Republican Excuse Falls Apart As Clerk Admits Error In Planned Parenthood Shooter’s Registration

Robert L. Dear / Mug Shot

The Planned Parenthood shooter wasn’t a transgender leftist activist as Republicans claimed. It turns out that a clerical error on his voter registration card is responsible for the shooter being labeled a female.

According to The Gazette:

Ryan Parsell, El Paso County’s chief deputy clerk and recorder, said his office incorrectly recorded Dear’s gender in October 2014, leading to the issuance of both a driver’s license and voter’s registration card erroneously identifying him as a woman.

“The Clerk and Recorder’s Office processes over 500,000 transactions a year,” Parsell said. “Mistakes are going to be made, and it is a reminder to us of the important job that we do to see that a mistake made by us has had national implications.”

Sorry, Republicans but the domestic terrorist who carried out the Planned Parenthood attack seems to share your views. It turns out that the right-wing story about Robert L. Dear being a transgender leftist activist was another fantasy cooked up by conservative media to shield the right from any indirect responsibility they have for their false attacks on Planned Parenthood inspiring a murder.

Republicans are suggesting that Dear is a crazy person whose actions are an isolated incident, but the studies show that attacks by right-wing extremists are more common in the US than attacks from international terrorists.

The Planned Parenthood attack isn’t the exception. It is the new normal.

Republicans are being forced to retreat further from reality than ever before. The truth is that they won’t take responsibility for their unintended consequence that killed three innocent people, and they also refuse to tone down their rhetoric because they believe that demonizing Planned Parenthood is their path to victory in 2016.

The Planned Parenthood shooter is a conservative male, and Republicans are responsible for creating the environment that led to his deadly crimes.