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Right Wing “Freedom” Seminar Says God At War With Fans of Disney’s “Frozen”

If you like Disney’s Frozen (2013), where “newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn things into ice to curse her home in infinite winter,” go straight to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect your soul. That is the message of the bizarrely-named “Freedom 2015: National Religious Liberties Conference” held November 6-7 in Des Moines, Iowa.

As PFAW’s Brian Tashman noted at Right Wing Watch, “It turns out that the spirit of the Disney movie’s hit song ‘Let It Go,’ in which Queen Elsa sings about freedom after leaving her home, was not one of the freedoms valued at the ‘Freedom 2015.'”

As a refresher, here is what they’re all upset about:

This inspired a special seminar: “The Decline of Freedom: From the Bill of Rights to the Ten Planks of Communism, America’s Domestic Enemies and Where They Came From,” given by self-described “artist, cultural analyst, political consultant, documentary filmmaker, writer and lecturer” Geoff Botkin, founder of the Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences.

According to Botkin, “Let It Go” is, “furthering America’s rebellion against God.” Supposedly, we’re already in deep sh*t with the Almighty because “the country is already under 50 divine judgments that will only subside once the government and the wider culture begin to abide by biblical law.”

Oh dear, oh dear. That will teach the Founding Fathers to curse us with something like the very liberal and very secular United States Constitution!

That evil song you listened to above, “Let it Go” is, he says, “Satan’s rebellion anthem.” If you like Let it Go, you are “rejecting God’s law,” become “enemies of God” and God “does go to war against you.”

The film itself, he warns, will turn young girls into lesbians! Well, sweet little baby Jesus in a bobsled!

Lesbians, huh? According to Idina Menzel, who played Elsa, the queen who sang “Let it Go”:

Frozen is “a bit of a feminist movie for Disney. I’m really proud of that. It has everything, but it’s essentially about sisterhood. I think that these two women are competitive with one another, but always trying to protect each other – sisters are just so complicated. It’s such a great relationship to have in movies, especially for young kids.”

Right there you have the real reason Botkin and his fellow crazies hate Frozen.

By any reckoning, Frozen was a huge success, and from the quote above, you can see one of the reason’s why. It resonated with kids, especially female kids. As Wikipedia explains,

It ranks as the highest-grossing animated film of all time, the third highest-grossing original film of all time, the eighth highest-grossing film of all time, the highest-grossing film of 2013, and the third highest-grossing film in Japan. With over 18 million home media sales in 2014, it became the best-selling film of the year in the United States. By January 2015, Frozen had become the all-time best-selling Blu-ray Disc in the United States.

Botkin isn’t denying this. In fact, he claims, God “will chasten our nation” as a result of the movie’s popularity. Ooooooh, that will teach us. First Harry Potter and now Frozen! Why, we’ll have no place at all to turn to!

Crazy talk at a Right Wing seminar isn’t going to change any of this. The film was a success not only because of its brilliant music but because of its central message, something that seems to have escaped Botkin: that in the words of screenwriter Jennifer Lee, the film’s “frozen heart” hook: “That was a concept and the phrase … an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.”

How evil! No wonder they hate Frozen.

This whole sordid episode is not only further evidence that conservatives should stay out of Iowa, given their record of appallingly grotesque statements there, but that the Religious Right’s version of “freedom” is, in fact, tyranny.

The Freedom 2015 Conference claimed “The 2016 elections will be definitive. For Christians, religious liberties will be the issue,” but the real issue is their sudden lack of ability to persecute the rest of us for refusing to let them control our lives. This loss of privilege, a privilege of 2,000 years standing, is sure to drive up the number of crazy episodes like this, so stay tuned and look to Iowa.

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