Freaked Out Republican Calls On Trump To Drop Out Of The Race On The House Floor

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:39 pm

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Donald Trump has freaked out the Republican Party so much with his ban on Muslims that a Republican took to the House floor to tell Trump to drop out of the presidential race.


Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) criticized President Obama’s foreign policy while calling on Trump to drop out:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to call on Donald Trump to withdraw his candidacy for the White House.


It should be heartbreaking to every American that we have a frontrunner in the presidential race that suggests there will be a religious test for anybody who wishes to come to our shores. It is an affront the very principles upon which our nation was founded.


I’m a born-again Christian. I believe in the saving grace of the Jesus Christ that I call my God. And the beautiful thing about this country is I can stand here on the House floor among my peers and in front of the nation and declare that faith without fear of any reprisal. But if Donald Trump has his way, we may not have the liberty to do that anymore.


We must always insist on a security test, but we must never require a religious test. It is time that my side of the aisle has one less candidate in the race for the White House. It is time for Donald Trump to withdraw from the race.

Jolly is about as right-wing as they get in the House, so his call for Trump to drop out is a sign that the billionaire has completely freaked out the Republican Party.

The same paranoia that Trump has used to rocket up the Republican primary polls is turning against him.

Jolly’s point about Trump taking away religious liberty from all Americans is bound to strike a chord with the evangelical Republican crowd that Trump has already been slipping with.

Trump has gotten popular with Republican voters by playing to fear, racism, and bigotry. Jolly’s speech was a sign that the Republican Party is trying to push Trump, but the GOP may soon discover that is always easier to create a monster than it is to kill it.

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