Make No Mistake About It, George W Bush’s Iraq War Has Spread To France

Causation in law is regarded as the “causal relationship between conduct and result.” Or in other words, causation provides a means of connecting a specific conduct with a resulting effect; typically some kind of an injury. About twelve years ago there was specific conduct perpetrated by George W. Bush that has resulted in injury, and death, that appears to have no end in sight. In fact, it is incredibly ironic that the one American ally that vehemently protested and condemned Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq has now felt the horrific results of terrorists created by Bush’s folly in attacking and slaughtering hundreds-of-thousands of innocent Muslims; and creating the Islamic State.

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It is still too early to know for sure if ISIS (IS, ISIL) is actually responsible for the vicious and cowardly attacks in Paris on Friday, but the Bush creation and John McCain’s “friendlies” did claim credit for the terrorist assault on innocent Parisians. Of course there has been no dearth of Republican responses to the attacks with their typical racism, warmongering, and Islamophobic madness, but it is that type of mindset that reinforces the  “causal relationship between conduct and result” that led to the invasion of Iraq and created ISIS.

Republicans will never admit it, but they cannot dispute the very inconvenient truth that if the Bush warmongers did not invade and occupy Iraq and destabilize the entire region, there is no such entity as ISIS today, and Friday evening in Paris would be like any other; peaceful and without mass mayhem. However, America did invade and occupy Iraq, killed at least 600,000 innocent Iraqi Muslim civilians, and allowed Shia Muslims affiliated with Iran to drive Sunnis and Baathists out of their Iraqi homes and into Syria to struggle to survive and eventually create a new terror organization, the Islamic State.

Remember, there was no al Qaeda or terror groups in Iraq because the iron-fisted Saddam Hussein would not allow it. It is true that Saddam was a tyrannical dictator, but under his firm hand there was relative stability in the region, Iran was kept in check, and Syria was not under siege from terrorists or experiencing a civil war. All that changed drastically, and for the worse, after George W. Bush lied to Americans and the world in order to justify invading an innocent nation posing no threat to America. An invasion and occupation, by the way, that many nations, including France, are now having to step in and join President Obama in cleaning up George W. Bush’s creation ISIS. It is typically what occurs when America’s imperialistic policies create havoc and instability and something that Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei took time to explain a little over a week ago.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, took time to make it abundantly clear that when Iranians chant a popular, state-sponsored slogan, “death to America,” they are not calling for America’s demise; just its insistent policies of meddling, usually militarily, in other nations’ affairs. Meddling that always leads to instability and over the past decade death to innocent Muslim civilians. The Ayatollah said on his website that, “It goes without saying that the slogan does not mean death to the American nation or its people; this slogan means death to the U.S.’s policies, death to arrogance.”

In that sense, and according to this author’s Muslim colleagues and friends in Iran, the citizens of Iran do not hate America, they hate its meddling that always results in death to innocent Muslim civilians. Whether it is invading Muslim nations and slaughtering its citizens, or supporting Israel’s abuse of Palestinians, the Iranians and Muslims everywhere have a valid point that America’s imperialistic policies and arrogance have consequences that others have to suffer and contend with; the creation of ISIS certainly bears out their claims.

The attacks in Paris, like the attacks across Iraq, Syria and the surrounding region are the result of Bush invading Iraq and for all intents and purposes are a continuation of the war in Iraq that is expanding into Europe. It is a war that never should have happened, and one every Republican wants desperately to continue and expand into Syria and Iran. Republicans will never learn that their Bush cowboy mindset that military intervention only incites fanatics that spreads like an aggressive cancer.

On Friday night, the fanaticism spread to Paris and although it was six violent terrorists acting of their own accord killing innocent Parisians, there is no doubt they are the causal effect of George W. Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq. It is important to note, yet again, that there was no such thing as instability in Syria, al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq, Iran’s rise to power in the region, or the Islamic State until Bush brought war to the region. Americans should support and console the survivors of the Paris’ terror attacks, but they should also apologize for electing a Republican president who single-handedly created the Islamic State terrorists who unleashed horrific death on innocent French civilians; particularly after the French people opposed America’s invasion of Iraq and were treated like dogs for not supporting its policy of warmongering against innocent civilians.

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