Devastating Video Proves Donald Trump Lied About New Jersey 9/11 Attack Celebrations


MTV News has released video footage that proves that Donald Trump was wrong about “thousands and thousands” of people in New Jersey celebrating after the Twin Towers fell on 9/11.


MTV News debunked Trump:

Some of these cite as evidence a column from controversial anti-Muslim commentator Debbie Schlussel, which “makes a reference to an MTV broadcast of protests and riots in Paterson, N.J.” — a claim, the Post continues, that “has never been authenticated.”

We dug up the footage in question, and the truth is that these protests and riots never happened — at least not in the manner depicted by Schlussel and Trump.


The reports to which Schlussel refers are part of a documentary called “Fight For Your Rights: Aftermath of Terror,” which first aired on MTV on Nov. 17, 2001. Here’s what the footage actually shows: a Paterson resident and high school senior named Emily Acevedo telling MTV that she saw “a lot of people … chanting and raving,” “holding rocks and sticks” and “saying ‘burn America.'”


On Wednesday (Nov. 25), MTV tracked down Acevedo to see if her story or perspective has changed in the 14 years since her interview. It had, slightly. Acevedo told MTV that on the night of Sept. 11, she “saw probably about a dozen or so kids” between the ages of 12 and 13, “hanging out” and “being very loud, being very rambunctious. A couple of them had sticks and maybe a bat. They were breaking a little bit of public property.”

Trump’s “thousands and thousands” of anti-Muslim protesters were really a dozen or so 12 or 13-year-olds doing what they do when in a group with no adults around.

MTV’s report was devastating to the Republican frontrunner’s already non-existent relationship with the truth.

Let’s say it again. There were no mass celebrations in the United States when the WTC fell. There is no video or eyewitness footage of these imaginary celebrations. What does exist is an old conspiracy theory that has been spread by bigoted right-wingers for nearly fifteen years.

Trump has that is a world class master of fabrication and manipulation. Donald Trump’s greatest asset in the Republican primary is his complete neglect of truth and facts, but this “strength” is a weakness that will lead to a crushing defeat if he is the GOP nominee in 2016.