Mitch McConnell’s Bill To Repeal ObamaCare Is Collapsing In A Heap Of Failure

Mitch McConnell is so bad at his job that his attempt to repeal parts of ObamaCare is turning into a total failure.

The Hill reported:

Senate Republicans are in danger of not being able to bring an ObamaCare repeal bill to the floor.

Senate GOP leaders had hoped to move a House-passed package repealing parts of the controversial healthcare reform law before Thanksgiving. But that plan has been shelved amid party turmoil.

Senate Republican sources say the measure, which has encountered opposition from conservatives and moderates, albeit for different reasons, will have to wait until after Thanksgiving. Some say it could slide into next year.

The problem is that five conservative Republicans refuse to vote for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reconciliation bill that repeals parts of ObamaCare. Three moderate Republicans won’t vote for the reconciliation bill if it contains language that defunds Planned Parenthood. Even after lowering the threshold of votes he needs for passage to 51 votes, Sen. McConnell remains five votes short.

Senate Republicans are so divided that they can’t muster a majority to pass a piece of legislation that in one of the few areas that they all supposedly agree on.

McConnell complains about Democratic obstruction on a near daily basis, but the real problem in Congress isn’t the Democrats. The biggest problem with the nation’s Legislative Branch is that the Republican Party is fundamentally broken. Republicans are incapable of governing, and when they try to govern, they fail.

The Republicans are desperate to trigger a veto fight with President Obama on the ACA. However, time is running out. Congress has an extremely light election year schedule for 2016. Mitch McConnell is proving to be so inept as Majority Leader that he is well on his way to screwing up an ObamaCare repeal bill.

Forget winning the White House, Republicans can’t keep control of their own people in the House and Senate.