing yesterday at Kevin “Kill the Gays” Swanson’s Iowa conference of haters, Bobby Jindal joined Mike Huckabee in pretending neither the United States Constitution nor the Supreme Court exist, by stating that “No earthly court can change the definition of marriage.”

He is about as wrong as a person can be, because United States Constitution. The Constitution is the law of the land of course, not the Bible. The Founding Fathers conveniently set it up that way because they liked the idea of freedom of religion. People like Jindal and Huckabee, to name just two, can’t seem to get that through their heads.

Jindal was introduced by Swanson, who told his fellow haters,

“Let’s acknowledge right now that Jesus Christ is king over the president of the United States, whether he recognizes it or not. Jesus Christ is king over the Supreme Court of the United States, whether they recognize it or not!”

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Jindal said the government is “coming after those of us who want to live our lives according to our Christian faith” but that’s a lie. Jindal doesn’t want to live his Christian faith. And he can already do that. He is doing it because he absolutely does not have that right.

But that’s not the issue. The issue is that Jindal insists on the right to force the rest of us to live his Christian faith.

The United States Constitution flat out forbids it. Between the First Amendment and the No Religious Test Clause of Article VI, Jindal is flat out of luck.

He was out of luck too when he insisted that “No earthly court can change the definition of marriage; no federal government, no ACLU should be able to take away our religious liberty rights. We were given those by God almighty.”

Of course, they have their religious liberty rights. Nobody is taking those away. they are free to continue to marry as they have always done. What IS happening is that they have lost their right to force everybody else to live the way they want us to live, which does protect OUR religious liberty rights.

What makes the whole line of argument more ridiculous is that what Carson is fighting for – something called “traditional marriage” – is nowhere to be found in the Bible he is privileging over our Constitution. It is just one of many forms of marriage found in the Old Testament, including a Religious Right bogeyman: polygamy.

In the end, it is a strange species of religious liberty that gives it to one religion and takes it away from all others. But that’s what these Republican candidates insist upon: the right of morally corrupt politicians like Bobby Jindal to take away YOUR religious liberty in favor of their own, giving them control over your life while you have none.