America’s Worst Journalist, Judith Miller Uses Paris Attacks To Bash US College Kids

Judith Miller, the former New York Times journalist who led the drumbeat for waging the Iraq War under false pretenses, took to Twitter on Friday to vent her outrage over the Paris terrorist attacks. However, her rage was not directed at the terrorists who murdered dozens in Paris. Instead she unleashed her fury on American college students.

Miller tweeted:

Now maybe the whining adolescents at our universities can concentrate on something other than their need for “safe spaces…

Terrorists launched a brutal attack on innocent people in France killing scores of people, and Judith Miller’s first thought was not empathy or compassion for the people of Paris. No, her first thought was, the massacre was the perfect time for her to voice her frustration with college students protesting hostile campus environments.

Judith Miller surely felt her angry tweet mocking college student activists demonstrated her superior mental maturity, but apparently she hadn’t thought that one through. Rather than making the student’s look petty, she instead only revealed her own petulant nature.

The disgraced former New York Times reporter has never taken responsibility for spreading lies across America’s newspaper of record, in order to promote the Bush administration’s efforts to wage war on Iraq. That war helped create the conditions that gave rise to the Islamic State responsible for the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Perhaps it makes sense that her message deflected away from compassion for the people of France, or from expressing anger to the true perpetrators of the attack. Confronting the reality of the scene in Paris might remind her that her published lies years ago, may have started in motion the cycle of events that helped form the terrorist group that waged those attacks.

Whether or not Miller’s false stories that helped promote Bush administration lies were in some small way responsible for the emergence of the Islamic State or not, her comments about U.S. college students were awkwardly timed and ridiculously insensitive. The fact that her immediate response to the carnage in France was to lash out at American college students, solidifies her status as America’s worst journalist.

Keith Brekhus

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