Gamed Fox Business Debate Showed Weak Republicans Can’t Handle Real Questions

fox business republican debate

Post debate, reporters expressed concern with how pleased the Republican candidates were with the moderators.

The Chief Strategist & Communications Director for Republican National Committee was happy with the moderators:

RNC chair Reince Priebus poked at CNBC presenting the rigged Fox debate as “how you run a debate”:

Trump praised the moderators:

The bad thing about this scrubbed question debate for Republicans is their candidates aren’t getting tested with reality at all.

But apparently Republicans don’t want to compete and win based on merit or ideas- they want or believe they need a rigged game. This is a dangerous way to soften candidates, but Republicans don’t seem to be able to handle any kind of traditional vetting.

Gaming the ref works when the ref is Fox News. It’s not going to work so well when Republicans step out of the Fox bubble. Republican strategists know this, but it seems the candidates are too weak to handle a real debate. This fact begs the question, how could they handle running the country if they can’t handle a few push back questions.