4 Losers Promised To Destroy America In the First Fox Business/Wall Street Journal Debate

republican jv debate
Four loser also ran Republicans held a woeful exercise in failed policies that could be called a debate where each of the candidates promised to pursue policies that will destroy the country during the first Fox Business/Wall Street Journal debate.

From the first question that ignored the reality of the growing economy, it became clear that the Fox Business debate was not going to be reality based. Gov. Chris Christie was asked how he was going to get the economy going, and he said that he would get government off the people’s backs and fire IRS agents. Huckabee claimed that the tax code, not the Republican campaign to outsource jobs, has killed manufacturing. Huckabee wanted to bring back manufacturing with a flat tax that will benefit the wealthy. Huckabee vowed to get rid of the IRS. Santorum claimed that the Obama jobs record is no good because Middle America is “hollowing out.”

Bobby Jindal was asked about his terrible jobs record and answered by ignoring reality and claiming that Louisiana is growing jobs. Less than a minute later Jindal’s obsession with socialism returned.

Chris Christie broke out the standard Republican boogeymen that Democrats are going to raise taxes to 70% or 80% and run everyone’s lives. The Koch puppet strings were visible as Chris Christie promised to sign an executive order that would halt all regulations as soon as he took office for 120 days. Rick Santorum said that he would have killed the auto industry by allowing it to go bankrupt. Chris Christie promised to hack the Chinese and reveal their information to the American people. Chris Christie promised to threaten the Chinese by flying Air Force One over the islands they are constructing, as the crazy was strong with the desperate New Jersey governor.

Jindal attacked Christie’s economic record while touting his destruction of Louisiana. The candidates made it halfway through the debate until Jindal and Christie went after each other and Huckabee demanded time to talk. Christie claimed that Hillary Clinton is going to nationalize all of our healthcare. Christie tried to use the debate to sell himself as the only contender who can beat Clinton, who would crush him by uttering the word Bridgegate. Jindal called a question about bipartisanship, “silly.” Christie revived his bogus charge that Democrats don’t support cops.

The four Republican candidates promised to ruin the lives every non-wealthy American. All four Republicans on that stage wanted to roll back regulations, gut Social Security and Medicare while raising taxes on every American, who isn’t rich. Republicans only want to take from those who have the least and return to failed policies of the past.

None of the candidates in this debate will be around after the South Carolina primary, and this woeful excuse for a debate was a cheap gimmick to goose ratings for the Fox Business Network.

This debate was a great advertisement for why non-wealthy Americans should not vote Republican.

Winners and Losers:


1),Chris Christie – Christie has been a dead candidate walking, but he was so generic during this debate that he was repeating the same answers that failed to land when he was on the big debate stage. Christie was so stale that he made Jeb Bush look hip and original. Chris Christie shouldn’t be running, and the sole comfort for people who are sick of his empty bluster is that it will all be over soon, and he will be sent back to New Jersey to remain gone and forgotten.

2). Mike Huckabee – Huckabee was a 2008 election retread who had nothing to say. Huckabee thought that he could revive American manufacturing with a flat tax. It Chris Christie was stale, Mike Huckabee was moldy. It is clear that Huckabee’s campaign only exists to give him a platform to sell more products. Huckabee needs to go.

3). Rick Santorum – Santorum was a 2012 retread who also had nothing to say. In fact, Santorum is running the same campaign that he ran in 2012. Nothing about Rick Santorum’s candidacy suggests that he deserves a nationally televised platform.

4. Bobby Jindal – Jindal’s goal was to win the debate by taking out Chris Christie. Jindal repeated the same things that he has said during all of the previous Republican JV debates. Jindal tried to play the outsider who criticized Washington and Christie.


1). The American People – The Republican “kiddie table debates” have been getting progressively worse. Tonight’s debate was completely unwatchable and featured four candidates that will most likely all be out of the race after New Hampshire or South Carolina. The Republican Party seems to have finally gotten the hint, and it is being reported that tonight’s early debate was the final one of the primary.