ISIS and Another Silly Donald Trump Non-Solution

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:39 pm

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The latest Donald Trump anti-terrorist symposium calls for locking out Muslims completely from the hallowed shores of America. That’ll teach ’em! Of course, 99% of those denied entry represent no threat whatsoever and family members will be unable to join mom or dad and their new job in the U.S. and the hatred for all Muslims will deepen to even a greater extent in the land of exceptionalism.

Trump added this statement to his endless and empty layers of approaches to the very real problem of terrorists with his proposal to ban Muslims “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” The perfect solution. “Hey man, what’s going on???” This begs the question of how one can react to something if you don’t know “what’s going on.”

Trump is ahead in the Republican race for the presidential nomination because he spares supporters from having to learn about the subject matter at hand. Learning can be a long and time-consuming process and an educated opinion can be awkward if it interferes with built-in bigotry and hate. So, let’s give the job to someone who is even more uninformed than the typical right-wing, talk show Republican.

The leader in the Republican race for the 2016 nomination is not without competition in the party’s desire to initiate the physical, political and religious genocide the right-wing would like to impose on anyone of the Islamic faith. Ted Cruz assures his followers that we will “utterly destroy ISIS.” He further gives his supporters more bloodlust red meat: “We will carpet bomb them into oblivion.” Sort of like small-poxing the indigenous American Indian population. I guess Cruz, who never served in the military, will be leading the charge personally. Well, ‘er, no he won’t!

Marco Rubio, another candidate for the highest office in the land, would send a multi-national (translation; overwhelmingly American) force to Syria and Iraq (the latter ‘shock and awe’ worked out so wonderfully well) and “destroy all ISIS safe havens.” That is if we can find them and penetrate their defenses, which is why they’re called “safe” havens. And when U.S. troops lay waste to numerous enemies, and the women, children and the elderly, in a given battle, the Rubio website calls for proudly broadcasting such American victories. And you thought “Mad Max: Fury Road” was gory! As with colleague Cruz, Rubio never donned a military uniform though he did once serve on the feisty West Miami City Commission. So, I guess he’ll be staying home and maybe hoisting a few with Cruz for our heroic soldiers who do the actual dirty work.

Make no mistake, ISIS must be dealt with. Why, their despicable deeds are almost the equal of the alleged founding patron saint of America and murderous thug, Christopher Columbus. Historians credit this piece of human garbage with being a part of the deaths of tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of innocents through his vicious actions around the world, up to and including dismembering babies and feeding the remains to dogs.

Yet, in the political polyglot of expediency, we actually honor this guy with his own special ‘no mail delivery’ holiday, “Columbus Day.” For you Republicans on board, the next holiday date is Monday, October 10, 2016, less than a month before the presidential election. The Huffington Post Eric Kasum blog has the details of a life dedicated to ending other lives by the most brutal and callous methods. His favorite term for Indians was “savages.”

But we glorify Columbus. Name cities after him and selling his phony story in high school and college history classes. Catholic; a “steal other people’s gold,” entrepreneur…it’s no wonder Republicans love him.

Back to the business at hand. Trump’s desire to build an anti-Muslim wall around the U.S. is, of course, troublesome. The most dangerous of terrorists are probably already in place, right here, maybe in your neighborhood. The Atlantic has a very learned treatise on the subject of ISIS and Islam. You can read it here. The more thoughtful and intellectual approach backgrounds the whys and wherefores of so-called Islamic radicalism where it exists.

We might look inward. There’s no question we killed millions of Indians in our early populating of this country, though revisionist history blames most of the deaths on small pox and assorted other illnesses such as measles, flu, whooping cough and the like, brought over by the Europeans. Clearly, that assumption is partially true, but I doubt it amounts to 90% of Indian deaths.

And terrorism is the perfect description for our historical and in many cases ongoing treatment of African-Americans. These acts include slavery, hanging, assorted other murders, imprisonment of blacks in far greater comparative numbers than whites, repression of opportunities and the Republican refusal to provide government help in the areas of food, jobs, education and health care. That’s political terrorism and it kills people. It still thrives in certain parts of red-state country and in a certain political party. We all know Hispanics are catching up with African-Americans in the party of xenophobes. Gay? I don’t know how many homosexuals have been murdered. It’s a bunch, but I do know their aspirations and chances of equality have been killed at every turn, mostly by Republicans and certainly the current crop.

There is a U.S. terrorist group that everybody is familiar with and its members are relatively easy to identify. And legislators are terrified to take them on. There are about 1 ½ million members of the widely scattered “cells” that make up the whole. In one recent year, just 12 cities accounted for as many fatalities as 9/11. And, like ISIS, members don’t care who they kill. They’re called gangs. There are about 25 – 30,000 separate gangs in the U.S. They do unparalleled damage to this country.

They steal your children, just like ISIS; make entire neighborhoods war zones and fill our hospitals, funeral homes and prisons.
Maybe the same solution, as crafted by the president, will work with both these terrorist groups and the mouth of Donald Trump.

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