Obama Devastates Republicans by Using Reagan To Prove The Success of His Presidency

After the OFA Fall Summit at the St. Regis Hotel in D.C., President Obama crossed the lobby to a restaurant, where according to the pool report, around 55 people were having dinner. Obama gave a few “off-the-cuff” remarks to them, including a real zinger that will devastate Republicans.

“So where are we right now? The economy has improved by every measure,” President Obama said. “The fact of the matter is, is that if you ask the question Ronald Reagan said was the most important thing to ask about a presidency, and that is, ‘Are you better off than you were four years ago?'”

“You are,” the President said. “We’ve made great strides on health care. We’ve made strides in education and access to college. We’ve made serious strides in clean energy. You know the statistics.”

During the Summit, Obama talked about his accomplishments, mentioning the most recent jobs report as evidence of some of the progress made. The October jobs report showed, “Businesses added 268,000 jobs in October, making it the 68th consecutive month of private sector job growth. That’s 13.5 million private sector jobs over 68 straight months. Unemployment rate ticked down, wages grew, and overall the economy added 271,000 jobs in October — which makes the last three years the strongest years for job creation since… oh, 2000.”

President Obama isn’t just talking to make his supporters feel good. The President is making sure that the people hear about the good economy that he has overseen, since we don’t hear a lot about those things. Republicans are still pretending as if these positive things haven’t happened, and President Obama is making sure that during the next election, Republicans are held accountable for claiming they will “fix” the economy that they inaccurately claim Obama broke.

Reagan said to judge a president by asking if you are better off now than you were when they took office. President Obama is in an excellent position to borrow that question and use it to highlight his successes. Republicans still worship Reagan and each 2016 candidate is trying their best to show that they are the next Reagan, so this no doubt breaks their heart.