Democratic Race Heats Up As Bernie Sanders Gains 10 Points On Hillary Clinton


Bernie Sanders has gained ten points on Hillary Clinton in the past month and has seen his own support grow by thirteen points in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll.

According to the ABC News/Washington Post poll, Hillary Clinton has gone from leading Bernie Sanders 56%-22% in October to 59%-35% in November. Support for Sen. Sanders is up thirteen percent, and support for former Sec. of State Clinton has gone up by three percent in the past month. Voters said that the three most important issues in the election are the economy (33%), healthcare (13%), and immigration (10%).

The poll reveals that Sanders had made gains with Democrats and Democratic leaners under age 50. Sen. Sanders has also made limited gains among non-whites and women.

“There is overwhelming evidence from practically every public poll that Bernie Sanders is gaining ground and making progress in the Democratic primary,” said Ben Tolchin, Sanders’ pollster. “In fact, he is doing better against Hillary Clinton than Barack Obama was doing against Clinton at this stage of the campaign,” added Tolchin, citing a recent Gallup poll.

The big red flag in these polls is that they are national. National polls are not good predictive indicators in primary elections. Primaries are a series of state by state elections, and when the Democratic race is broken down by state, Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead.

What the national polls do indicate is that the more Democrats get to know Sen. Sanders the more they like him. These polls are also good news for the national movement that Sanders is trying to build. Democratic voters like his message. Beyond the 2016 primary, Bernie Sanders has a chance to build a popular movement that could change the country.

Sanders is injecting issues into the national political conversation that are on the minds of working Americans everywhere. At a time when economic inequality is growing at record levels and billionaires are buying members of our elected government, Bernie Sanders is giving a voice to the increasingly voiceless.

The Sanders campaign should be thrilled because their hard work is paying off. They are changing the political conversation in the United States, and the result is that Bernie Sanders will be a winner no matter who ends up being the Democratic nominee.