Sarah Palin Claims Obama’s Response to Threat of ISIL is Too ‘Namby-Pamby’


Believe it or not, there are still people who think it critical to ask Sarah Palin what she thinks. Or to buy her books.

She is currently promoting her new book “Sweet Freedom: A Devotional,” billed as a collection of “260 meditations based on guiding Biblical verses,” and she told Janet Parshall she worries that God has about had it with us because we “keep kicking him out of the public square.”


Parshall brought up marriage equality:

“You talk about how we’ve turned our back on God’s definition of marriage, how we’ve absolutely trampled underfoot this principle of the sanctity of human life. And some might say we’ve gone too far, God is no longer going to shed his grace on us. Do you think it’s too late for America?”

According to Palin it’s not too late:

“We need to do that again. We need to not be afraid to even tell our elected leaders that that’s what they need to be doing too, on our knees, rededicate this land to God as our founders did, though some want to deny that truthful history, as our founders did and get back to God and quit kicking him out of the public square, otherwise, yeah, you wonder how long he is going to be patient with us but, no, it’s not too late.”

If this wasn’t nonsense enough – this complete fabrication of a history of a country that never was – there is Palin’s nonsensical plan to defeat the Islamic State. According to Palin, all it takes is a little more hate:

On yesterday’s “The 700 Club,” host Wendy Griffith asked Sarah Palin “What would you do to defeat ISIS?”

“You have to quit being this namby-pamby, kind of milquetoast, ‘let’s discuss things with them, let’s reach out and try to understand them,’ no, they’re the enemy, they’re evil.”

I suppose she imagines that all those bombs and drones Obama is launching their way are just too “namby-pampy” for Sarah Palin. And I mean, how much more namby-pamby can you get that gunning down Osama bin Laden?

Then, asked if she agreed with Hillary Clinton that we’re not at war with Islam, Palin answered,

“It’s so naïve, it’s a scary kind of naïve that anyone would believe that radical Islamic movement, jihad, that it could be understood, leading to some kind of embracing of it, no, we have to be honest about it, it has to be stopped.”

She talks about there being no need to understand what we’re fighting, as though simple brute force is enough when understanding would tell her we are not at war with Islam. Palin’s all-too-familiar Republican approach will just make things worse by convincing the Islamic World that the United States IS the enemy.

So, according to Palin, it’s “time to declare war on that enemy.” Never mind the cost of the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan, both in terms of money and lives. Never mind that an earlier ill-considered war launched by another Republican is the reason the Islamic State is around now to talk about.

More war is ever and always the first response of those without any real ideas.

We see this simplistic thinking in every aspect of the Republican establishment, from local government to state and federal, in people like Paul Ryan and Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Sarah Palin isn’t alone anymore. And maybe that’s one of the reasons she doesn’t stand out in a crowd like she used to: she is surrounded by so many identical voices. All hateful. The Islamic State is supposed to be the enemy but Palin and her ilk seem determined to complete ISIL’s agenda for them here at home.

As Andy Rooney said in his own book, Sincerely, Andy Rooney,

“I’d be more willing to accept religion, even if I didn’t believe it, if I thought it made people nicer to each other but I don’t think it does.”

It isn’t that Palin is all that important in and of herself. No. Sarah Palin continues to exemplify the GOP’s reliance on meanness and stupidity. Republicans think mean-spirited and stupid are the recipe for success, the answer to America’s and all the world’s problems. They’re not.