Hillary Clinton Is Rolling As 2 Million Member SEIU Endorses Her For President


The 2 million members strong SEIU has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry said, “Hillary Clinton has proven she will fight, deliver and win for working families. SEIU members and working families across America are part of a growing movement to build a better future for their families, and Hillary Clinton will support and stand with them. This movement for economic, racial, immigrant and social justice is poised to turn out to vote in November with their families and communities and keep pushing elected officials to deliver once in office.”

In a statement, Clinton accepted the endorsement:

As a lifelong fighter for workers and families, I am deeply honored to have earned the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union and their 2 million members.

SEIU has led the fight to raise incomes for hardworking Americans, including the fight for a $15 minimum wage in cities across the country. To defend the Affordable Care Act against Republican attacks and make sure more Americans have quality health insurance. To finally reform our broken immigration system and keep families together.

And every step of the way, SEIU has been fighting for workers. For higher pay and better treatment for child care workers and home health aides. For safety, justice, and ladders of opportunity in communities of color.

As President, I will be proud to stand with SEIU and fight alongside them—to defend workers’ right to organize and unions’ right to bargain collectively, to raise incomes for working people and the middle class, and to ensure that hardworking Americans can retire with dignity and security.

The reality of the Democratic race is that the path to the nomination is expanding for Hillary Clinton and shrinking for Bernie Sanders. In the four most recent polls of Iowa, Clinton has a 14-32 point lead over Sanders. The Real Clear Politics average of all Iowa polls gives Clinton a 24.2 point lead in Iowa.

Clinton has taken the lead in two of the three latest polls in New Hampshire and has a Real Clear Politics polling average lead of 3 points over Bernie Sanders in the nation’s first primary. In South Carolina, Clinton leads Sanders by an average of 52.7 points. In Nevada, Clinton has a strong lead, and she leads Sanders by an average of 35 points in Florida.

Unless something dramatic occurs, the Clinton campaign looks like it is gaining steam as Iowa and New Hampshire draw near. If Sanders loses in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the stage will set for Clinton to cruise to the nomination. Bernie Sanders has to win or stay close in Iowa and win New Hampshire by a large margin to have a chance.

Democratic primary voters and constituencies are beginning to come home for the 2016 primary, and so far, they are overwhelmingly supporting Hillary Clinton.