Republicans Demand America’s 1920s Government Be Put Back In Place

Many Americans are unaware of the many programs and policies put in place by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his New Deal, but even if they did it is certain that a fair number of Americans would demand its elimination immediately. Republicans have been chomping at the bit, and plotting behind the scenes, over the past five years in particular to abolish all of the New Deal programs and send Americans back to an era where wealthy industrialists dominated the population and kept them in poverty fighting for survival.

It is no secret that Republicans hate the government with religious passion, and the current crop of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are jockeying for supremacy in who can promise to change America; for the worse. Thus far, the Republican candidates demonstrating a fierce hatred for, and ignorance of, the federal government have garnered the greatest support among Republican voters.

Despite President Obama creating over 12 million jobs in five-and a-half years and presiding over economic recovery and solid growth, typical Koch Republican Ted Cruz has the key to help the economy recover: by recreating the government of a century ago in the process.  Cruz pledged to return the government to the 1920’s and according to his estimation create 4.9 million jobs by the end of the next decade or so.   Cruz said,

If you look at the history of America, there are three levers that government has to facilitate economic growth. The first is tax reform. I have rolled out a bold and simple ten percent flat tax for every American. The second element is regulatory reform, pulling back regulations. The third element is sound money. When we pursued those in the 1920s with Calvin Coolidge the result was incredible economic growth. We have done it before and with Republican leadership we can do it again.”

Now it is true Raphael Cruz is a Cuban-Canadian immigrant to America, but it is likely that at some juncture during his tenure in his adopted country he has at least heard about “The Great Depression” that was caused by the very policies he lusts to revisit. In fact, Cruz’s economic policy recommendations are regularly cited as the three primary reasons there was a Great Depression in the 1920s; namely a lack of regulatory oversight, gross income inequality, and the gold standard.

What Cruz is proposing, and the Koch brothers pant to see realized, is eliminating each and every one of FDR’s New Deal provisions that economists assert caused and accelerated America’s economic recovery out of the Great Depression. Still, there are a significant number of Republican voters who want, as Slate’s Digby explains, an apocalypse with a Republican president leading America to economic ruin.

Actually, the reason extremist Republicans with no experience are faring well in the GOP primary is because the base wants a “tough guy” who does not understand, or care, how America’s system of government works. As an ardent Cruz supporter, Republican strategist, and conservative pundit said,

Republicans don’t want reform, they want revolution. They don’t want a better government, they want a new government.”

Apparently they want a government like that of the 1920s when the rich were given free rein to economically rape the people and send the world into another, more intense economic crash. A crash, by the way, that increased the wealth of the very richest industrialists beyond their wildest dream; not unlike today when the wealthiest Americans have taken the lion’s share of wealth in the current recovery.

The Republican base wants a dictatorial president willing to challenge the Constitution and pledge that the system of government created by the Founders, the system with legislative checks and balances and regulations, is abolished and replaced with a theocratic libertarian “no government.” The GOP base demands a Trump, Carson or Cruz who will assure them that the federal government “will no longer be a hindrance to conservatives who are Hell-bent on achieving their agenda” no matter what it takes or how many Americans are adversely impacted.

It really is a sad and pathetic commentary on conservative Americans who are sick and  tired of waiting for the promised “revolution” to create a new government to replace the one Republican demigod Ronald Reagan told them thirty years ago is the source of all their misery. To add to their angst, the base have heard Koch Republicans and extremist “TeaPublicans” promise for five years they will remove Obama from the White House and send him to prison, close the borders, criminalize homosexuality and gay marriage, end political correctness, ban public education, abolish women’s reproductive rights, eliminate all federal regulations, “Christianize” all aspects of American society, repeal workplace laws and social programs, and put a quick and permanent end to the idea that all Americans “are created equal.”

Oh, and they really demand their new Christian government be created solely to engage America in several wars against Muslims around the world and severely punish any “traitor” who dares suggest that diplomacy should ever be a part of the nation’s foreign policy. If one looks back over the past five years that President Obama has been in office, it is much more than just Republican presidential candidates panting for war against Muslims; it is a hard and fast rule to qualify as a Republican politician.

There is a serious state of affairs in America when one segment of society is frustrated that Republicans have successfully prevented the government from doing what it was created for to protect or provide for the welfare of the American people, while the right is furious that the government does anything whatsoever for Americans. Republicans have claimed they want to take America back, but this is likely the first time a Republican had the audacity to admit “taking America back” is going back to an era and the exact same conditions that created the Great Depression; and claim in public that it was a time of “incredible economic growth.”

It is looking more and more like Republican voters do want “an apocalypse” that will certainly eviscerate them as much as the rest of the population. There is nothing wrong with the government; Republicans just hate that it exists in any form except to make war, enforce religious edicts, and create incredible wealth for a select few. There are likely several reasons for why so many Republicans have a death wish for America, and even considering that they are incredibly stupid does not completely explain their mindset. It is more likely they are just angry and full of hate which informs why they support equally angry and hate-filled candidates who promise to fulfill their wildest dreams and “make America great again;” by taking it back to conditions that nearly accomplished today’s Republican’ goals of creating a nation of peasants serving a few wealthy industrialists.

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