Bernie Sanders To Address Fast Food Workers At Largest Ever Strike For Higher Wages

bernie sanders striking workers

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will be addressing the largest ever strike of fast food workers who are fighting for union rights and to raise the minimum wage.

According to the Fight For $15 organizers:

Fast-food workers will wage their biggest-ever strike Tuesday – one year from Election Day – with walkouts hitting a record 270 cities from Detroit to Denver. The strikes will culminate in protests in 500 cities, where fast-food, home care, child care, and other underpaid workers will amass outside city halls—local symbols of political power— to demand that elected leaders nationwide stand up for $15/hr and union rights.

The strikes and protests come as underpaid workers nationwide vow to take their Fight for $15 and union rights to the ballot box in 2016 to show candidates of all political stripes that the nearly 64 million Americans paid less than $15 are a voting bloc that can no longer be ignored.

In addition to the strikes and city hall protests, auto parts workers, farmworkers, grocery clerks, FedEx drivers, nursing home workers and others will show their support for the Fight for $15 at rallies planned for 1,000 cities across the country, sending a message to candidates that higher pay and union rights are urgent issues for our country that need to be addressed now. In Milwaukee, following the strikes and city hall protest, members of Fight for $15 WI will march on the Republican debate at the Milwaukee Theatre.

The office of Sen. Bernie Sanders has announced that Sen. Sanders (I-VT) will be addressing a rally of the striking workers in Washington, D.C. tomorrow.

Sen. Sanders has long been a champion of the living wage movement, and the movement itself is significant as the nation enters the holiday season. Over the years, more has been demanded from underpaid workers in the service sector while their wages have fallen behind. As Republicans continue to strive towards closing the doors of economic advancement to anyone who isn’t already at the top, it is vital for movement such as the living wage strike for underpaid workers to be given a voice.

Costco and other companies have proven that a company can both turn a profit and pay its workers well. The Koch ideology of squeezing workers to increase profits at the top will kill any hope of rebuilding the middle-class.

Bernie Sanders gets it, which is why he is supporting the striking workers and their call for a living wage.